Greenpeace activists arrested: Russian coast guard threaten with knives and guns

A group of Greenpeace activists who were trying
to board an oil rig in the Russian Arctic have been arrested. 25 protesters, including six Britons were
met by heavily armed Russian coastguards, who they say threatened them with knives and
guns. The environmentalist group said the coastguards
who were also wearing balaclavas stormed their ship, the Arctic Sunrise. The activists were trying to gain access to Gazprom
oil rig which they believe is about to start drilling for oil but their protest ended when
the guards fired shots at them. “We’re here in the Russian Arctic taking action
against the first Arctic oil platform to go into production, which pose a huge threat
to the fragile environment. Gazprom is known for its poor safety standards and we’ve seen
Shell screw up in the Alaskan Arctic last year, and now these two reckless oil companies
are teaming up. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.” Moscow has accused the protesters of “aggressive
and provocative” behaviour and summoned the summoned the Dutch ambassador to discuss the
issue as Greenpeace is based in the Netherlands.

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