Hot Fix: How to build a ship [World of Warships]

Hi everyone, my name is Aleksandr Shably. And I’m Anton Andreev, and today we’re going to tell you how
the largest virtual shipyard in the world works in World of Warships. Production of any ship starts with
finding and selecting reference materials— the blueprints and photos that
will be used to make an in-game model. Our Historical and Archival Research team
are searching for such materials for us. These guys! We just
stopped by for a few words. When will you hand over
the ***** blueprints? Well, some of them are here already. I’ll go to the archive to get the rest. You’ll have them by the end of the day. By the way, there will be
some technical notes; I think your guys will
find them very interesting. As you see, our work
hinges on historical materials since they’re the starting point
for production of all our in-game ships. Now we’re going to show you how we survive in the harsh reality when
there are no such materials. Welcome to Art QA Department. The department consists of two teams:
the Engineering Team and the QA Team. The Engineering Team are the ones who help to compensate
when reference materials are lacking by restoring them or by filling in what’s missing with new designs. That’s how “paper ships” are made. For example, we’ve had cases
where we developed an entire ship based on nothing but
the blueprints for a single turret. Design does a lot of heavy calculations. Thanks to them, we know that if the ships
that our Design Bureau develops were actually made in metal, they really would
be able to sail across seas and oceans. Designing a single ship
takes a month, on average. Once the blueprints are made, they
are passed to our artists for production. Production of an in-game model
starts with arrangement of blueprints and an overall
box in a 3D editor scene. As the old saying goes, a single
blueprint set is better than several. And that’s when the magic happens— when a 2D blueprint is
transformed into a 3D ship model. When the primary geometry
of a ship is done, we can add the armament and all
the small equipment that goes on that ship. In reality, each production stage
undergoes a separate QA check. This is a very nerve-wracking
time for any artist. Because, at this stage, the artist’s child is being
inspected by QA specialists. A quality assurance team
is basically production support— the specialists consult the artists
on technical and historical issues. They can help in a search for
additional reference materials. They also verify the aircraft,
armament, antennas, radars, and other shipborne equipment. It’s time to lend color to
our everyday modeling life— let’s talk about textures. At this stage, we render everything
that isn’t a part of the geometry design— welds, rivets, portholes. On a texture, it looks like a chaotic mass;
it’s created based upon blueprints and photos, and it sometimes
reaches such dimensions that you just… you just open the textures
and think to yourself— that’s enough, I’m going on a vacation. It gets more interesting later—
we start to cover a ship with mud, drips, and traces of
the routine activities of its crew, plus all those sea creatures. But the most interesting part of
creating a skin for a ship is that there are no photos and blueprints; you
just need to stick to the approved theme and dimensions of a ship. You haven’t said anything
about camouflages! Camouflages are made based on the existing
prototypes, diagrams, and photos; but sometimes we make an exception. The production cycle of
an in-game model is almost over. But how can we make a model playable? TechArt Team knows
the answer to that question. Hi, I’m Ed. We’re working on artists’ tools,
testing and tuning the content. There are a lot of nuances in the settings. Without those, you wouldn’t
be able to play on the ship modeled. At these stages, we often
get into tiffs with the artists. It may happen that a ship arrives—
you take a look at it, it’s so nice, but from the technical point
of view, it’s no Tolstoy. It takes a lot of work. This is a very funny process—
local memes are born every week, but, unfortunately, we cannot
show them to the public. What happens to a model next
is a completely different story. We’ll say goodbye for now.
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  1. It is a tough process to create a ship model from scratch. And some of them are not Tolstoy, indeed!:)
    🎯🎯🎯 Don't forget to turn captions on! 🎯🎯🎯
    What other teams should we tell you about in next episodes?
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  19. I have 3D modeled ships and planes for about 6 yeas now. I have a few on Wikipedia articles as a 2D profile:
    I am no where near these guys on talent though. I do wish they would go with more historical ships when the designs are available also. Like they could have used the M class light cruiser instead of Yorck. They could have had Graf Spee as a Tier 9 cruiser instead of at Tier 6. I mean come on. The Graf Spee would have kicked the shit out of the Hippers one on one in real life unless the Hipper hit her with Torpedoes. The P class Armored cruiser was a much improved Graff Spee. It could have been at Tier 10.
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