Hired or Fired: Navy Crew for a Day

I’m a bit emotional and I want to cry… It’s really like a dream come true for me. This episode is really very personal. Hi everyone! I’m Xenia.
Welcome to another episode of Hired or Fired. In this episode, I will be experiencing life in the Navy for a day. Today is a very special episode, because… we are here at Tuas Naval Base, and I’ll be staying over in a warship! How crazy is that? I always wanted to serve the nation. It’s a legit occupation. I once considered that back in university. So this episode is super personal to me. It’s almost like a tick off of my checklist. And without further ado, we are going to get changed! I’m Captain Jaime Liew. I’m currently an officer on a Littoral Mission Vessel. My job scope over the past 1.5 years during my tour on board… included being a gunnery officer and also a navigation officer. Life in the Navy is exciting. You really have a wide range of experiences
you probably won’t get anywhere else. Not only will you deal with a wide range
of situations when you go out to sea, you do have to be perpetually prepared for any threats that come to our shores. And also, on the home front, you deal with being a nurturing
divisional officer for your guys that are entrusted to you. – Hi!
– Hi! Jaime. Hi, Xenia. The first thing we are going to do… Is to bring you through a simulator! Right now, we are at RSS Daring, the Littoral Mission Vessel simulator. It makes our training more realistic and efficient because… we get to do it at shore without
bringing our entire ship out to sea. So we are going to put you through it,
and try your hand at some navigational commands. Whatever you just explained sounds really cheem (difficult) to me… But I think I’m ready. So… let’s go! Ok, so welcome to our LMV simulation centre. The LMV sim cen incorporates technology like Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence… to create realistic training. We can train navigational skills, warfare skills
and technical skills in this simulator. I feel a bit nervous seeing all the ships outside. I know they are fake, but it feels like this is a real ship. – They will be real today.
– Huh?! They will be real today?! Do you mean they will fire at us?! – When you go out to sea, they will be real!
– Oh, ok!
Do you mean they will fire at us?! – When you go out to sea, they will be real!
– Oh, ok! That one later lah, I need to prepare myself first. – That’s the end of the demo.
– Oh, my God. Ok, normally when you send warning shots… what should they do if they are not trying to threaten us? – They should wave a white flag or something?
– They should turn away. Oh, they should turn away.
(Mumbling) They should wave a white flag… I honestly have no idea what you just said…
It was so fast! All I heard was ‘very good’. 340. 050. O W Roger. That’s all I wrote down… Other than that, it was very cheem…
I couldn’t understand. – That’s alright. I’ll explain more to you shortly.
– Ok. After this, I’ll bring you through some navigational
commands and you can try your hand at it. I feel like I’m back to school. Basically, here… you don’t have to confuse yourself with meters and kilometers. Everything is in nautical miles and cables. How do you give an order? You give three kinds of orders.
One, is a propulsion order. Like, how fast you want to be, or ordering a course. So, like, what kind of course you want to come to. Sorry – I have to say this – it’s a really bad joke… but main course! Ha ha. The last one is a wheel order. That’s when… your ship turns a rudder,
but you haven’t come to a course yet. – Ok, now I’m going to get the simulators…
– (PD) Ok. – You go revise one more time.
– Ok. After the practice session, I found it really difficult, because… for some reason, they do it so easily. They just call the commands in a very cool manner. For me… I’m just like… You know how there are birds stuck in the shopping mall? And they just flap around? I’m that bird! Watch on deck. Ship on P2S2 open sea mode. Both engines stop wheels amidst ship.
Captain Jaime has the ship. Watch on deck. Ok, your turn. Watch on deck. Ship on P2S2 open sea mode. Both engines stop… Captain Jaime has the ship. Xenia has the con. – Watch on deck.
– Watch on deck.
Captain Jaime has the ship. Xenia has the con. – Watch on deck.
– Watch on deck. Roger, ma’am. – Ok, let’s start the ship.
– Why did you laugh? Learning the commands itself – I think the reason why it’s so difficult is because… First, they use units that are not used elsewhere. Secondly, communicating with the rest of the team.
First, they use units that are not used elsewhere. Secondly, communicating with the rest of the team. I’ve always thought that my communication
(skills) were one of the best… because I play team sports. For some reason, today I was so focused on becoming a very competent individual. I forgot about being a teammate. So when they were talking to me,
I ignored them and didn’t tell them what to do… or didn’t tell them ‘very good’. To course 040. 0… 4… 0. 040 is clear. So I’m going to say… Port 15. She just reported to you, so you must say ‘very good’. Oh! Very good. Then? Steer… Steer 040. – Very good. Let’s do that a few more times.
– Ok. I don’t think I did a very good job in the simulation class, and now that we are going to board the real ship… I’m damn nervous. But I’m just going to focus on some things I can do. And that is to be more confident in my commands… and to always talk to my teammates. And lastly… Look cool lah, Xenia. Look cool!
Don’t be a fidgety bird. Don’t be a fidgety bird in a shopping mall. We are at the wharf, where you can see tons of warships here! It’s super exciting because I’ve never seen it before. They look huge! And… I can even see a rifle sticking out there. So I’m guessing that’s the one they
used to fire the warning shots at the simulation class just now. We are just going in to see what the interior looks like now. Hi Xenia, welcome on board. May I introduce you to the commanding officer of the RSS Sovereignty. – Hi!
_ Hi, I’m Xenia. Have a good sailing with us. I’m extremely honored to be here. It’s my first time. Are there any things I shouldn’t do? Or… Well, I think Jaime will look after you. – Yes I will.
– So don’t worry. Jaime will look after me. This is the dining hall. This is where the crew will eat
their meals, come together for cohesion… and chill off watch. This is the officer country.
This is where all the officers and senior MDEs sleep. – Do you want to see our cabin?
– Yes! Oh my gosh, we are staying over! We are staying in the senior officer cabin here! This is where I’m sleepin’! We put some Navy books on the table for you. Last year was RSN 50, if I could just plug some books right now! ‘Papa Goes To Sea’! These are all written by our own servicepeople. Right now, we are in the Integrated Command Centre. – Does this look familiar to you?
– Yes, it looks like the simulation centre. Yes. The simulation was an exact mock-up of this centre. This is the real one. We are really out at sea. This is the brain and the heart of the ship. We have all the navigation and warfare functions centered in the same area. – So later when you do your navigations…
– It will be here, right? The assessment part of it – you will be in the
front as the officer of the watch and control this entire centre. Now, we are going to dive straight into the navigation part of your assessment. – Ok?
– Ok. You’re going to be steering the ship. We are now charging at max speed, so do you think you are up to it? – Yup! Yes!
– Ok, can. Nothing more than 15… then we are safe. – Correct?
– Ok… nothing more than 10. Nothing more than 10. Whoops. I will do the formal reporting. ‘Watch on deck. Ship on PS2’. ‘P2S2’. ‘Open sea mode.’ ‘Steering 056, Captain Jaime has the ship’. ‘Xenia has the con’. Watch on deck. I was very nervous at first – I screwed up doing the simplest things. And that was to simply repeat Jaime’s commands… Instead of ‘P2S2’, I said ‘PS2’. … and some other stupid things! So then I felt very discouraged. I felt like I really couldn’t do this. It was very stressful – you had to make decisions –
right decisions – within a very short amount of time. Ok, you need to slow down because you need the ferry to pass… The pilot vessel will come here… Then you come right… aim the stern of that bulk carrier… The orange orange… – Aim – shoot the stern now.
– 073. Ok, come back now… Steer 70… 075. Towards the end, I felt more confident. I started initiating commands and Jaime even approved it. And she even complimented me. Then I felt very assured and almost addicted to doing this. I think it was very exciting towards the end. Somewhere around here… Start to slow down. – Ok.
– Then I’ll take over from here, ok? Ok, very good. – Above 2, so we are safe.
– Correct. – Happy?
– Happy! – Come, I’ll take over.
– Ok! Thank you so much for driving so safe ^_^ Sailing safely. I can finally breathe now! So now, what we are going to do is to conduct a man overboard drill. In a short while, we are going to throw a lifebuoy overboard… to simulate a man overboard. And then we will launch a rigid hull boat there… And you are going to drive it to recover the man overboard. Ok! – Are you ready?
– Yes, I think so. Ok. Man overboard! Look around you before you handover.
Make sure that you surroundings are clear. Yes. Surrounding is clear. – And I’m a safe distance away from the mother ship.
– Yes. – Now I’ll handover to you.
– Ok. – Oh, dear. But you will still talk to me, right?
– I’ll still sit next to you. Now, we are going to to the man overboard drill.
We are going to save the man overboard. Ok? So let’s go.
I’m gonna… It’s there. It’s right ahead. Straight! Straight! Straight! Oh, there! It’s there! Make yourself comfortable with the rig. Know when to turn and where to turn.
Make yourself comfortable with the rig. Know when to turn and where to turn. Will the other ships think that we are a threat?
Because we are going in circles… Ok. Yes sir. Oh. It’s there. Currently we are recovering the buoy… We just got off the rig and… I cannot explain how I feel! You can tell, right, James (PD)?
The whole time I was smiling… Just smiling. It was so fun! I felt like a kid who was
rewarded just because I did my homework, and my parents brought me out to play, that kind of feeling… So when we were doing the man overboard drill, I felt like I was in a Mission Impossible movie. You’ve got to go fast and have no time to waste! I think that under the guidance of the coxswain, he was very nice and patient. Even though I was going in rounds and zigzags, They are very calm and composed people.
I don’t think I can be that calm and composed. But I’m very happy to have this experience.
See? I’m still smiling. I can’t stop smiling. It was really unforgettable. I’m a bit emotional and I want to cry. I’m really happy. Because… my brother signed on, and I always look up to my brother. I’d always thought I wanted to sign on, so… I’m so happy to even be on this ship. It’s really like a dream come true to me. This episode is so personal. It’s 7 am now and I’m getting ready for breakfast. And… I’m going on my last shift later. Today, I’m going to set two goals for myself. Number one is to be more confident in my commands. Initiate more. Number two is to be more attentive.
I’m not even going to blink a single eye. I can’t believe it’s my last day. Last night when we were having dinner, we had so much fun. I only spent a night and a day here and I felt like I was a part of the family. As much as they are very serious people at work, when they are not on shift, they are very fun to be around with,
and they are very inclusive. I think that’s why I felt so welcome. But it’s ok… I’m going to make the most out of my last shift and do my best. ‘Steering 265, Captain Jaime has the ship’. ‘Xenia has the con. Watch on deck’. Roger, ma’am. ‘Ahead 5. Port through bearing 295’. ‘Ahead 3’. 2… 3… 3… ‘Steer 233’. Do you see it?! That’s MBS! – Do you think you’ve had enough of navigation for today?
– Yes. – Are you happy with your progress?
– I’m quite ok. Ok. I’m going to be taking over the navigation from here. Why don’t you take this time to look at the skyline of Singapore? Ok. Thank you! Yay! I’m off work! At the start, she was a bit slow in giving orders. Her voice procedure wasn’t that good. She didn’t give specific orders. But towards the end after a bit more experience, she was a little better. Wow, we get to go take a look outside! They released me. Just now, the CO gave me a trick question. Wow! It looks so different! Normally, we are there in Singapore. Now, looking out at sea, it’s crazy!
It’s like a wide lens. You can see everything. And then whatever the CO just told me and explained to me about defending the waters… It makes me feel so proud. I finally can relate. Even though I didn’t serve the nation. I’m so proud.
Even though I didn’t serve the nation. I’m so proud. Every time we sail past this area it reminds us of home, how Singapore has come so far and become so prosperous. So as a maritime nation, we’ve come a long way. We rely on the trade a lot. So that’s why the Singapore Navy has to ensure the sea lines of communication are safe and secure. So that trade can go on and the country can remain prosperous. So you can see… The area around us is a very busy strait with so many vessels. – And that shows that…
– So hard to navigate. So I finished my last shift, I would say that I’m not as jittery and panicky as yesterday. I was still a bit nervous. You know why? Because the CO (Commanding Officer)
was sitting right behind me. And like… Today I wanted to take more initiative. Jaime was so nice. She was always looking at me and asking me what commands I should give, instead of her telling me the answer. And I think that was a great opportunity for me to learn how to control and navigate the ship on my own. The one disappointment I have for myself is… I’m not as attentive. Whenever I see a ship or small sampan far away, I just think that they’re just chilling, but you have to understand that you’ve got to plan
ahead and prevent a problem in advance. So I think… these people working here the reason why they are so dependable is because they are trained this way. And I feel like this skill set can be
applied to different aspects of life. And that’s a lesson learnt from me, because I’m very last minute. This marks the end of my 2D1N journey as a member of the Navy crew. I’m super honored and thankful to have worked alongside Jaime and CO, sir. Thank you so much for letting me navigate the ship and drive the RHB. And I think… I mean, I’ve tried so many occupations. I’ve never tried something quite like this before. With that, I wanted to ask you guys – how do you think I did? I think that when you first started off,
you weren’t even sure where you were even… “What is this? What are these controls? Who are these people?” So I think that over the 2D1N journey, you definitely picked it up. You managed to understand who your bridge team consisted of. At the end, you were able to look ahead to where
you wanted to go and keep the ship safe. I think that you have been hardworking in terms of performance. A fast learner with a good potential. (Although) you lack certain skill sets to perform, you did greatly. I think that you’ve embodied the values of teamwork and have a very good attitude. And I think you’d fit well into Navy life. But having said so, safeguarding our nation’s sovereignty and lifelines is not something to belittle, and for that, you need more training. – … in order to join us.
– Yes! I’m kind of confused because you said something good, maybe I’m good enough??? But then after that it’s “you know, not there yet…” So it boils down to and leads to the most important question… and that is, would you Hire or Fire me? You definitely have good potential. If you are willing to join us, the Navy will take you. That means… I’m not ready yet. I totally understand. I would fire myself. It’s impossible for you to be hired after a 2D1N training. Even though I’m fired for now. I think that if I want to join…
CO, sir, you’re confident, right? I can do it? – Yes, you can.
– Yay!!! Thank you! Thank you so much! A huge thank you to the Republic of Singapore Navy for having me and letting me be a Navy crew for a day. Or two days! I think that this collaboration, as you can tell,
made me very happy. It made my dream come true. Before you go off, here is a ball cap from the ship. – Oh! Yay! Thank you!
– Thank you for being part of the sovereignty. And there’s my name! I’m going to wear it now. If you liked this episode, remember to Like, Share and Subscribe! And if you want to catch more of our videos, watch over there. Bye!

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