Giant Truck Wash For Children | Gecko’s Real Vehicles

Have you ever wondered how big trucks get
cleaned? Well we’re about to find out – I’m here
at a GIANT Truck wash. These trucks drive for miles and miles, delivering
important things all over the country which means they also get very dirty! This truck wash is so popular, that there’s
a queue of muddy trucks all waiting to get cleaned. And they can clean all sorts of different
trucks Big Lorries
Big gas tankers Even Car transporters! The Trucks start by driving into the Truck
wash very carefully, and stop once they’re fully inside. The cleaning team begin by spraying special
soapy water over the whole truck. This soap gets to work straight away, loosening
all of that grease and grime. If the dirt is really bad, or difficult to
reach, the team will use long brushes to get to these hard to reach places. Then it’s time to turn on the rollers! This huge machine is controlled from these
switches here. The cleaning team select what sort of truck
is in the wash, so that the rollers clean the right places on the vehicle. There are 3 rollers in total, two that clean
each side of the truck, and one that cleans the front, the top and the back! The soft rollers wipe all of the muck away,
and the spray nozzles rinse the truck clean. The huge machine that carries the rollers
moves forwards and backwards along the truck on rails, just like a train would! This truck wash is very special too – the
dirty water goes down the drain, and is magically turned into clean water in this pump room. That means that most of the dirty water is
recycled and no water is wasted! If there are any bits that the machine has
missed, its time for the cleaning team to use some super powerful jets to blast off
that stubborn dirt. Look at that, this lorry is as good as new,
clean and sparkling. Good job team! Thanks for learning about this amazing truck
wash with us today. To join me for more Real Vehicles, just click
here! See you again soon – byeeeee!

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