Houthi Forces Seize U.S. Navy Unmanned Underwater Vehicle

This week Houthi forces in Yemen released a video of divers with what appears to be a Navy unmanned underwater vehicle. According to the markings on the UUV, it appears to be a Kongsberg REMUS 600. When contacted, U.S. 5th Fleet Officials did not comment on the Houthi video.

13 thoughts on “Houthi Forces Seize U.S. Navy Unmanned Underwater Vehicle

  1. In all USA fictional movies all drones has self destruct!!!! Who is the idiot who did not install the destruct bomb? #jerks.

  2. Very very clever to make a spying drone designed to operate in shallow waters and coastal areas… flashy yellow !

  3. The Norwegians claim to have stopped supplying weapons to the UAE- at last. However, they have not stopped supplying the USN

  4. SAudi spends more on its military then Russia 🇷🇺 and they still can't beat the houthis 🇾🇪 lol 😂 😂 😂

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