Hinckley Yachts with Peter Saladino at the Newport International Boat show

Welcome to Newport Living and Lifestyles I’m Christon and we’re at the 2019 Newport International Boat Show Joining us today is Peter Saladino from Hinckley Yachts Hi how are you? Very good, thanks for joining us today. Great to be here What a beautiful day we got It’s beautiful, yesterday was rainy, today is outstanding, today is boat show weather We’re gonna have a couple days of it Yes, we’re gonna have a couple days of
it for sure Your area is packed with people Yes, we have a great location here at the show. We’ve had it for a number of years and it’s perfect. It’s perfect, right as you come in it’s a great location and you can’t miss it. Right off of 22 Bowens. Yeah we love it Go for a chowder, come for some champagne and boats. It’s the best location and people know where to find is, so that’s great Tell us a little bit about Hinckley in general they’re a very strong company Hinckley has been in business for 91 years. We started off servicing lobster boats up in Maine and we’ve been building We say building and caring for America’s finest yachts now for 91 years It’s a kind of a passion and a lot of pride that we put into the boats We build our boats in America and it’s fun and we love them and that’s what we do all day it’s a great job and we love it Well they’re absolutely beautiful boats but not only are you caring for the boats you really care for the people. I mean we like to take care of our owners and owning a boat is not always easy. We try to make it very simple. Simple and easy and caring are the kind of words we talk about, when we talk about helping our
owners with their boats. We help them move the boats down to Florida for the winter if they want to go and bring it back. When storms come like we had a week or two ago, we make sure everything’s kind of buttoned up and we take care of them whether it’s indoor storage or boat moving or fixing things, we’re on on-call 24/7 during that during the season. We’re very close to our customers when they need us. Well I can attest to that, we have our own personal yacht concierge if you will. We have we have what’s call ” yacht care managers ” and you get the phone number and perks, of your own personal yacht care manager, who knows your boat and when you have a problem you’re not calling 1-800 Hinckley you’re
calling or texting your guy. They know your boat, they know how to take it, they know what kind of engine it has, what kind of transmission it is, when it was serviced, everything. They can help you and it’s just a very it’s nice to have the company have your back. That’s what we do a lot of here at Hinckley. What are some of your top selling products ? Well our most famous brand is the picnic boat. We have here the picnic boat 40 on
display, which is a beautiful wood clad Picnic boat 40 is one of the most heavily optioned picnic boats ever built. It’s outstanding. Gorgeous. It’s about a 13 months old, it’s a new design so it’s our most recently redesigned
Hinckley and it’s a perennial favorite. We’ve had a lot of success with the boat and people love it. It’s designed with a new flow so the path through the boat is on the starboard side and that allows, on the port side, to be much better social space and it really frees up the social interactions on the boat
and it makes it for a great time with family and friends on the water. One of the things that’s new this year is we have a new sport boat line. Last year at the show we announced our sport boat 40 C, Which is off on the left This year we have a six week old sport boat 40 X which is our first pilot house boat in the sport boat line and that brings some of the performance that outboards are exciting the consumer. People love outboards and so we now have a performance brand called, our sport boats, we have the 40 X and the 40 C and it’s
been as you can see very very exciting and active, yes! Very active and exciting it’s great to see customers coming out saying, you know, I’ve been looking for this boat, I’ve been looking forward to it. It’s finally here That’s been something we’ve been looking forward to as well. Do you have any behind the scenes information about a boat that may be being worked on that people can look forward to maybe for the next Boat Show? I would say we have a number of fun projects underway. We just recently launched a sailboat in Maine a sou’wester 53 , which is exciting So for those who love their Hinckley sailboats we have a beautiful new sailboat that were very excited about. Two years ago we launched our first electric yacht fully electric yacht, Dasher. We have a new Dasher that we’re launching. We have a number of projects that are really exciting and there’s a lot of information on our
website at HinkleyYachts.com and you can go check it out we have some videos and you can really get a sense of how the boats are experienced and what people like to do with them and how they’re having fun on the water with
their family and friends You have several locations I think we’re unique as a yacht brand We have 10 yacht care centers up and down the East Coast. Normally that’s not something that you find with a yacht brand and this allows us to, as I was talking about earlier, have this close relationship with our customers and take care of their boats We launched a new program called ” yacht care ” this season and now we will basically pick your boat up and drop it off anywhere on the East Coast. We’re close enough to you with our 10 locations that we can just pick the boat
up from your dock, your marina, your yacht club whatever take it for storage, take it in service and then bring it back to you without any you don’t even notice it was gone and so that kind of level of simplicity is not found elsewhere and we think that that’s a really big thing Unique and personalized. Unique and it takes the stress and hassle out of owning a boat. People want to have the fun parts and they don’t necessarily want the not so fun parts We help with the not so fun parts, that’s that’s our job Well haven’t seen anyone out cleaning the boat so far. Well, we were here at 4:30 this morning doing that , that’s why you didn’t see it but… I meant my own personal boat Oh your own personal boat, right, yes I joke, I joke of course Your sales team, tell us about your sales team. How many salespeople do you have? We’re a little unique we don’t have dealers we’re a direct business. When you talk to Hinckley, you’re talking to Hinckley. I guess a lot of people in a lot of industries are moving direct We’ve been direct for our whole time, so when you call us up you’re talking to the Hinckley person in your region. We have a handful of sales directors worldwide, maybe between 8 to 12 sales directors that you can speak to depending on your geography and the brand of boat that you’re interested in You know that this is the person who represents If you’re on the west coast, you’re talking to someone who represents our company on the on the west coast. If you’re in Florida you’re talking to someone who knows the market well And not only represents our market when it’s time to move on to the next boat, they can help you sell that boat and What’s unique also, we have a program, because of the yards, We help run a certified pre-owned program so, if you store with us and service with us, we will certify the boat and so will help you
sell it when it’s time to move on and we will also certify it, because we took care of it so those are kinds of things you won’t find from anyone else and it brings together what is actually 700 employees in the in the US and You’re dealing with a real company, with real people, building real products and taking care of them and that’s very unique, I think As a signature brand do you guys host events throughout the season? We do 2 to 3 owners’ rendezvous a year We do one in Chesapeake, one in Nantucket, New England, and one in Florida area in the winter This is a way for us again stay close to customers and have fun We bring our guys, our team and they’re fixing boats while we’re out having dinner The boats are get fixed up, the people are having fun It’s a fun event and it’s a great thing that we do I want to ask you some personal questions okay, personal…. If you could own any boat which boat would you own? I own a Hinckley, a very kind of classic Hinckley sailboat. It’s about 53 years old, a 1967 Hinckley pilot 35 Which is how I wound up here at Hinckley. I owned the boat for 10-12 years before I started working here and so when they called me up and said you know we’d like to talk to you about the job I had Hinkley coffee table book on my coffee table You were already integrated It was a very easy yes I’m excited to come up here. I’ve been here now two years and it was a wonderful decision to come up here and I’m just so proud to work with the team Signature beverage that you prefer? I would probably say a Gosling and Tonic with a nice lime, is a very good sailor drink. People like Dark and Stormy’s but for me it’s a little sweet When you have too many of those you probably end up with a signature dance. I don’t have a signature dance, no, there is not a signature dance, I don’t think….? not that he will admit, Not on camera How can people reach you, how can people reach the team We have on our website HinckleyYachts.com We have tons of videos and you basically go on there and submit your information and it basically will route right to one of our
guys and they’ll call you up! What’s your favorite boat show ever? The Newport International Boat Show. The 2019 Newport International Boat Show Thanks for joining us today, Peter. It was a pleasure getting to know you and more about Hinckley Yachts We look forward to seeing you on Newport Living and Lifestyles

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