Going Overboard, Rough Seas and Other Cruise Ship Disasters

Cruise ships have a lot to offer for a great vacation but these passengers learned the hard way all the things that can go wrong at sea. Overboard. Oh my God. This cruise ship hit a bad storm that was anything but relaxing. Being on a rollercoaster for 17 hours in your room not even tied down. 45 degree angle, it was hell. Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas was headed to the Bahamas from New Jersey when it got pummeled by high winds and rough seas. We are actually at the moment having over 100 knots of wind. The ship eventually turned around but passengers were afraid of the worst case scenario. It was very, very scary. We didn’t think we were gonna get back home. Terrifying. The cruise line apologized for the experience and refunded everyone’s money for the washed out trip. And how’s this for washed out? (water crashing) Water filled the hallway of this Carnival cruise ship, making it look like a scene out of the movie Titanic. At that moment I had no idea what was going on. We didn’t know it was a water main. We didn’t know if all the other floors were filled. Marla Hoss posted this video to social media asking for prayers. But it turns out the ship wasn’t taking on water from the ocean. A burst pipe caused the flooding and crew members banded together to bail it out. And, a few hours later, it looked like nothing ever happened. Thank God nothing terrible happened to us all. (water crashing) This woman survived the unthinkable, falling overboard on a cruise ship in the middle of the night. I felt hopeless. Helpless and hopeless. It was pitch black out there. Sarah Kirby was celebrating her 30th birthday with a Caribbean cruise on Carnival Destiny in 2012. After a night of drinking, she says she was leaning back on the balcony of a stateroom when she fell into the water. She tried to swim after the ship but all she could do was watch it sail away. I kept praying, praying to God, “Please don’t let me die out here. “Please don’t let something eat me like a shark.” Her travel companions begged the ship to go back to look for her and she was found after 90 minutes. Something similar happened to another woman on a cruise to the Bahamas in 2018. There’s goes the lifeboat. Passengers caught video of a rescue boat going out to find her and they were relieved when the captain made this announcement. We found the person in the water and she was picked up. And she’s now in the hospital so everything is good there. But some cruise ships do leave people behind. (ship horn blares) No! This couple was 45 minutes late to get back to the cruise ship after an all-day excursion. They may have thought they made it in time, but as they got closer to the ship, they had to watch it pull away from the dock. That sucks. It also happened to this woman who was visibly distraught. That is someone that has missed the boat! It turned out her three children were on the ship without her. CBS travel editor, Peter Greenberg, says cruisers need to respect the return times given by the crew. There are no repercussions to the cruise line. It’s in the cruise line’s contract you can’t be late. The cruise line is going to sale. No!
But the rules are the rules. You miss the ship, you’re chasing it. But this ship should have stayed in dock a little longer. (machine whirring) The Norwegian Sun was still undergoing construction when it set off in April of 2018. Passengers had to hear things like this. (equipment screeching) At all hours of the day. The work was also limiting the guests from using some parts of the ship. We were always hearing sanding and drilling. Two thirds of the ship at one point was closed down due to sanding, blasting, welding, jackhammering. It was unbelievable what we had to go through. Horrific, absolutely horrific. (machine whirring) The guests staged a mutiny demanding answers from the captain. Don’t raise your voice to me, okay? We are doing the best we can. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! That is a bunch of baloney! That is a bunch of baloney! (passengers complaining) Do it on your time! But he was no match for these disappointed vacationers and was booed out of the room. Norwegian apologized and admitted the cruise did not meet the guests’ expectations. They also offered a free trip to all 2,000 passengers. For InsideEdition.com, I’m Mara Montalbano.

100 thoughts on “Going Overboard, Rough Seas and Other Cruise Ship Disasters

  1. I wouldn't get on one of those bacterial fraps if you paid me!!! And as far as I'm concerned if it floats, it sinks. Yeah, no thanks I'll head to the livingroom with MY germs and NO sharks.

  2. You'd think that they could afford some kind of early warning weather system with what they charge tickets per person! 🤨

  3. Here's a couple of tips

    1. Don't get crazy drunk.
    2. If there's a storm then calm down you're on a giant cruise ship some rough water isn't taking it down
    3. When there is rough water don't go outside.

  4. I’ve done 3 cruises in the last 9 years. 1 Carnival and 2 Royal Caribbean cruises. And I’ve loved each trip. Am planning one more this year for my 30th.

  5. yeah if you bought cruise tickets for a boat under construction, you really don't have a right to complain because you probably got them cheap

  6. Hahaha 45 degrees, we had way worse in the Navy! I'll take a luxury stateroom over my coffin rack during a bad storm any time lmao!

  7. Hahaha No way .. construction happening during a vacation? Lol that’s funny. Hell to the no 👎 I’d ask for my dinero

  8. Believe me…thank ur lucky stars y’all got your money back…Royal Caribbean isn’t trying to sink a multimillion dollar ship…and those idiots falling over the railing because she was sitting on the rail 🤦🏽‍♀️

  9. That FAT blondie would have worked perfectly as an anchor. Just lost the chance of her life to be a hero 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. My dad was in the Navy and when it came to my curfew he would say 11pm, not 11:01 because if the boat leaves at 11 and I get there at 11:01, then I miss the boat. (He would lock all doors and windows).

  11. Really, you were standing on a balcony while you were drunk, like really.

    Also let’s be honest who’s fault is it when your late, you or the people that told you that you had to be there at a specific time

  12. That girl that fell of clearly was drinking too much and now she is acting like the victim. It is hard to go over the balcony. Cmon now

  13. Everyone would be freaking out during the storm and I’d be sitting by a window watching the storm with a drink in my hand.

  14. Please tell me the drunk girl that fell over didn't end up suing. People showing up late to port — yea, I'm glad they were left behind.

  15. NO SYMPATHY for late travelers. You had the whole d*mn day. Plan to be back an HOUR early—at least. There aren’t that many gift shops stuffed with kitch that warrant you being FORTY-d*mn-FIVE minutes late! Even if it’s an emergency, YOUR emergency is not the emergency of a thousand other people! We all have lives too, so byeeeeee!!

  16. Yeah people need to respect the time. The same thing happened to me except by bus, I was left in a deserted town for 24hrs. I had nowhere to sleep and police wouldn't even.let me sleep.

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