6 thoughts on “Grandfather To Plead Guilty In Granddaughter’s Deadly Fall On Cruise Ship

  1. His guilty plea should end the suit against the cruise line. If he admits he's guilty, he implicitly admits that they aren't.

  2. Sam should also be charged with child endangerment, and the parents should be charged with child neglect- six adults could not properly care for an 18 month old, shame on the adults selfish behavior, put down your cameras and start proper parenting with love for your children.

  3. I hear and read tales of woes within those cruises, however, the owners of the ship are not negligent for this tragic event. Finally this idiot owned up to his actions. It takes a long time for Americans to be responsible for their own actions. They blame the cruise line, ship builder, everything under the sun. Lets throw the shit and see what sticks seems to be the motto. This was not only a tragic event for this family, but it also seemed to have a greed element in the midst. No jail time? I am not going to judge that, however, at least, the grandfather is behaving like a somewhat responsible person by pleading guilty to his stupidity.

  4. I understand by him saying guilty he will get out of going to jail, but if I didnt intentionally do it I could never say I killed my grandchild. Nor would i say cruise ship fault. Parent up people they your responsibility.

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