Game Grumps Animated – GHOST SHIP C’MON – by TopSpintheFuzzy

Finding my thing, hold on, stop– Dude, this is always 5 Rupees. Why do you do this? Because! I’m an ADVENTURER. [Dan laughs]
Arin: Fuckin’ asshole. Okay. C’mon. There we go – wait stop, stop, stop, stop, stop! That’s a close one. [Dan yawns loudly] I DID it! I DID it! I DID it! – [sarcastically] Yeah!
– Danny, I did it! Alright, TWENTY rupees. I did it. – [not excited] Here it comes.
– 500 Rupees, here we go! – Oh, it’s fifty…
– Fifty. I had 500 already. That is just great. – Anyway…
[Dan starts laughing] – When you didn’t–
– Look– OH SHIT! THERE IT IS! THERE’S THE FUCKING GHOST SHIP! – Oh fuck, is that what you were trying to–
– That’s what I was waiting for, yeah! – AWESOME!
– I did it in the first fucking– I was gonna play the song of passing, but… shit man, I gotta get there before sun comes. Quickly, BOAT! – [Dan giggles quietly]
– Yeah, where the fuck is my fucking boat? You left him at the very, like, thick part of the croissant. What an asshole! Yeah, ghost ship! – What the balls?
– What the — what the fuck? How do I– – Wait, wait, wait, wait, hold on a sec.
– Yeah, how do you get in there? I’m confused. I’m confused t-[pukes over side of boat mid-sentence] -too. Do you have to play the song while you’re- -INSIDE the ship? That’s SPOOKY! Wh-what the fuck? How do I get the fuck in there? I dunno, just read the walkthrough that’s sitting right next to you. [mumbling] Dan, shut up! I’m not —
[Both laugh] You don’t know that! You’re right, I stand corrected. Wait, do I NEED the — — I don’t need the chart, I just FOUND it! – It’s RIGHT HERE!
– Yeah. The fucking ghost ship is RIGHT THE FUCK HERE! Go right into it. Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop! Climb on! Climb on! Climb on! – Get on the ship!
– Boy, that’s the weirdest! Maybe you have to swim into it. – No, it said the King of Red Lions.
– Oh, okay. [reading walkthrough] “Sail right into the ship with the King of Red Lions, and automatically climb on board!” That’s fucking weird. Maybe that’s not the ghost ship. – The–
– [Danny has a laughing fit after thinking about what he just said] [jokingly] I THINK I know my ghost ships when I see them, Daniel. Oh, dude, shit sucked balls! How do I…? – …Let me get out.
– OK. Lemme see if I can swim into it. Wait, no, it’s gone. Well… – FUCKING GHOST SHIP!
– [Dan laughs] What is your PROBLEM, man? I’m trying to get on you! You’re all dead and shit! It can’t – oh… FUCK THIS SHIT– Stop being so giggly, dude! You’re shit outta luck, bro. I’m a gigglin’ fool

100 thoughts on “Game Grumps Animated – GHOST SHIP C’MON – by TopSpintheFuzzy

  1. when I got out of the place of the ship wrecks I got out and I was looking to left to right not even knowing there was a ghost ship I was like ……….. WHAT!?!? also I got on the ship on the first try

  2. I love this animation. It's smooth yet not it's fricken amazing! I love how it's slightly bouncy as well! Ugh I'm in love with this animation!

  3. how do ghost ships even work, i mean its not like the ship can die and then its soul roams around.

  4. this episode just reaffirmed that there could be a Game Grumps live action series about a hardcore gamer and his less-of-a-gamer best friend going on adventures

  5. I remember when I frist saw the ghost ship. I think it was when the enternal night thing happened and I was at the torn up island and I heard the music and I was like 'What is that?' Then I saw the ship and I just stared at it not saying a word.

  6. Maybe he needs to play the song like how if I do something accidentally in a game it won't work until I find the actual clue.

  7. I was in the middle of the Ghost Ship when I got a power surge. I had to find the ship again and perform the pot thing too.

  8. It's amazing how Link Arin only looks like a pink Link with brown hair with a dyed blonde strand, yet it still works. I guess Arin just fits with the grouchy, idiot shorty with a REALLY short temper.

  9. I like how this style really makes Arin look like Toon Link. I've seen plenty of wind water animations and link doesn't really look right, but this is perfect

  10. Super proud of how far TSTF has come with his animations! It's always cool to see your favorite animators get better and better with every video. When honestly, I was super happy with the way the animations came out before. For those of you who haven't seen his recent stuff, look up his most recent animation collab with Penniless Ragamuffin on the GG channel.

  11. I love how Arin says he doesn't need the chart because he already found the ship, but doesn't realize that he needs it to board it.

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