Herfstkanotrip Wieden (Autumn canoe trip ‘NP Wieden’)

…when I go to NP ‘The Wieden’ … Me, myself and my Stubbie. I´ve found a beautiful location … … for my bushcamp. Look at this! Plenty of room for the whole Aussie Mob. Beautiful location here. And with all the expected rain for today… … I don´t like going paddling. So I reckon I´ll stay here for the whole day. This is a ‘wild’ camp … .. staying here is against my principles. But sometimes you don´t have a choise. Beautiful, eh? With this rain. This way, I never get bored. To be honest…, I like this. 30 degrees is comfortable… …but then it is crowded here. And in November, when it´s raining like now … …then it is very quite here. And that is what I like.

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