Guido Hibdon at Alamo Lake

[Music] The world of American Angler you’re up with the sun with a fish on your line your day’s just begun the world of American Angler on lakes and on Streams Now you’re living the good life catch the one of your dreams [music] Hi i’m Pat Traynor welcome to the American
Angler today we’re coming to you from just west
Phoenix Arizona Alamo Lake we got some super fishing for you today
but boy more than super we gotta..just a great guest for you this guy has won everything there is to
win in fishing just about he has been the he’s been the Bassmaster Classic
champ he’s won two Anglers the Year awards please let me introduce you to a good
friend of mine from Gravois Mills Missouri Guido Hibdon, Guido it is great to have you on the show well it’s quite an introduction but you
know we’re just buddies yeah we’re just gonna have a great time
today Boy I hope so. First of all let me tell the viewers that
this is the first time that Guido has ever seen Alamo lake but we did discuss on the way down this
morning a little bit as to what these fish you’re done We are here in late May some of the fish are still spawning but the bulk of the spawn is over with. there’s a lot of fry in the water some of
females are protecting the fry and kind of tell people what we might
expect to be doing out there this morning Guido I think first off we’re gonna try a
little bit of top water you know I thank the topwater bite early
in the morning will be pretty good or at least we’ll try it for awhile and
then we’ll kinda go from that into Flipping and trhoghing the G4 a little bit.. you know
there’s enough Bushes I have seen enough bushes up down here and there that I’d think we can make them to bite the Guido bug pretty good the tube bait I’m sure after the Sun
gets up pretty good we can get on the outside around some of these big
trees along outer edge of some of this stuff and we can probably catch a few fish if there’s as many as you
say there are I know we’re gonna catch a few fish This place is loaded with fish. I guarantee you that! We should catch a lot of fish today So just sit back and draw up your favorite stool we’ll be right back with you in about a minute. [Music] [bloop! the sound of a top water lure] Guide I know what you’re doing with
that bait and how you’re trying to work it but
can you explain to viewers just exactly what you’re trying to
accomplish with it. well basically what I’m trying to do with it you know is just work the thing real easy you
know this water so quiet right now I think if you put too much into it you make it pop too hard you probably spoke more facing you would
actually catch is the reason I’m trying to work it so easy and barely make it
pop move it real slow now if you had a
little better chop on the water little bit about ripple then you can
speed it up you know make more noise out of it whenever it’s quite like this you wanted
to just imitate a shed is what it amounts to on Bull Sholes the other day I was throwing one of
these things in that last tournament you had to pop it
two or three times and then just stop it altogether and let it sit until that ring got way away
from it and about right there were that ring is away from it right now is when those big Kentucky’s would come out there but and bust it Just eat it up. I mean it could not be a moving at all. don’t you think not only speed but the rhythm you put in
just about any bait that you fish has a lot to do with your success. you bet it does. You know with a topwater bait spinner bait or anything else you know once youkind of get it that groove. and you know it takes what two or three fish maybe to really
kinda get into the groove how they really want it and then you can kind of
duplicate it. [Cast] your bite slowed down a little bit you
know you might have to change up a little bit [Bloop, Bloop] you find on some days its easier to accomplish that rhythm
with the bait than it is on others I know there have been times and I’ve been out
regards to how hard you try to duplicate what you done the day before you just can’t make it work that way. for ya. No evryday is a little different you know it seem like you know that’s well that’s
kinda what sorts fishermen out you know you have to be willing to take
that chance and change a little bit you can go out I hear so many people say
that you know they caught fish off you
know this bank back in May in they went back in
September and they couldn’t understand why the fish.. well it’s the same way with baits you know you do not catch fish on any particular Bait or any particular
bank day after day you know month after month you have to be able to be willing to
take that change you know that’s kind of what sort that
out your real good fishman From others those that are willing to gamble and change take that chance. You know that’s what makes it interesting for me is to be able to to be able to can have nerve enough to
make that change sometimes it works and sometimes it
doesn’t you know [bloop, bloop] [Splash] [Splash] [Splash] Alright! he shalowed that little Micheal now He ment business on that one didn’t he Yes he did he said I want some of that boy those little hooks are so sharp I’m about as scared of them as he is Fish are healthy he’d make you feel good most places but
here on Alamo he is just another fish you just got to put he back in the ol lake he came out of. you grow up boy and I’ll be back one of these
days [cast] [Splash] [Splash] get him up Hibdon all right that’s a nice fish I believe that rascal even keep in Missouri look at that That’s a bona fided Keeper that’s about all I catch these hooks Traynor I might have to let you take him off I might get you pair pliers those little
hooks are really sharp. that little Michael is.. There you go sure works good when it is this quiet. I hate to see you work on me with my own bait now well I know that is a nice fish pretty fish they are good
and healthy he is healthy. Let him go back in and do his thing [Splash] I will be back one these days when you
weigh six pounds good-lookin’ spot to be bite yeah it is There he is right there! [Splash] alright! you caught one on a Guido bug
and me standing here telling you.. Yeah! I did I told you I was going to tie it on. not real big but that’s a bass look at the tail on this fish he has been on a bed, he has been nesting heavy Boy I had him hooked I guarantee you that maybe I should put on one of my Guido bugs you reckon no you just go ahead with what you are doing Hand me your rod and you can use this one for awhile How about that You just go a head with what you are doing [Laughter] I like this bait I can’t believe I thought last night when I looking at those
that thing probably work up here need a change in colors you put on a different color and I will pitch that one I do not get the opertunity to catch fish behind very offten any more I kinda of enjoyed that if I never catch another one. [Laughter] there’s going to be bunch of them in there [hook set] I well be darn, this guy is unconscious now how about that! what are you doing to me on my own bait. Huh! I am liking this! enough, enough I am going to have to get down and do something about this! now Boy Guido I never. well let me hold your rod and take your fish off of there. and get you all fixed up there. I only got two of these baits [Laughter] alright well we will have some air freighted in why can’t you ever get them hooked like this in a tournament nice frisky little fish go on back there and make those babies you know you make me look bad budd No No ][Laughter] I would never do that why would I put on
a brown jig you know Jim Jarerd talked me into doing this I am sure glad he talked to you [Laughter] I am sure glad he talked to you I sure they well bite you just need to keep throughing it no doubt my mind I’ll just eat that thing up kinda watch your technique here be what ever it is. such as it is [Laughter] you just pull it out of one bush and put it another one you know flippin 12 pound line in
that stuff like there You are living a little dangerously. I might get hurt? [laughter] I believe a 6 pounder can really get
a guy in a lot of trouble well they have absolutely destroyed my
little bug almost. I hate to hear that only just do that one more time and we will know that they well bite this color but It is going to take at least one more bite like that one right there that I just broke off!!! there!!! I told you 12 pound line did I not? tell you I was there yeah timeout now. you got me a real disadvantage yeah [Laughter] not really I’m standing here throwing this Goofy Brown jig with a purple frog junk on it But Jared knows what he’s
talking about I’am telling you they well bite that thing [music] enough! Guido how many years ago did you make the first Guido bug? it had to be in 1979 that was the first year that B.A.S.S. come to the lake of
the Ozarks Dion made it as a school project in
in school has had all come about I remember that tournament I think I fished that. We kept it pretty quiet. You won that tournament
out of the upper end of the lake didn’t you out of the Gravois arm if I remember right. Yep Let me I’m getting mine up here we will let the camera get a real good shot of this bug and why don’t you tell the folks just
how he came up with the idea for that thing well Dion is actually, my son is actually the one that came up with the idea. and the first ones originated we had strong way it was basically the
same crawfish and he took a live crawfish
and put it in plaster of paris this was a school project all the kids
were given something to make out a plaster paris what it amounted so he takes a crawfish and put it in
plaster paris a deceased crawfish might say and put it in plaster paris and paints the
mold with epoxy paint and that’s how the
first ones were made we didn’t have the side legs on then what we’ve done is run live rubber
through the legs to make the legs and the feelers well
now we inject them you know it’s basically the same
crawfish but that’s not all come about we won the first B.A.S.S. on lake of the
Ozarks with it wouldn’t let anybody know anything about it we just kept
quiet didn’t say much and then they come back the 2nd year and I was fortunate enough to win it
again and then the word can starting getting out on it you know we were still hand making em then. you know there is an awful good looking spot I just put that bait in. Hibdon and.. it looks so good There he is!! [Splash] that’s not a bad little fish Hibdon [Splash] nice fish you can tell me boy [Splash] That will work. I am telling you A one legged Guido Bug huh? I do not know if we can make them things that way or not that’s a pretty healthy little fish that really is that’s what. that’s a three pounder it’s it? Salt cedar bass [Splash] couple [Flashing] Alright! there is a passall of them devils in there now. See now that one hit a back and blue bug what are you talking about I have not been able to one one to bite it. about 3-4 weeks ago I was up here I was getting alot of short hits they are doing the same thing jerk.. you got him that time. [Splash] you got the baby out of there. there a lot of days I would love to have one that size. this lake is absolutely full of that size fish I can see why with as much bait fish they are rising in there That green bush right there’s going to be it. There he is! [Splashing] Pretty nice little fish Guido if it is green and in the water there one of those rascals in it I wonder if there is another one in there? Gosh dog there he was and he was swimming off with it. why did you let him do that? Oh!! Like that one today! [Laughter] There’s one well no more got the word out of my mind [Splashing] no more and got the words out of my mouth Well Hold still they’re healthy I will say that for them [Splash] We must have a hold boarding hose full of them right here I am telling you these fish are setting out here suspended aren’t they? There he is! [Splash] There comes a G2 fish that’s a G4 That’s a nice old fish alright! pretty little fish healthy Traynor I gave you the best tree you really
don’t have an excuse I know I am trying to get em There he is Maybe they well bite a shad [Splash] look at this little rascal here that’s a dandy fish. a chunk Aw oh! I throw that in an awful dangerous spot [Laughter] look how fat and chunky..healthy healthy you got something he has been eating hasn’t he..he has a big old fish in him. [Splash] you throwing about an 1/8 oz yep that’s a better fish. you got them huddled up over here. haven’t you he is mean [Splash] [music and flashing] well Guido we’ve had a lot of fun today and caught a lot of fish and why don’t you take a moment and go over with the folks
what we’ve done and what baits we have used and how we went about catching all these fish Alright basically all that we’ve done
today with you is use the Guido bug a little bit and we’ve used the G4 and we’ve even used the weenie worm that has been so famous out
here I have never used it before you know but it caught a lot of fish today But the G$ we have fished a lot of big trees out here and the
G4 that I was throwing was was no more than that one right there there’s number different ways to rig it
but I still but I still rig with the Grigsbe hook and a little 1/8 oz slip sinker that is all I was doing I peg it. you know just put a tooth pick in it and side it down right against it has far as the Guide Bug this is basically all we were doing we
were Texas rigging I used a black and blue one with a jig and that’s about all we were doing. This
little like is so full of fish that you can catch fish on about anything you want to put out there. Guido must of the flipping bites we got it seamed like we got them early this morning and normally in it was as a rule you can you normaly can get a
pretty good flipping bite in the afternoon. Those fish seamed to get off of that bug in the afternoon we have most of our action on the tube bait can you relate to that? why I think
mainly a you know we start out first of this morning throwing a top water bait and the topwater didn’t really catch on you know as good as I thought it probably should have this morning is quiet and you know it was good in dark and
everything but it didn’t really work all that well so we started flipping and I think more than anything those fish have got these shad and fry her bearded right into this brush that
surround the bank like you see here and that probably the reason that we
doing better flipping in there. you know it’s basically the
only thing that can actually get in there and get them out with We caught a few fish with a spinner bait too I mean those fish where just the fish that
were close to the cover. you know. Well you mentioned
the fry and the shade and its right because in the areas we caught fish this afternoon weather it be be flipping or on the Guido bug we ether had shad that we were looking
at constantly are we had the fry and we got on the North side of the lake this afternoon in an area that we caught fish early this morning we we saw the fry and we saw the shad. This afternoon they were gone. and consequently we’re catching fish no
and I thank you know I on in this situation I think you have to have the bait fish to be able to catch a lotta of them Well Guido I want to know one thing we
certainly appreciate having you on this show and we wish you all
the best in this year’s Classic and more than that will all be pulling for
you to become the first man to ever win 3 B.A.S.S. anglers of the year awards in a row well thanks a million okay it’s been
a great time it really has. I have enjoyed it and you all have a
great like out here it really is and we look forward to seeing you next
week on our next episode in the American Angler [Music]

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