Graco Xtreme x70 Airless Sprayer Rebuild & Coal Tar Epoxy

welcome to saving vessel seeker my name
is Doug and we picked up a whole bunch of epoxy paint from single source
industrial coatings here in Tulsa and they were gracious enough to loan us an
airless sprayer to apply it with now the sprayer needed some work it was all
dirty and everything but we got all of our a Murloc to epoxy on and it was just
fantastic so we knew what it could do and then carry the xfe goes through the
whole day but then it died cleaning it out so we’re gonna take the whole thing
apart it’s not that big a deal buy the manual turns out it needs parts he even
comes with a tag right here that shows you the model number of it you got to
have back there’s different x70 start by taking off the bottom unit that normally
comes off with a hammer now the manual did not show an o-ring but I put it over
in here because that stopped it from leaking see that black coating down
there now the lower end has a ball valve in there you see the ball sitting on top
of the hole that’s all it is and that’s you can remove all that but we’re not
going to bother because it’s easy to clean like this and this is the part
that the paint goes into from the pump that plug right there goes is a bore
hole that goes all the way back to the pump which is here and you can see the
glands here this is easy to come off a pin and we’ll take this color back split
this in half and that’s all three so that piston can come out and now we just
got the three nuts to take off to pull the whole unit away now there’s really good documentation on
the internet with this the extreme lowers is what you want that’s the
document number if you want to just google it this little paint remover then
go to dinner and it’s ready to come off while we get back started out in the bathroom ek they
didn’t do it we’ll get some paint remover on it that side VV remove the
whole thing it says to remove the packing simile
after this but it seems like it’s holding up on it I’m gonna go ahead dick
the packing assembly off okay your reality is a little different
than the manual because it’s threaded in there’s the internal check valve there
oh my gosh that is solid paint right there see the ball move back and forth through
that hole there now the upper packing plan you can see
there’s a set of seals in here as a cover over it then you can see the seals
I don’t have them so I’m not going to replace them but on the piston rod
there’s another set and this one has some damage you can see this seal right
here is extruded down a little bit that may or may not be our issue but that
would be the next thing to replace if we’re going to replace anything that
we’d have to take this apart so that unscrews from there and that’s how you
access that ball in there to it since I don’t have the packing seals I’m not
going to mess with I’m just going to clean the paint up and we’ll see if
that’s a fix enough for that’s coming along when I need more
paint remover so that’s for tomorrow we’re using this is boring I couldn’t
find my other stuff it says it removes epoxy right there paint an epoxy bond
sup nice so it spray them clean them and then
spray them again and then clean them again
oiled the piston up and it goes in nice and easy now if we had new seals they’d
be down there this is the upper packing gland we don’t so we’re hoping it’s just
paint that was messing us up well look how pretty that is now read the assembly
instructions and they actually tell you that’s threaded so I should have rented
the whole thing before starting tighten it till it bottoms out
and it’s bottomed out and back it off as little as possible
there it is so the way this thing works it’s got a check valve here and it’s got
another one in the piston so when the piston comes up it draws pain into here
and it forces paint out to the gun like they’re worried about it leaking
cousin and rhythms all right the seals inside the toilet
bowl that’s actually a pressure relief valve
but it’s so jammed with pain it had an act like a pressure relief valve in
years wait there there isn’t one where that’s not a sign that a dunce is
not building pressures I think we just need seals in these things I think we
know how to take apart and clean them out now and the seal kits are on order
so they’ll be back in business and we’ll get our seal kits the other gun screwed
up and so he rolled that first part up there okay a seal kit came in for the
big great go sprayer he’s even with the balls for this for
the cheque mouths that’s cool and I got the the seals so key in oil as per
instructions because this has seals in there that are made out of leather so
they get streak up that oil for okay there it is that’s the ball in the
cage a little heat helps it come out actually doesn’t look bad we want to
replace it anyway it’s just not as polished it’s a new one paint remover on
there and try and get that seat out if it doesn’t come out we’ll just let it
stay cuz it looks like it’s in good shape
now the guys support said that you’d be able to see damage to that seat down
there if they had a you see where it was ground and there’s our new check ball
that goes in there so and she goes there it goes
a little wiggle and push and all the way the ball your ring on top a remover will get everything off of
there so it’s good and clean again with the old on one side and the new ones I
find them and put them on this side okay Oh almost don’t drop this you score it
you screwed it when it was close there goes my that is too worked on
there all a lot of extruded plastic there so I’m
very confident that this is the failed steel solid ring and one two three four five
these two looked a little different they looked
like maybe they’re leather b-45 istick leather plastic leather
plastic and then that’s solid top ring we’re going to clean this up a bit we’re
going it back together actually calls who never sees on these
threats fresh oil actually deflected to one of my seals up
I don’t like that recheck I got those spaces right away and the backwards lips face upward they
open up word makes more sense it’ll go on easy the way they say they put it on
now and on slide this in so you tighten this thing all the way in
and then you back it off until you get this flat lined up so this pin goes in
like that no brought it out for a test this
morning and it did not work it pushed a little bit of xylene but nothing else so
I’m hoping I just got something stupidly done inside you know acts like it
doesn’t Prime and then it starts working great so we’re gonna hope it’s fixed
switch over to pain that we found our problem the suction pipe is jammed up so
we’re gonna have to make a new suction pipe it’s got something solid in there
which kind of makes sense since the xylem would go past but not the paint see little gobs on the sights all the
way down through there well that certainly is better than this yeah oh
this is jammed Oh Oh the block that’s white paint yeah
that’s not us all right good that means it’s been in
there all this time look at that here’s our paint down here yeah we – it squeeze
out of it yep so we just filled in the last of the
the pipe I think that may have been what we’ve been finding all this time so
maybe tomorrow is our lucky day with a sprayer bring the whole thing then split it in
half yeah yeah I think we got it mo just having a little bit overlap of a
pattern before and then I’ll come back and go across it perpendicular to this
wall okay here’s the results it’s all done
exterior of the hole yesterday Bart and I spent three hours putting two coats of
paint on with rollers on this side top half that was five gallons of paint
which turns out isn’t enough it’s just not enough coverage not enough gallons
to get the coverage you want about 75 square feet for per gallon for this coal
tar today with the sprayer we put on 35 gallons in three hours same time we
spent yesterday and we covered the entire boat and we got it 20 mils thick
we can came back over here to where we had rolled it yesterday and sprayed
another layer on top of that okay some final thoughts and tips filters you
gotta have them in your gun don’t try it without screens get some screens and
screen your paint whatever is appropriate this is a 600 mesh works
great for epoxy keep the appropriate size ball bearing like half inch at
least and drop it through your suction hose occasionally just make sure that
that’s not getting clogged up have plenty of zhiling around we keep one
dirty and one clean start flushing it out with the dirty one that’s switch
over to clean make sure you got clean product coming out don’t leave any pain
inside priming you can take the hose off right here and let it pumps I lean out
into a bucket that works great to get it primed up especially when you got 50
feet of hose to go through then put the hose back on everything work fantastic
after that paint picked up right away after that – also on your suction hose
make sure you don’t have any air leaks and they’re just a little pinhole will
get you so we wrapped ours up with some self vulcanizing a rubber and no problem
and then finally have some paint pans around you don’t want to mix up five
gallons of epoxy then have that paint sprayer fell on you and not have a plan
B READY even better to air the sprayers see some
some of you have said well they just gave you the sprayer so you’d have to
clean them up no no and I wouldn’t do that for a company that I that asked me
to unless I really liked that company and they didn’t ask me to
they said they had some sprayers that they loan out and you could tell by
looking at them that these were used sprayers that need to be cleaned up I am
happy to clean up their sprayers and get them back in working order because we
have a fantastic working relationship with single sourced industrial cuttings
it’s one of those companies that you know you treat them like a friend and
they treat you like a friend there’s no adverse
real thing I don’t work with companies where I think I have to be adversarial
with them you know that’s that’s a one-time work done type deal you know
there’s plenty of good companies out there and so when you find one and you
can do some fabrication and some cleanup work for them and they lower the price
of the paint for you it’s a win-win situation I’m good at fixing machines
well I’m getting better and so I was able to do them a favor and shoot
they’ve done me a huge favor on the price of this paint so there’s no loss
here it is a lovely relationship and if you’re a business owner I would
encourage you to look for being the type of business owner who is also would be a
great friend and that’s what single-source is to me so I love it

100 thoughts on “Graco Xtreme x70 Airless Sprayer Rebuild & Coal Tar Epoxy

  1. wow… looking great…now its about time to float that boat…lol…i know its still going to be a while but im wishing real

  2. I wonder if this project could be considered the worlds heaviest arts and craft project by Guinness World Records?

  3. Every time Ive loaned out tools to friends I never get them back. Nice work Doug! That sprayer works great! Put the seeker logo on it with a rebuild date so the next guy can appreciate it more and maybe actually clean it out before returning.

  4. Good rule If you borrow something you should return it in as good if not better shape or pay to rent it and buy the insurance!

  5. There are take-home points at many levels of this episode. But, I will single out the beauty of tackling a random problem while having access to a reasonably-equipped shop. And, you fabricated a part from what you had on hand! 👨🏻‍🔧

  6. Hey Doug, we use airless pumps like these everyday to spray heavy bodied traffic paint. I was going to comment when I saw all your troubles but I was confident you would rebuild the pumps soon enough. I do have a few tips though. When spraying I noticed you had a lot of over spray. This is usually from too much pressure which causes increased tip wear and over spray. Pressure is best adjusted while spraying. Start spraying with the paint you will be using and slowly lower the pressure until the spray pattern starts to hourglass and then turn the pressure back up until the hourglass goes away and then add just a little more pressure. Viscosity changes with temperature so each time it is best to fine tune the pressure each time.
    Cleaning as you have found is very important. We flush the system by starting with solvent and slowly pump the paint out of the hose into a different container and when solvent begins to show we put the open hose (gun removed for high volume) in the same can the solvent is being sucked out of and let it circulate for some time and then switch to clean solvent. To store the pump we leave mineral spirits in the pump and hose. I noticed you haven't been using the ground clip. There is a lot of static build up in the hose and can discharge. I never had one flash on us but I have been lit up pretty good.
    Keep up the good work !

  7. I had to chuckle at the friggin recoil from that spray nozzle once you found and rectified the 100% clogged suction line. That thing is a beast when it's actually running right!

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  9. After the seals where replaced and the pesky clogged was found, you could even hear and see the differences as the pump worked. The vessel is looking so fine. And as for you cleaning the pump, i think it was just something that needed to be done to get your job done. And in the process you strengthened your relationship with your vendor and the vendor will continue to provide you with quality products and service. That to me is a win win situation. Job well done…thanks for sharing…Vic

  10. Love it, love the mentality and the willingness on both ends to compromise because ultimately you both came out way ahead! you didnt have to buy or rent an expensive sprayer and they didnt have to outsource the repair to a pricey shop or replace their machine! WIN WIN and I got to learn so i guess WIN WIN WIN

  11. Like yourself Doug, I too figure things out and fix them. I get compliments. What people don't see is how I do it… LOTS OF STARING AND TALKING TO MYSELF. I do love a victory though! I came up with a term: Professional Figure-it-out-erer.

  12. An honest and simple rule in life, if someone loans you a tool to assist you in your endeavour then always return it in better condition. If not possible then include accessories that they did not have, like drill bits, sanding belts or even welding rods. Whatever it is always be a great and thankful friend. Well said Doug.

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  15. Good on you Doug for cleaning up and getting the sprayer work. What a shame the previous users didn't give a dam and obviously didn't clean them very well after using them.

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  18. They will run with the seals almost totally disintegrated, the pump is just going to stroke rapidly due to bypassing. Your issues screamed of a clogged inlet, but if you've never struggled with it you wouldn't know.

  19. Happy to see you and your team figure out what the problem was… I can't wait to see the end of this epic journey… keep up the great work… I'm a millwright and shipwright ex Navy and live in Dallas… you ever need some help let me know Doug…

  20. Nice rebuild on the sprayer and getting to the er ah bottom of it all. Really great results Doug, Bart and co.!

  21. Why don't you get Bart to build a spanner so you won't bugger up the faces of the paint sprayer hitting on it with a hammer and chisel?

  22. 35 gallons in 3 hours. Wow. Nice job finally getting that pump issue licked. Hopefully the next guys appreciate your work and don't leave it like you found it.

  23. Hey doug, next time you need a seal, or seals that you don't have you can order them from just need measurements…

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  26. I work with those sprayers on a daily basis. Our company rents them out but before they go out the door, I do a complete service so the customer doesn't have the issues you did. Some B.S. right there

  27. That's impressive you can spray coal tar, back in the days when me and dad used to use coal tar we had a pressure pot gun the paint had to be thinned just right. Hundreds of gallons of coal tar got rolled as-well I don't miss those days man the smell would give you a head ache that wouldn't go away.

  28. Not to mention Doug, if you had to buy these sprayers what would it cost? Way more than the cost of a few seal kits. You save having to buy them and you did a good deed in turn. Good on you Doug.

  29. My BernzOmatic MAPP gas torch was turned OFF upright on the floor beside a 5" high fiberglass shower pan. I reached to grab it and knocked it over, it unlocked, ignited, and locked on as it tipped over. Now that's a feature I didn't read about in the manual. You can imagine all of the things I called it and probably miss a few. Please beware.

    A beautiful bit of yard art you have there. Peace

  30. Be great to see the grandson drop in for a day. Guess his moved from knives to guns then girls….Coming along great. I can smell the ocean just up ahead 🎏⛵

  31. If you don’t turn the sprayer off properly you it will clog up every time. You have to turn it off with the ball ether right up or right down I can’t remember. Basically you don’t want air to go past the ball

  32. If more people tackled jobs this way a lot of things would be better. I always return something better then when i borrowed it. The cost of the rebuild kits is worth the free rental usage on those machines. I can rent nearly the same sprayers from a local paint house, at $75 a day! And if its not returned cleaned its an additional $50 charge. You got the use of the machines for free, spent a little money on rebuilding them, and in the end the supplier gets a great customer they know they can loan stuff out to without worry. It's a win-win.. The boat looks fantastic in her new paint!

  33. Hey Doug, I will lend my car for free the engine is blown but you are more than welcome to borrow it any time you like. 🙂 Great job on the rebuild.

  34. Excuse me for asking Doug, especially as you might have already answered this question before, but have you kept a note of the running total of costs for the build (perhaps seperated into what it’s actually cost against the estimated cost had you paid wages to all the volunteers and for all gear etc?). I’m certain that someone as organised and detailed as yourself and your wife would be keeping at least a weather-eye on the pennies?!

    Still enjoying every video you produce. You should find a few more Yorkshire folk signing up because the staff at the hospice I’m at wouldn’t believe that someone would build a bloody great boat so far from the sea! I explained what you are planning and for Yorkshire gals they were quite impressed.
    I heard you mention an estimate for Seeker getting her arse wet being perhaps two years away. I’m sorry Doug, but I won’t be around to see that and that I’m surprised to be actually upset by the thought having watched from the start, but that’s life (Or more accurately, Death!). I’ll keep going as long as possible but it’s now out off my hands…..

    As I mentioned before, may you have fair winds at your back and a star to guide you by.

    Best wishes from an old Bootneck Rupert, you’re one hell of an inspiration for all the worlds dreamers.

  35. I say you got a great deal. If you were to go buy a new electric airless spray system it could easily start at $3000 for a professional/contractor series system, but this system is way more expensive, starting at $6500. What's a few bucks in seals cost?

  36. Man, you can't watch these videos without getting nervous about doing something productive as soon as possible.

  37. Great job Doug I agree totally with you, you always treat people the way you want to be treated, and when it comes to equipment you always return it in better shape than you got out in.

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  40. I use a 35:1 ratio airless sprayer 2 or more times a week, along with 2 part coal tar epoxy. In industry these are commonly cleaned with gun wash (gun cleaning solvent. It breaks down the material better than MEK or MPK and safer for people to use. Also when finished running it through the sprayer after the coating it's best to leave it in the system, don't squeeze the level on the spray gun it will keep any residual from forming, MEK will keep residual coating from forming but will dry the seals gun wash will not. Your video is a case of blind leading the blind. Where is the screen on your suction pipe? With an airless sprayer like yours there is no need to add a thinner, the only purpose of thinner is to get the material through the sprayer then it evaporates away. You should be spraying at 3000 PSI. You can reduce time between overhaul well over a year.

  41. Well said at the end there Doug. The only thing that is unfortunate is the people who borrowed the machine previously did not take care of it all that well. Unlike you who clearly return borrowed items in as good if not better condition than when you received them.

  42. Even if they did give them to you to clean, you got to use them and it saved a lot of time, everyone is a winner with the deal.

  43. Oh my gosh what a world of difference! After that rebuild and fixing the intake.. you have yourself a brand new sprayer!

    Now, for the extra mile.. polish that exterior up and make it look as good as it pumps!

    Must be amazing finally not having to roll that coal tar on.. nasty stuff.

  44. Great video, great story, and great moral of the story. Reminds me of my car painting days. As a young beginner/ hobbyist I got a lot of priceless knowledge from the guys behind the counters.

  45. Brother, the sheer amount of chemicals you stick your hands in (according to the state of California) you're going to have ALL the cancers ever…

  46. 3:36 NON-METHYLENE CHLORIDE paint remover is garbage, SUNNYSIDE 2 minute paint remover works great! even though it might melt your flesh off and maybe give you cancer….

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  48. Absolutely correct: Mutual respect, mutual benefit; encourages everyone! Thank you Doug! THAT is the right way to look at things! And I think all of us (with any sense?) where thinking the exact same way at the moment we were watching. It was a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” (I’m staying away from the Latin phrase that has everyone in a tail spin at the moment…) 😝

  49. Is the black the final coat or is there a top coat?  Doug you have came along way from when I first started watching you when you started prepping the gravel area to build the boat.  Awesome I've learned a lot watching you and you have inspired me to do somethings that I've always wanted to do.  Thanks for sharing and next time I'm in Tulsa I will stop by.  My company has a office there so I'm there sometimes.

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