GET OUT OF MY SWAMP | Duck Life #2

*Wapish* Top of the morning to ya laddies, my name is Jacksepticeye and welcome back to my little duck’s life :D. We got some sweet, tasty music going on. It’s about time it picked up, it was a bit depressing sounding a second ago. It sounded all moody and… I don’t like that, it sounded way too anticlimactic. Eggsy, the most powerful duck to ever exist needs a stronger song than that. We’re in the Swamp now. I’m assuming we’re gonna go up against Shreck in a second. Im’ma buy one of these and somebody told me. That if I do something like this… I-I don’t know, no that didn’t work! Somebody told me that if I grabbed the food and bring it into the left… I can’t drag it any further than that, that I get infinite energy I don’t know how I do that and you know what?! I’m not a fucking cheater, okay? I can make my ducks… Oh… wait like this? Di-Did I do it? I fucking did it! I don’t need cheating, okay? You know what? I don’t need to use these exploits to get infinite energy, my duck is the best than it is anyways. I don’t need no little like tricks here and there to try to make my duck any better. You know, he just gets strong on his own, I don’t know what it is! He just walks off screen, then he comes back stronger again, that’s the way he works, that’s the way Eggsy do! Oh?What’s that? You’re level 57 energy? Well, I guess it’s time to train. Welcome to swimming training! Wanna increase your swim level? I mean, I’m more into like… Long distance like track running, umm… but okay. I’m going to train you in reactions, endurance and timing in 3 different mini games. Okay… Eggsy, get in there. Use the left and right keys to move your duck. Press up and down to jump or dive, don’t get pushed off screen. Okay, uh, Oh, uh oh. What th- what ah? ah! fuck, Jesus, Eggsy! look out!! :O I got eaten by a fucking crocodilis. I ain’t having that, I ain’t having that now… Now I know what I’m doing, now I know what I’m doing *repeats* Hold down the spacebar to swim upwards and let go to swim downwards. Oh fuck! It’s flappy bird! I thought it was space to go down!!!! I just read it and still fucked it up, early days. Dive as deep as you can in the water. Press space and follow the instructions to do a perfect dive. Wha??… Eggsy get back in there, that wasn’t good enough.*laughs* Jesus, okay now I know what I’m doing here, now I know, now I know what I’m into This is it. This is the one look yeah, Woooo! Whooping over see, I messed that up last time. Now I know what I’m at. Ah shit, ah shit, Eggsy. I know what Eggsy wants, I know what Eggsy needs, Eggsy needs some nice love and tender care, from the father… he never had, I’ll be your dad, Eggsy. Don’t even worry, hop over the fucking crocodile thinks he can get me. HA! Not Today! Eggsy… may have a cute name, but he’s still a baller. Okay, it’s space to go up. Let go to go down. Okay. Oh Oh Jesus, oh Jesus. I fucking hate this oh, God it’s like playing those sections in Geometery Dash again. We all know how that went. Just go back and watch one of those episodes I’m fucking terrible. It turns out I’m fucking amazing at this though. HAHA! Woo Hoo Hoo!! Oh, Flappy bird eat your ass out! This is what it’s all about. Speed of a fuckin’ pelican, oh yes! The great Duck of the East, that’s what they used to call Eggsy in college. Funny, cause he didn’t even go to college. :p He also has… He also has a degree in mountaineering! And he’s never even seen a hill before. um.. Right ok, I I don’t know how to do that one cuz everything happens so fucking fast! It’s fine. It’s fine. It’s fine. I’m good. I’m golden. I’m ready. I’m ready to do the business, oh. Hello! This is a pretty murky place, but it makes a great area for races. I have a spare ticket for the tournament. I’ll give you if you beat me in a race, oh. Hell Yeah! *Jack tries his best to sings the song* You fucking suck,dude.(Surprised Face) No, I don’t have the water speed!!!! Ah, Eggsy, Eggsy, Eggsy, Eggsy, right we’re gonna need more training. What are you doing? You haven’t done swimming training yet? I don’t think this race will be for you. Fine, more swimming training, I guess. 🙁 There’s more to life than training, okay!!? It’s all about experience as well, getting into the situations using, Ah Fuck! Using the knowledge that you learned! K, fuck the money, who gives a shit about money? Who gives a shit about little yellow dots?! It’s all about the training! It’s all about turning those calf muscles into cow muscles. If you can get the coins along the way though, you should! You’re a stupid businessman if you don’t get the coins along the way, Eggsy. I’m sorry, It’s just the way it is. Just listen to some chill beats. Make your way across the water get level 50 in swimmin’. That’s the wrong one, Eggsy.!!! This is the one I’m good at, this is the one I fuckin’ trained for all my life for this! You think I have 33… ..337 hours and… …flappy bird for nothing?! Ah Perfect ten miles an hour! Was that it? Is that the best I can do in that? Plus six levels, it’s not good enough! Running again, Eggsy! We’re gonna put you through the Olympic training program. You know 37 hour days! 15 day weeks! 137 week years! It’s all about Eggsy! There’s no breaks! No slowing down, if you want to achieve your dreams, if you want to go the max distance. you’ve got to get some blood. sweat, and tears rolling! I don’t even care if Ducks can’t sweat! Make it happen! This is what training is for, train to sweat! You’re making your dad proud,
Eggsy, you’re making him proud that’s me! I’m gonna put a picture of you in the fridge. What happened it almost slow down! I almost lost it all! I would’ve have been terrible, all my training, all my conditioning, all these many years of hyper, sniper training… …for nothing. Okay, keep your eyes peeled, keep your eyes peeled. Oh keep your eyes bananas! Look at this!!! Just call me the torpedo. I am gone. I’m gone and I ain’t ever coming back. Eggsy is the new Mach 17 fighter pilot jet! Look at this shit, look at eggsy go!:D Whoever knew something so great came out of an egg? Fuck yeah Eggsy! K you’re getting a little too fast now. Get a bit too big for your britches! Ah Christ, oh fuck! Eggsy! Slow down!, my baby! My boy! Okay, it’s okay. I got this, I got this, I got the eyes of a fucking warrior right now! Nothing’s getting past me! Except maybe a big old tree, I’m level 39 now. *laughs* Aw shit! He was going up already before I even press space! Ahh, fuck okay. Poo!! Five miles an hour, this one sucks! level 40, I went up 22 levels*laughs* Okay, okay!! You went up against me before. Let’s see if you have the skills! Why did I get slower in running? What is this, Eggsy?!?!?! *Calm down, Jack* Eggsy! Start race, I’m racing this [email protected]#@#[email protected]!!%!# all, all two of you! Look at me go! Look at that foot going! You see that propeller action? Yes, Go Eggsy! Eggsy! Eggsy! Yes. Taste my feathers! Very good, very good, all y’all out there ,very good. Ya know what! I need to head back to the grassland I need to train and running again. Just once more, once more into the fray. Get that running up and then we’ll beat Mr. Red, and we’ll see who is the best duck in town, okay? It’s Eggsy, by the way. I know some of you are new here, and you don’t know who the the baddest, raddest, hunkiest duck in town is it’s Eggsy. I’m gonna let you off on that one because as I said you’re new here. But when this exam comes up, at the end of the week and… …You’re gonna be asked again. Who’s the best duck in town? What are you gonna say? Yeah Eggsy good, ye,s you’re learning. Okay easy there now, Eggsy. It easy easy easy, okay? That’s good, That’s good. You’re doing good, Eggsy, doing the Lord’s work. Get those get those yellow balls, Eggsy. No. Just stay, stay, stay until you’re moved. FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!*laughs* Pffffffff Rght in the face!! Okay, one. there we go, three! Nice, visualize then execute. Eggsecute, see also I didn’t realize I had never heard about this game until very recently. I think its cuz some other youtubers had been playing the game. But I didn’t realize that this was such a beloved game with people from school days, a lot of people saying that they played this… …game on computers in school or when they come home or something like that which I had no idea about that’s really cool. I didn’t even know is that old. Then again you could be in school from like, yesterday Alright, let’s head back and see if we can talk to Captain [email protected]#$%^&* red swirl up here He thinks he’s the king of the swamp. Thinks he’s a big old Shrek. Well look who’s flying now Yeah, bet you didn’t even know ducks could fly mr.. Red. That’s how highly evolved. I am you’re just after coming out at the nest Eggsy he’s been out at the nest and has already gone to college Okay, does another there’s another smoke douchebag back here. Who are you? Who are you? What do you want? I’ve made of course It’s almost completely swimming. There’s no way I can lose No, hope ha ha ha We’ll see about that dude. Who’s in the lead What’s going on man, whats going on mostly swimming? Why don’t you swim back going back to mama, huh? The power of the egg man Knows, no bounds ok. It’s tournament time then determine. You must have an invite you can win one from the other racers I didn’t win it from the other racer. I beat him into submission and Forcefully took that from his downy feather fluff Hey, I might be getting a little too into this team eggsy Had the executioners last time I need, I need a better name this time. I’m gonna call you guys the kill bills Because ducks have bills beaks, whatever But also because you yellow and Uma Thurman was dressed in yellow in that movie so Oh Oh eggsy, oh eggsy this is the running part too oh No Wait I didn’t even fucking train for that Slim chances to win the tourny now As a great man once said don’t tell me what I can’t do- John Locke lost Da da do do Oh [email protected]#$%^&* yeah, see I’m a beast when it comes to sliding on my face No guys. Hey, hey, hey guys guys wait Hold up guys You lost the second race. I’m sorry. That’s like [email protected]#$%^&* in my pants and someone coming in and going oh It smells really bad in here. I know okay, I know Embarrassing, embarrassing turn of events here in the in the arena Just just schooled, in all forms eggsy Let’s go back to the grassland and train up again the focus needed to Train like this is immense, okay? The level of commitment you need To be able to just stare at this screen and move eggsy around is is just incredible Okay, I don’t think you guys are giving me enough credit for this For being able to just concentrate on a bunch of things at once Because I was talking he had messed me up. Okay. No one is somebody out there didn’t believe There’s somebody out there who is like, “I don’t believe in Jack. He’s a bad man” but the first off ow Rude Secondly ow again, my pride? And thirdly come on! My [email protected]#$%^&* skills these [email protected]#$%^&* skills man Incredible incredible on que habla so good to for Again it’s cuz I was talking I need to learn to just shut my mouth and just Go, okay, swimmin training it is swimming training again This is the [email protected]#$%^&* I forgot I could go forward and back wait Wait why would you need to do that? The ones that get me are the ones they just completely [email protected]#$%^&* up going forward and back cuz they want to help me oh Man, this is so slow compared to when I was doing it last time. We got to 40k last time. We’re going bigger We’re going double. I don’t even care if that’s not possible. I’m making it happen I’m making an executive rule right now double as long as I have my duck and my PMA my positive Mental attitude I can get through anything in life that the world puts before me Putting rocks in front of me. I can stop it logs, crocodile’s, going past tree branches hanging down Don’t know why that would stop you anyway eggsy. You’re a fucking duck You grew up in a tree Should be fine for you, but whatever okay? I’m not one to split feathers on this Here we go here. We go nice I Am sorry But since when could crocodiles fly I said I was going double eggsy and you’ll let me down ya done Fucked it eggsy. It’s ok You can make your, you can make the time up in this luge tunnel here. Why do you keep freezing on me? Don’t you know that this game is all about? pinpoint precision Perfect pixel accurate reaction time I already have a hard enough time with them eggsy ok It’s okay, it’s okay so were head up 14 levels we’re at 50 and 50 here folks 50 and 50 That’s a hundred leggo my eggo, that’s my team. It’s my team watch this Oh eggsy breaks out for an early lead Once he’s out in front there ain’t no catching him. He’s like a fucking jet engine Sliding on his face we didn’t train for that But it’s just like running except without using your legs you’re using your face run with your face eggsy run, glide my beautiful boy That’s the fuckin jizz right there leave everyone in your dust, just leave everyone back there sucking on cream eggs. Oh Looking real good eggsy Coming out on top paddle that tiny foot dude, paddling No-one’s catching up. No one’s stopping the sheer ferocity that is the eggo man Booya leggo my eggo bright surfers whacky leaders and yellow sheep first off you weren’t even yellow Secondly, leaders. Ha eggsy begs to differ bright surfers well Maybe if you’re surfing on the way down to loser town oh Oh, eggsy is up in the fucking mountains out. Do we get to learn how to fly? Hell yeah all right eggsy gonna leave that one there with your marimbas Sick tasty jams all right, I’m gonna leave this episode here this game Surprisingly fun. I love getting into it Make an eggsy my champion. He’s just flying around on his own here ’cause my mouse is left still Kind of annoying that I have to go back constantly and grind away at levels But that’s kind of what all these flash games were about back then and even today So anyway, thank you guys so much for watching this episode. If you liked it, punch that like button in the face. Like a boss! And, high fives all around Thank you guys and I will see all ya dudes in the next video! Man, this makes me wanna dance

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  1. mae o gustavo e um fela da puta e est assentendo todas as .luzes do quarto
    e ele e muto doido e retardado eu quero matar ele

  2. For the tournament you couldve called your team the WATER WARRIORS. Ps: whose watching in 2019

  3. 13:11 me when my friends and I go to see a dog and then the dog barks then the owner is coming out and my friends run away leaving me behind.

  4. The game: If you use the same duck for more than one race they become tired and go slower.
    Jack: picks Eggsy for each race and is surprised when he doesn't win

  5. i think it was in 5th or 6th but me and my friends would play this like every class and trash talk each other😂 im still playing this game… im going into 8th grade💀

  6. Jacks brain: I hope they dont know that I am stalling to get free energy.
    Our brain: Dude stop stalling.
    Yes i did like my own comment.

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    Bruh, if you're gonna cheat do it right. It's all or nothing Jack, you don't stop halfway through

  9. I don't know how he does it. I have played every single one of these games. I've beaten all the games too. From personal experience I know the 2nd water level is hard. So Jack WHAT'S YOUR SECRET Too being so good at It?


    Like 2 seconds later


  11. sean: its not just about the training. also sean: its all about the traning still sean: no slowing down sean: slow down

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