so here we are in Portugal to be hunt
stands right now being a lute and if I return to the right here that’s where
everybody’s giving their votes measured and then here are some of the Team GB
boats Ivan’s Steve from French and been working really hard this morning getting
them all rigged and ready for everybody the launching of their Liberty there’s a
little bit difference here because of the type of the marina and the way it’s
built so Portuguese have got a great group of people who are rolling the
liberties along this pontoon and then they sort of drop them into the water
which is slightly unusual but it works and they take them by rib around this
lovely marina around to the far side here and you can see in the distance
that’s where all the liberties and the 303’s and two point three is four GB are
all Mordor so we are waiting for wind this is quite often what happens at
sailing events unfortunately throughout some people have come to visit us on the
RHIB to say hello and really from sitting around in the Sun the Racing’s been abandoned today
some of our sailors back – marina they can act quite a long time
in sunshine everyone get hot and bothered so we’re gonna get in and get
everyone cooled down this is day one of racing here Portimao
I think we’re all ready for it we just wait for some wind to come in it’s a
little bit lights at the moment hoping it’s gonna build and have a good day out
there so we just just following our liberties
back into the marina and we’ve discovered that they’ve um I’ve been assaulted test you’ve got a
sardine so the 303 double racing has finished
with today unfortunately they couldn’t get a third race because of lack of wind
so nothing how did you get on fantastic which is okay get is where we need to be
but so Chris you’re in the literature class in the Liberty fleet can you tell
us a little bit about how you got on yesterday and what your plans are for
today I learned quite a bit yesterday compared with the water this Israel
proper racing and all the rules and regulations and I missed one of the
basic ones are flag to perspiring I didn’t see it so I was reprimanded and
in fact were disqualified from the second race my BOB but I learned from it
and we’ve got plenty more races to make her main is what kind of day we are
Brett fantastic day was it really good amazing did we really enjoy ourselves
out on the red there’s a few of the team enjoying mijitos unfortunately Oh so unfortunately we’re hanging around
it’s about I don’t know whatever time it is and we’re waiting for protests
there’s 14 protests in and about half of them and cheeping Steel is protesting
each other so it’s gonna be a long night this is what we do out on the river we
do pitching basically we’re looking up at everybody here as well but we’ve got
bright clear our super duper coach so we come out early and we try and get hold
of all of our sailors getting along side for the minutes and then one talks to
them about where the marks have been laid and in pressure ships that you seen
any holes in and also most back tides which is a lot of our sailors it’s been amazing occurrence it’s fascinating
in command here week sailing nine races all people from the UK all the people
not too much wind a couple days because any blow up
we had three races what did you finish nothing heads up second it was a really tough
way it was really ugly but it’s a great path at a really brilliant week and the
team a team came second to say the whole team that’s really pretty so I guess you’re pretty exhausted now
after all that hard sailing so what’s the plan for tonight thanks for watching more videos are
below like and subscribe and I’ll see on the next head to win

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