Gothic Autumn Outfits: Row Boating

Hey YouTube! It’s Sharanga Leigh here with a quick gothic fashion video for a warm Autumn day. The main piece is this striped black and white midi skirt that’s the perfect length for a casual morning row which I’ve paired with some low denier stockings. Now you might be able to see that peeking out from underneath my life vest is this beautiful top with intricate lace sleeves that I featured in a video a few weeks back. It’s currently one of my favourite pieces for Autumn. And of course, I’m wearing some lace up ankle boots to finish the look. So that’s the whole outfit and now here’s some beautiful Autumn scenery. Thanks for watching, give a thumbs up or a comment for that moment when you’re photographing geese and then you realise that you’re far too close and now your doom is imminent. Oh and don’t forget to subscribe.

One thought on “Gothic Autumn Outfits: Row Boating

  1. Your video is so soothing with the music, the scenery, and the way you talk. Sooo looking forward to Autumn 2016!! Great job on your oufit!

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