Glaskogen, Sweden – 8 days in a canoe (and some trekking)

After a long time of planning, preparing for our first trip outdoors in this fashion, a whole lot of bought equipment praticing to pack our bag, Test-runs and exercises (like making fire in the rain) we were finally on the verge of testing our proficiency in the outdoors. The setting of this act should become the nature reservation of Glaskogen, in Sweden, that we were to explore in a canoe on our own, before hiking back to Oslo, Norway, to catch our flight. The first difficulties we encountered came early: during the journey to get there. This is our story 🙂 Oslo Airport – customs inspection (empty all your pockets and bags please) Oslo – Palace Garden
Our feet start to hurt for the first time Taking the train to Arvika
2 1/2 hours The rainy Arvika
-having missed the last bus to the camping ground – First impressions of the camping ground and infocenter of Lenungshammer Building our home for the first time
And the mosquitoes already bite Noodles – boon and bane The first morning in sweden … (oh, it records) … it’s 5:30 am … … after I have been falling asleep around 1 am due to the sunlight … (I fell asleep earlier) … are we now awake and fit … … it was raining the whole “night” … (didn’t hear anything) … Yesterday was a long day – a two hours flight … … we got up at about 5:30 am – flight scheduled to lift off at 10 am … arrived at noon … … continued by train from Oslo Airport to Oslo Main Station… … from there, two hours later, we went by train to Arvika in Sweden… … and when we arrived we were to late to catch a bus … … after contemplating for an hour we decided to take a taxi to somehow arrive here … … but now everything is fine. But everything is wet! (and it smells) The tropical temperature in the tent does that … (But who cares! The sleeping bags are great – maybe a little too warm … … for we didn’t expect to sweat. Our equipment seems to be suitable and when we leave the tent we have to inspect how wet everything has become but we are not in a hurry and that can wait for later.) And what we do until then … … we don’t know. (No chance to sleep like this) Day 5 of our trip trough the nature reservation on Glaskogen yesterday we had to make an unintended rest here because the wind had blown so strong, that there wasn’t a chance to stay on the water that means we came into the full wind and got 2 big waves right into the canoe that we didn’t stand a chance against the weather. So we stopped here. The wind eventually settled. But it was to late to go on by then so we decided to continue today .. We were awakened today by the growling of thunder and just minutes ago it started raining. Unfortuantely the thunderstorm emerges right from the direction we wanted to take .. so it doesn’t seem like we will get anywhere. Yeah. We will just sit it out. Hopefully this will not take all day. The center seems to shift over time. We were not really surprised since we read the weather forecast and knew it would be raining today … What we didn’t expect was a thunderstorm, but alas … we have a nice shelter where we slept the previous night, so we are dry… … there is not much that can happen, we have enough time, so we will just sit it out. A video is always just as good as its music… And, of course, only as good as its material.
Better its more than less … and so … (Am I in your way?) Not a bit! Thats alot for your attention 🙂

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