Grand Princess Cruise Ship Tour – Princess Cruise Line

16 thoughts on “Grand Princess Cruise Ship Tour – Princess Cruise Line

  1. excuse me want to ask the info jobs here are not
     I Fadhli from Indonesia has a training certificate ** star hotel for 6 months if I can go to work on a cruise ship job

  2. You know, if you want to sell a cruise ship, please, oh please, don't use that computerized voice. It is really off putting, makes the video sound cheap, and makes me wonder if I should go on that cruise line. And this is from a repeat, high-end suite cruise traveler!

  3. That's really sad;  couldn't afford a real person to read the script, so you had to let compu-bitch read it.  She sounds terrible.

  4. my dad are in cruise ship but cruise ship are in my dad like that video dont forget it im from philippines xd

  5. Could Princess not spring for a real person, say a female cruise director–anyone with a little experience in public speaking, to narrate this instead of that creeped out computer generated digital witch they used on this?
    And change the music around while thy're at it–same loop tape theme that repeats every minute or so.
    Half billion dollar ship—50 cents worth of video production in introducing it to potential passengers.
    My daughter does more creative clips that hold one's attention with an I-Phone.

  6. Um, folks…. I agree that the computer voice is lame – but this isn't a Princess Cruises presentation. Just saying…

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