Go Navy! Rules | World of Warships

A new event is starting
in World of Warships—Go Navy! In Update 0.7.7, you can join
the confrontation between two teams, Eagles and Sharks, and receive unique prizes. Choose your team and earn points. We’ll announce the winners
at the end of each day. For the points earned,
you can receive special containers where you may find consumable camouflages,
and standard or special economic signals. But most importantly—
containers may drop Coal, which you can exchange for useful
equipment and Premium ships in the Arsenal. If you fight for your team actively, your opponents will surely
try to hire you for their team. If you agree, you’ll receive a container. But if you stay with your team,
you’ll increase your Team Loyalty. Every time you increase
your Team Loyalty, you receive special
Sharks’ or Eagles’ tokens. In the Arsenal, you can exchange
these tokens for symbols of your team: flags, patches, containers, and two unique
camouflages for Tier X cruiser Worcester. You can read about the event
conditions in detail on our website. We’ve made our choice,
now it’s your turn, Captains!

100 thoughts on “Go Navy! Rules | World of Warships

  1. more horrible camouflages, the event last year had cool camouflages type Aqua … these that play in the visual of the ship take away the grace of the game, it seems like video game 🙁

  2. eagles, for sea, really? won't albatross or gulls or fulmars would have made more sense? i know their names don't make much of an impact like "eagles" does, but still….u guys have taken sharks on the other team, though its true that eagles do dwell near the coasts, and sharks tend to come near shore too, anyways, just make the game better, its getting worse by every update

  3. Is anyone else bothered by the "Tier x" instead of tier 10 comment?

    Roman numerals reader man…. Roman numerals

  4. https://www.amazon.com/Warships-Plan-German-fleet-fought-ebook/dp/B079V8SC3W/ref=pd_ybh_a_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=JZ9FGDCS8FG98P06AB9Z

  5. It will be the gladiator games the world has yet to see. All for the favor of one. Many will sink, few will survive, but so long as EarlGrey is one of those sunk, I can live with that. lol Mount Up you Raging Potatoes! The true test of a captain is surely about to unfold this day! For the Honor of Dasha, Long May She Reign! So Say We All!

  6. When this competition was first announced, the comment section was full of 'Team shark!' and 'Looks like it's one sided, no one's gonna go eagles.'

    Then Dasha wears a team Eagle shirt, and suddenly all the shark loyalists flipped faster than one could blink.

  7. I think this is a team match up of some sort. I dunno I stopped listening when their legs were shown and didn't catch a word after that. XD

  8. WoWs noob here, are these event camos permanent? Or does the one you get get consumed after one battle

  9. most play like this…pick a ship fast entr battle go in die fast pick another ship and repeat the process for super fast farming of shark or eagle prizes….hance why the battles suck 🙁

  10. What I want to know, more than anything, is When does this event End? Similarly, what will happen to our tokens if it ends and we haven't spent them? I wouldn't mind a grace period after so I can decide what to spend on.. I'm not sure if I can make the full loyalty stack to get the camo.

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