Garbage Compacting – How we deal with garbage on ship | Medical Ship Series

Whats up guys, So as some of you know. I’ve been volunteering onboard YWAM PNG
It a charity medical ship serving in Papua New Guniea Part of my job is to train crew and officers up to speed with the ship’s operations.
And well… I’ve decided to make some project videos. I always try to keep things humours and interesting, adding entertainment value
while teaching. Some topics will be more interesting like doing our own survey of depth sounding
for the ship in uncharted areas but well this first one is about garbage.. Lets talk about Garbage compacting, first we got to wear PPE We don’t want that happening so the three minimum
gear we’ll need are covered shoes, gloves and safety goggles. Common sense is important
here to think about the possible crushes, cuts and explosions that could happen. We
also want to be careful with spills or leakage, try and not get it messy everywhere. Before loading up the compactor its important to filter out items that are potential dangerous
such as aerosol cans, pressurized items, glass or troublesome items such as food scraps,
liquids and biohazards. Jeff, whats the big deal with garbage compacting? Well whether it be commercial cargo ships with 20 crew or YWAM with 150 or passenger ships with 2000 crew, alot of garbage are made each day and it could be weeks before there’s
a next available port to offload them. Compacting makes storing more efficient and easier to
manage. Now lets take a look at operating our precious
compactor Theres really only 4 controls – The lever,
emergency stop, foot lever and foot button. Foot lever is the most important part, when the foot lever front is down, its consider
unlocked. Pressing the hydraulic lever now will start lifting the cylinder so that we
can exchange plastic bags. When the foot lever front is up, its consider
locked, pressing hydraulic lever now instead, will start compacting.
Lock, unlocked, lock, unlocked, make sure to remember its position before activating, Pressing the hydraulic lever now when its locked it compacts, when its unlocked, it lifts the cylinder up.
Foot button’s only use is to lower the cylinder when its up. In an emergency, pressing the emergency stop
red button to stop all operation. Now lets run it down once starting from the
top. First check the surrounding that its safe, make sure the hydraulic lever is in
neutral position. power on. Unlock foot lever, press the hydraulic lever to lift the cylinder
so you can put plastic bag on. Once its on, stepping on the foot button to lower it then lock it back in place. Now you are ready to fill up the compactor! Careful to fill up to three quarters, once filled, slide the lid and handle bar, make
sure the handle bar is clipped down properly and you are ready to compact. Since the foot lever is in lock position.
Pressing on the hydraulic lever will now lower the piston. When the compressed garbage is
at ¾ mark, repeat the first procedure of lifting the cylinder up so you can take the
full garbage bag out and zip tie it. Now store it inside the garbage locker. Replace a new
garbage bag Replace a new
garbage bag and continue compacting! After you are done for the day, the compactor
should be left down Wipe away any dirt or spills that may have happened. Keep you working space clean Now watching this video isn’t enough to
get you competent for any compactor, as with joining any ship, you need to make sure to
read the manuals and also learn and work with competent seniors before operating any new

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