Haslab Challange | Jabba’s Sail Barge | Surprise Super Haul

But a friend of mine Send me some money, and he said hey, man. Here’s this money. This is for you to do a Haslab video Hey, what’s going on everybody my name is Marcelo. This is my toy room today. We’re gonna. Talk about the haslab Jabba’s Sail Barge So I first heard of this When it first came out I believe was in the end of February in the beginning of March, and it was sort of a Hasbro Kickstarter so they can get you know Certain toys that they believe the market as a whole is not gonna buy But certain collectors will and I really like the idea I’m all for it, and I also love the product. I also love the Java, Sail Barge It looked good it looked beautiful. The prototype look nice. It says it’s coming with a Jabba himself this is Based and molded off. You know the original type of you know vintage line that I like How can you not like it the only thing that turns me down is the price I mean for $500 Whoa what you know? I I certainly don’t have you know just a check like that to invest it on a toy But a friend of mine Send me some money. He became almost like a patron of the show and he said hey, man. Here’s this money You know this is for you to do a haslab video, and I say hey, man I have way much better plans in mind, and he sent me the money and Obviously, I did not opt to go with the haslab Sad for me there’s only going to be five thousand of these made I believe and Only certain people this certain group is gonna Get it for all of you guys who got it as of this day as of this recording we don’t know if it has been back yet 100%, but if You did get it Congratulations, and I’m I’m happy for you guys. I want to see it I wish that I can see in a wild one day maybe in the future I hope it’s not gonna be worth it much so I if it is then I’m never going to be able to get but for the $500 price point I Went out there, and I look for some really cool stuff Let me show it to you guys, so if I pick you guys up right now Let me show you guys where you guys are at Yes this is ladies and gentlemen the USS Flagg yes, my friend sent me the $500 and I was able to get a USS Flagg I bought it off of Craigslist And I found this guy selling it originally He said he had several kids one of us for 250 dollars But I opted to get the one with $300 and all of these GI Joes I mean you guys already know. I already reviewed them. This is all of my GI Joes that I had before But the USS Flagg itself was the $300 Not bad. I’ve seen these goes for You know a very very expensive price, would you take $550 and we sale the flash card set here? I think that’s a good deal $550? $550 you got it. It is not complete right I was able to get for $300 an incomplete USS Flagg which I don’t mind, I’m still gonna look for the antenna that goes right over here I’m still gonna look for the flag that goes on the flag, and there’s a couple interior pieces that I’m also going to look for But as a display piece. I mean I can barely fit in my toy room This is way beyond my dream guys. This is this is too much. You know and Also for $125 I was able to get a Death Star Yes, now. This is the one that came on the other box and I got it the other day before I got the USS Flagg and All of these guys I already had them before so for **$425 I was able to get Death Star with the box and actually it was 2 Death Star’s There’s more pieces in here of the other one. Here’s the tower and Inside here, there’s just the pieces of the second one which is also incomplete Both of them are missing the Dianoga, but for the other $75 I’m gonna look for it, and I’m gonna add to it to make this sort of a complete Death Star and again, I’m gonna look for some pieces over here for the USS Flagg like I say mainly is just the antennae the flag that I’m Looking for I also would like to get that boat over there, but I mean guys for $300 What I’ve been told is that these guys go for a lot of money, and I’m just really happy You know that I was able to get for such a good price along also with that Death Star playset there as you guys can see you know. I’m crazy about playsets. I got on the background over there the Spider-man mega city playset and Here it was the last Star Wars playset the transforming bb-8 playset over there behind the flag We’re gonna have the Ninja Turtles secret lair And we’re also going to have this big big ultimate bat cave over there And I also have the kenner 90s Batman playset so playsets I really like I’m all about it and this one over here Man, this is the biggest playset ever made I’m really happy guys. I am beyond thrilled I am going to go to a Toy Fair and hunt down for some parts for this guys I still have $75 on the budget. Maybe I’ll get some figures. Maybe I’ll get some parts Again these guys are not completed. You know I am missing some pieces But for the price point that I was able to get I am so so happy Alright guys, I’m gonna leave you guys with some more images of the flagg and of the Death Star I Can’t believe that this is in my toy room, I can’t believe that this is in front of me right now I’ve seen so many reviews online on YouTube of the flag, and I do want to make my own review The only thing that I can add to the conversation is just I’m just amazed This is something that I had no memory of I had no recollection I don’t remember this at all it was never in my childhood. I’ve only seen this From the community here on YouTube, and I was mesmerized right I thought I had the biggest playsets this is it This is the lawn this is it and of course the Death Star playset I? Cannot call myself in Star Wars and definitely a playset collector if I don’t have the Death star playset its iconic, it’s It’s unique and again. It’s something that I never had I mean I’m you know . I was born five years after Return of the Jedi I don’t even think that they will just send that to Brasil so for me to today to have one Missing only a few pieces and only needed a few things here and there to fix it it’s it’s beyond imagination I Wanna, thank my patron once again for you know helping me and making this dream come true. Oh, man I can’t thank you enough I Am completely out of space, and I’m just glad that I didn’t pay a lot of money for this actually I only pay for the gas to go pick these up And you know even the Death Star. I only picked it up the USS Flagg that start with shipped, so oh Man, I got to figure it out what I’m gonna do with space. Where do you think you’re gonna put this? Okay when you gonna get me my addition in the house again Anybody tell what it is I? Never even thought of owning this since I started collecting my Star Wars stuff. I thought this was you know a $200 $300 I’ve got two for $125 and the panels Thought this was going to be much taller The second panel Wonderful guys, thank you so much for watching this video if you like the toys that you see over here click that like button If you haven’t done, so please subscribe I want to thank everybody who already subscribed to my channel you guys helped me you guys help the channel grow Thank you so much. If you do subscribe click that bell so you get the notifications of the new video right away See you next time Yeah, yeah, well, then hurry up cuz you’re not the one standing in the cold Got his pregnant wife over here standing in the cold Come on Fabio grab the last box

8 thoughts on “Haslab Challange | Jabba’s Sail Barge | Surprise Super Haul

  1. That's incredible!! I always wanted the carrier. I had a neighbor who had all kinds of GI Joes and I think he had one too. Congrats my friend!

  2. Wow that thing is epic! Anytime I saw that thing through out my life i always thought "wow man – the ROOM needed to have that AND… moving it around!" Good job man!

  3. That USS Flagg is awesome, nice find!Β  The HASLAB Jabbas Sailbarge is not limited to 5k as far as I know, it's just that Hasbro wants 5k pre orders to get it into production.

  4. I just don't know?? Now U have 2 put the wife's new addition on her standing out in the cold haha congrats on the news MtfbwU always.πŸ‘

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