Garry Garland at Lake Mohave, Arizona

just drop a line and reel em in it’s the good Ol’ Boys gone fishing again just drop a line and reel em in it’s the good Ol’ Boys gone fishing again yeah it’s that time again to drop a line so sit back and relax and let’s go fishing again come along as we join John Shaw in today’s special guest reel em in on fishin’ with the good ol’ Boys good fishing just drop a line and reel em in it’s the good Ol’ Boys gone fishing again just drop a line and reel em in it’s the good Ol’ Boys gone fishing again it’s the good Ol’ Boys gone fishing again……. [music stinger] [splash] Good morning folks I am John shaw on Lake Mohave it’s on the Arizona, Nevada border and we’re fishing this morning with Garry Garland from Canyon lures. Garry what about this Lake here we’re gonna do anything today or what Bud. Well John I think we will we got a little wind if it doesn’t come up too strong it’s just a nice little chop and I think fishing should be pretty good alright. we had a great time a Laughlin last night. we’re going to catch some fish this morning we’ll be right back. you stay put. [music stinger] Garry you want to show the folks at home me included what we’re going to use today here ok John we’re going to start out here with a spider jig. I will rig one of these up for you it’s a double tail and then as split skirt on both ends and it’s just a jig head with a keeper way down and this works for two skirts on there like that. what’s that about a half ounce. This is a half once right here the grub part on these double tails are a little bit long so I like to the hook to come right out the end. Therefore the tails won’t tangle up. so I will pinch about a half inch of that thing off of there that grub and I put that..oop droped it there. I will side that double tail up skirt up there that spider skirt and it looks just like that and then we will hook this Double tail right on behind it here, slide it up and down to the end there make sure thats hanging good and straight there you got a real good bass lure there the famous spider jig huh. that’s spider jig look at that folks. We will be throwing that mostly this morning that’s going to work the best I think this time of year. Not particularly that color we’ve probably go to the shad colors would work a little better than that, that’s a pumpkin pepper green glitter real good stuff. real good stuff Garland famous spider jig what else to we have here. ok we are also going to fish this is fatsy this is tube type lure then we use a insider head this particular size there’s a quarter ounce because we’re going to be fishing down maybe 25, 30 foot this morning we will just move the skirts apart and slide it up in there..right to the end and then just poke the eye of the hook thought and your are in business that’s the famous Gizit that you and your brother Bob come out with many years ago huh this is my brother’s gizit and I call mine the fatsy alright got a new color you have there this relatively new it’s a smoked salt and pepper with a red glitter and it’s a I found it to be an excellent color up on Mead the other thing I noticed is you are using spinning tackle to throw these jigs. You know I think.. form other spinning fishermen here. Yeah I think a lot of guys are going more to the spinning tackle and I’ve always thrown it especially since I developed tennis elbow throwing the bait caster an awful lot of years ago so I love to throw it spinning cast spinning cast that’s 6..8 pound test line. good for all those people who always give me a bad time about always using spin he uses it too. So let’s go get some fish. alright let’s do to. Let’s try it come on folks For some who has never fished the spider jig before can you explain to the folks at home how you would do it well I ah.. go up to a point and probably on either side of it if there is a little shaded pocket I well throw in there and you got to watch your line all the time, you’ve got to because most of the bites they come when that bait is falling and anyway I well fish that little shaded pocket and if there is nothing there then I’ll put it right on that point and work it out to maybe a depending on the time of year but maybe a start out about 10 foot and go down to 35.. 40 foot deep and try to find the depth of these fish. but, uh I guess it probably represents a crawfish so any lake that has any crawfish it’s going to work well little bit breezy out here in the lake here. yes it sure is alright here it is! there he is and pretty nice fish too. come on these jigs work. That is a good one John he feels pretty good the old spider jig come on, come on I knew you would great one on that sooner or later. Ya you were right Garry. come on oh..Whoa! were the heck is he? oh is he stuck back there. what did he do it hung up on ya he is hung up somewhere back there. I got him..I got Him. there he is..there he is. You got him yep! couple pound huh. yeah he is good fish. Whoa! come on 12 pound test will get him in. he’s a nice fish whoa! that hook that hook just fail out too. [laughter] way to go alright nice fish let me go release this fish up here. alright get him back in the water real quick alright good fish you were right in this little area back here. ok. Look at him go. there he goes. you need to get him in the tournament. Oh I would love that one in a tournament especially up here at Mohave you said it not that many fish up here anymore. well the quality is good but there’s not quite as many as there used to be. John that is what I’m talking about little shaded pockets like that. Just like that over there. you go to that one and I well to that one just work her down let it fall. let her fall, let her float down like that It’s is good to be out of this wind in this cove oh I throught I got bite. there he is. alright Garry Let me get out of your way buddy Whoa! that’s a keeper John. Nice fish let me get out of your way yeah he’s a keeper come on fishy way to go Garry. whoa hoo! alright baby this is why I fishing with a spinning rod John there he is [splash] you want to swing him in or..whoa! no I will swing him right over You got that 6 pound watch out [laughter] whoa! alright nice fish.! here it is buddy take it it’s your fish Yeah that’s a keeper you got to kiss em [laughter] yeah that will work. yeah I got him good nice right in the lip there..well pretty good. well ok well let’s let him grow up a little bit. what do you say John..yeah put him back in the water there. good fish way to go Garry see you later see you when you grow up way to go. the old spider jig yep we are coming out onto the lake here it’s pretty windy out here. But we will give it a try anyway. is this a good little area you have caught out of before. Garry yeah this is one of my favorite spots right up here too. I always hit this when I come over here fishing oh! cheap thrill You and your brother Bobby ah.. alright there he is! Alright. there’s a fish there he is go get em partner whoa! hoo well alright they are out here deep any way these fish are pretty fat on Mohave here i’m going to swing him right in. getting him coming in just one movement swing him right over nice fish look at the quality look at the quality fish you have down here. unbelievable probably biggest one so far today way to go Garry Ok alright nice boy , he’s another nice one. if we were in a tournament here you would be doing real well today. yeah five of those that will put you up there. put him back in the water here all righty nice fish alright John your turn to get one now. yeah my turn. I got to get on the jack hammer. I got one a little earlier but hope to get more. I tell you these spider jigs are happening. special time of year to use these? or what Garry. I like them this time a little better than other times normally I throw the fatsy. spring.. summer and a little bit now but I like to throw little spiders. It’s been real consistent so the last 10 or 12 years so.. that’s got a track record 10 or 12 years. Alright spider jigs let’s go get some more. alrighty Mohaveeeee……. hey fishing with the good-old-boy folks you stay put we’ll be right back a lot more to come from Lake Mohave [Music stinger] nice fish Garry let’s see if we can get some more this is good little area it’s a little windy and little rough out here but oh well I love it that you are catching these fish on spinning eguipment that makes me feel good because that’s what I like to do and here I am using level wind today but that’s all right I thought I got bite there yeah! I did yes indeed. come on… come on.. come on there he comes there he comes good fish John alright. Nice fish the old spider jig I will tell you these suckers work real well. Ok I started out a little slow Whoa! he is just about hooked too. let’s put him back in that water let him grow up to be a big boy here we go come on, come on see you buddy I tell you what Garry this is a hot day I’m really enjoying it it’s really not a jig I’m really more light line fisherman but this I think I’m going to be throwing spiders jigs let’s get some more Garry. Ok. Garlan spider jigs here alright Canyon lures whoa I almost fell over there. [laughter] alright the bite is slow up here as well to folks but we are going okay I will tell you we have got on a good little area running all around the lake today He has got us here where here is some fish They hitting pretty consistently we are doing pretty good in here You know Johnny there’s always a fish here a few fish in here but I’d rather be out in the lake part, fishing those points but if it’s a darn windy I will tell you what you can’t even hold with a 24 volt trolling motor I know, I know we where out there before and it was rough You bet. and besides that we can’t shoot anything with the camera because the boats going up and down like that. and Davey going.. I hear ya I can hardly stand. I know don’t know..This my first butt set and I’m having a heck of a time riding it [laughter] ah this is nice place now I like it now that we’re catching fish Mohave a good place to come right on the Arizona and Nevada border here. another good thing about it is it’s you are fishing you having fun you come in at night just go right over the dam there, right down into Lauughlin the Casinos and have a great time. they have a whole many Casino’s do they have down there 7 or something like that..oh my gosh I don’t even know to tell you the truth. there are thousands and thousands of people coming out here I think they..I have heard they draw more people than Reno. I don’t know that it’s a it’s a packed madhouse I know that. They were packed last night over at the Colorado Bell were we are stay we had a good time you know that’s a nice Casino. oh yeah real nice. Let’s get some fish, back to business here. Ok Whoa there’s that wind coming in there’s that wind as we are coming around that point. I am glad we’re not outside there thou it’s gonna be a little rough ride going in John. ya well. it’s always a decent ride after you know you catch some fish. You don’t catch any fish it’s doubly rough I’ll tell you [laughter] you got one! alright Garry whoa hoo! alright baby.let me get in. let me get out of your way. alright hold on. let me get on of your way Oh baby We are hot now alright..whoa hoo alright it’s a good fish John Good fish.. Good fish you bet ya oh yeah come on up come to papa good stuff Garry where is that..there he comes, here he comes I’m going to swing him John alright swing him in whoa let me get out of the way there he comes oh..oh hoo Whoa! another nice one here you go Garry your fish take care of him buddy I got him thank you John alright Good fish! Like you said before we are catching some quality fish. put him back into the water and let him swim off oh boy..Alright go and grow there son! way to go there Garry Spider jig! I’ll tell you buddy these are.. let me shake your hand What a bait I love these spider jigs let’s go get some more [panting] I am like a dog pant [panting] when I am catching fish I love it. come on baby John I.. I just gonna bring her right down the bottom. let her fall..just let her fall there it is!!! let me out of the way. Way to go Garry [hee..heee] nice fish or what? ah he a keeper..I think John. alright baby not very big I don’t think come on, come. Stay down, there he is alright yeah he’s a little smaller than the other ones yeah he’ll keep oh he will keep thou he’ll go in a tourament alright Garry that spider has really been something here today put him all back and let them grow up to be a big fish. Alrighty oh boy alright alright Garry Garland mister Mohave..I am going to call you. this guy knows this lake I will tell you look at all the people out there having a good time. that’s an accident looking for somewhere to happen isn’t it. yeah too many people..that’s a lot of traffic how about off that point, we should get one. go ahead Garry right there we should get us one. right there. right there. right off that point, that’s the money point huh? yeah this is it where did you go? there he is! how dose he feel? decent! oh… come on. that’s why I like to fish John those points when wind is blowing in like that yeah good call. yeah there he is. let me swing him in. Whoa! don’t let him get off. whoa! holly he almost got off on me there nice fish that a good pound and a half. that will work the breeze is kicking up alright go for that same spot. Spider jig!..alright I will tell you this bait works great yeah I’m a fan! I’m a believer! we will put him back here. The fatsy works great here too. fatsy too. yeah get in there. See you fish come back when you grow up I will tell you Garry l love those spider jigs I am a fan now buddy John that was not a bad day you know. Heck no! heck no we did not get any big ones but we got some nice quality fish. all quality fish I tell you. Well I enjoyed fishing with you appreciate it. I appreciate having you with us Garry Garland folks Canyon lures. thank you [music]

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