Healing Stone, Gloucester Docks & a Red Light Ship

[Music] In last weeks vlog, I travelled up to here
on the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal. It’s now time to leave Frampton on Severn and continue
up to the city of Gloucester. Just north of Fretherne Swing Bridge is the
site of the former Cadbury’s Factory. Ground cocoa beans and sugar were blended with milk
collected from local farms around Gloucestershire. The mixture was then baked to form a sort
of chocolate crumb. Very nice indeed. This was taken by boat up the canal and the River
Severn to Bournville, which is south of Birmingham for final processing. The factory closed in 1983, and the site is
now full of smaller businesses. Joe Energy operates from within the green container here,
and they sell very well prices diesel and I made sure I filled up as I passed heading
north. [Music] Out in the county of Gloucestershire, there’s this seven and a half foot stone in the middle
of a field. It’s the Longstone of Minchinhampton and local folk law says if you pass an infant
child through any of the holes, they’re cured of ailments like whooping cough, measles
and rickets. Probably won’t ask the NHS about that one! The holes have naturally formed through the
limestone. Farmers have even attempted to pull the stone out with oxen, but something
stopped it from being moved. If you do go and visit this stone by car,
be prepared to wait for a while as cattle casually wander across the roads here. [Engine and water noise] My dad came to visit for a few days, and we
have been able to make some progress inside. We’ve continued the green waterproof boarding
along the walls, and after removing the Morso chimney, we cut out the hole in the ceiling.
The boards on the ceiling are again waterproof MDF, and I cut out the holes for the lights
before putting the boards up. I’ll be using these low-profile LED lights that produce
6000 kelvins of light using 1.8 watts at 12 volts. On the upper side of the ceiling, I
taped 2.5mm twin core cables in and out of each light hole, making multiple zones for
lighting. Kitchen, sitting room, bathroom and bedroom. In yet another change, I decided to run cable
trays either side of the central boards to give the impression of a larger ceiling. These
boards are 9mm tongue and groove effect MDF, and boy, they were heavy and difficult to
manoeuvre. Thanks, Dad, for all the back-breaking work! I’ve also installed this solid oak flooring
to the walking area of the bedroom floor. After insulating the whole floor, I screwed
the board’s edges to the original ply flooring. These boards were great to push together using
just their tongues and groves, and there was no need to push them in at an angle. I then
applied wood oil to protect them from Molly and my wet footprints. [Music] Heading into the basin you can pass Sula,
a big red lightship. This ship has become an iconic sight within the docks of Gloucester
for a number of years. The owners have been trying to sell it and it even appeared on
eBay for £450,000. After a major survey last month, the owners are finally in an advanced
stage with the sale. So good luck with that. I’ve decided to give Gloucester Docks a
bit of a go. I’ve never stayed there over-night. So, its free for 24 hours, I know that. So,
I’m going to see if I can get some mooring. [Music] Today’s journey has seen me leave Frampton
on Severn and travel through the busy Saul Junction and continue northeast towards the
city of Gloucester. The suburb of Quedgeley neighbouring the eastern side of the canal
has a number of large supermarkets, take away’s and shops within easy walking distance of
the cut. The canal then makes a dogleg turn and its final straight approach to the docks
where there are three key basins surrounded by large warehouse buildings. Once again this bridge is lifting for me,
and me only. I always feel bad going through this one because lots and lots of people have
to stop and wait. But I’ll zip through as fast as I can. [Sirens sound] [Water sounds and distant chatter] [Music] Just over 190 years ago the Gloucester and
Sharpness canal was opened bypassing the River Severn. This made Gloucester an inland port
and the busy docks would have been filled with narrowboats, sailing and steamships and
barges. Today the docks are still busy but with bars,
restaurants, boaters and businesses. There are a number of pontoons within the
large basin and although there’s no locked gate, the access is restricted to boaters
which seem to keep people from walking down to the boats. I moored here on a dry and warm, Saturday
night. Not ideal as the docks are lined with restaurants and bars and it was rather noisy.
Only until closing though and then suddenly it went very quiet. The lift bridge does have
restrictions of when they can open due to traffic so make sure you check this before
you travel. The surrounding areas are busy and an ideal
place to dine out or watch a movie like I did. [I whistle the Downton Abbey theme tune] Last week I thanked Patreon supporter Andrew
Rizzo and I’m really sorry Andrew I spelt your surname wrong. So here you are again. I also want to thank David Hopper from Missouri
in the United States for your Patreon support. In the next episode, I go back out onto the
River Severn and travel against the powerful rivers flow. Until next time, see you later.

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    There is a world of difference between a Red Light-Ship and a Red-Light Ship!

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  37. Well, G&S is our winter home and it's amazing how much its changed in just 6 months, the housing being built at Monk Meadow is quite a shock after years of waiting, confidently we met the alleged new owners of Sula at the Audlem Historic boat festival. We left Gloucester in May one of 3 first narrow boats to leave Gloucester dock lock after it's full repair, we arrived at Droitwhich Spa Vine Park 12hrs n 20 minutes later non stop. I believe you were there and featured a glimpse of us on a blog as the Cider Boat. Thanks for this reminder of home ๐Ÿฅ‚

  38. The light ship is now a sound studio, search for lightship on youtube, show how they transformed it into a sound studio

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