Front Load Washer Noisy – Shipping Bolt Removal

If you are experiencing vibration from
your front load washer and have recently installed or moved your unit, the shipping bolts may not have been removed during the installation. This video will demonstrate how to
remove the shipping bolts from the washer. If you have already confirmed that the
shipping bolts were removed and they’re is still excessive vibration, please view the video “Front Load Washer
Vibrating- Level Legs”. To check if the shipping bolts have
been removed, perform this simple test. Open the washer door and press firmly
down onto the front bottom edge of the stainless steel basket. The basket should move slightly downward. If your washer basket does not move
slightly downward, you will need to remove the shipping bolts. If the shipping bolts have not been
removed, you will see four or five bolts depending on the model with plastic spacers on the back of your
unit. These bolts and spacers must be removed for proper installation and
operation. Use a wrench or socket to loosen the shipping bolts and remove by pulling them out from the washer. Be sure to remove both the plastic spacer and the shipping bolt. Then use the whitecaps to cover the shipping bolt holes. Make sure to save the shipping bolts and
spacers for future use, in case the washer needs to be moved. Checklist 1. Access the rear the washer. 2. Use a wrench to remove the shipping
bolts and spacers. 3. Save the bolts and spacers for future
use, in case the washer needs to be moved.

36 thoughts on “Front Load Washer Noisy – Shipping Bolt Removal

  1. I was just about to provide my findings to the many who experienced what I just did with my brand new washer (walking, shaking, vibrating all over the floor), which caused much concern until I noticed it may just be the shipping bolts only to now come across this page.

    This should be shared with many people since from the reviews I've seen on other websites even the technicians can't figure it out

  2. Pure777Bliss – We agree! That is why we have not only posted this video, but also documented this information in the Owner's Manual, Installation Instructions, and on our website. Thank you for your comments! – Michelle with GE

  3. omg. thank you soo much for posting this.i bought my g.e machine 3 days ago. my washing machine was literally hoping from my laundry room to my kitchen till it unplugged from the wall. before i had found this out i was holding my machine down. what a relief .now that i removed those bolts(4) all peace is restored.

  4. Hi i have done two washing loads with my new machine with the shipping bolts still intact – will this damage the machine or cause long term damage/shorten machine life??

  5. Hans olo – Thanks for your concern with your new GE washer. While leaving the shipping bolts in place does not do the washer any good, normally it will not leave any lasting harm if caught within a few loads of laundry. Enjoy your new washer for years to come. Sheree with GE

  6. I just bought a used Amana front loader. It is 5 years old. The people who sold it to me, had just moved into the house and had brought their own appliances, so they sold me the washer that came with the house.

    I set it up and the washer would not spin properly,. It would become unbalanced and the senor would should the cycle down.

    Guess what? The shipping bolts were still in it 5 years later!

  7. @theknightlynews, Wow, I am glad you found the issue and was able to resolve it. Thanks for sharing! Alison with GE

  8. Q: No shipping bolts =Damage?

    I had to transport a machine, and was unaware of the "Shipping Bolts" issue.

    Used a handtruck, picking machine up from rear, wheeled it 15ft to trailer then tilted it back and walked it up (Gently) onto trailer.

    All actions were done in a gentle manner. Washer was not "shocked"/thrown around.

    Drove VERY carefully @ low speed. 20miles interstate @45mph.

    What usually gets damaged?
    Does damage occur during every move?
    What components would you inspect?

  9. Hello WeAreNotAlone69, The shipping bolts are to keep the tub from moving around during the transport. I would suggest that you install your washer and hope for the best! If there is a problem it should show up during the first couple of loads. Look for leaks, out of balance problems and loud noises otherwise everything could be just fine. Good luck! – Sheree with GE

  10. RE: XYZ damge can occur if unit move minus shipping bolts.

    Seeing the internals of a FL washer I see why shipping bolts are needed. As someone who used to buy and sell appliances I have a suggestion that could be implemented at VERY little cost.

    1: Add (1) Hole /postion for each bolt- Labeling it STORAGE-REINSTALL BEFORE MOVING UNIT!, upon removing bolt from "Shipping" position, it is moved to storage position.

    That way bolts don't get lost.

    This would make for HAPPY customers later.


    Mfg looks at it like=
    Most unit's moved are beyond the 1yr warranty.
    Damage won't be covered.

    Customer= When moving the LAST thing on their mind is looking for, purchasing another set of Shipping Bolts.

    The bolts should be STORED ON THE MACHINE.
    You remove the bolt, then it's inserted into a "dummy" or "STORAGE" position with labeling that states to insert to correct position BEFORE you move unit.

    Cost? .25

  12. RED FLAG is right!
    Also look down the road a few years, People MOVE and most don't know you have to re-install shipping bolts.
    BIG red WARNING labels that CLEARLY state bolts to be installed/uninstalled after move.

    Sad thing is most customers are not going to have the Shipping Bolts
    Best solution:

    Add (1) Hole /position for EACH bolt- Labeling it STORAGE-REINSTALL BEFORE MOVING UNIT!, upon removing bolt from "Shipping" position, it is moved to storage position.

    That way bolts don't get lost.

  13. I hope you do implement the idea of "In Place Storage", or "on the Machine Storage" of "Shipping Bolts" as those bolts ARE needed ANYTIME the washer is moved.

    Q: What is the average $ cost of components damaged?

    I would say it's more than the cost to punch 4 holes and place a bracket in line with those holes so the shipping bolts could be stored.

    Q: How much would this SAVE GE? on washers moved without the bolts- Yet made it past a warranty claim GE paid?

    4 punch holes, bracket, RED label

  14. Hi WeAreNotAlone69 – Thanks for your added feedback. We do appreciate your comments. Our GE Appliances website also offers an avenue to submit designs to our Submitted Ideas Operation. If you enter the keyword “idea” in the search engine on our home page, additional details are provided. We are always happy to help if any other questions come up!

  15. thank u vry much this helped me know if i had removed my shiping bolts from my siemens washer it woz making terible grinding noises and was making dents in da dryer ect.

  16. would starting the washing machine with the shipping bolts for a few seconds have damaged the machine.. I did not realize the shipping bolts were in there when I started it and it was noisy so I turned it off when I heard the noise… thanks

  17. 7 years back , the installer installed washer drier with pedestals . Washer is placed over the pedestal has moved from its position and one leg resting on drawer of pedestal now . We have stopped using it. There is a heavy noise every time particularly in the end of the cycle. Its GEVH6800JMS fRONT LOAD washer , king size , 4 cu. ft. Can any one give some feedback please..

  18. Hellostarted the washer without knowing the bolts were not removed.  The screws have come out but the bolts are not coming out easy is there something I am not doing?

  19. Thumbs up from me. The moron plumber who "installed" our siemens washer/driyer didn't remove the shipping bolts. The machine was bashing like crazy against the walls and had moved halfway across the room on the spin cycle! Found your video, removed the bolts and now it's running perfectly. I just hope it didn't do any damage to the machine for the half an hour or so that it was running with the bolts on?? Thanks v much for your help.

  20. Unfortunately, I've used the machine twice without removing the shipping bolts. How can I check for damage to the drum or tank or both? I've invalidated my 1 year warranty for free repairs, but I would like to perform a check myself if it's simple. Thanks!

  21. Hi I am trying to remove the bolts but am having trouble. What are the size of the bolts for my model gfw450 so that I can make sure I have the correct wrench to do so? It's not budging at all when I am trying to remove with my wrench

  22. Thank you so much for this! My washing machine skidded right across the floor thanks to the shipping bolts. Was just about to lose hope of ever fixing it when I chanced upon this video!

  23. this is what happends with my brand new washer it will shake violently and do hadoukens accross the room and teleport like vegeta across the room

  24. My brand new washer vibrates violently during spin cycles (it is fine when washing clothes). I don't think the load is unbalanced and I think the washer is properly leveled. I didn't install the washer myself but during installation I requested the installers to remove the shipping bolts. They checked and told me that the shipping bolts were already gone (maybe removed by the delivery person or never installed? no idea). Anyway, they double checked and told me there were no shipping bolts in the back and they put on the caps to cover the holes. I myself did not check the back at that time and now it is difficult for me to see the back to verify.

    Now I saw your video. When I try to press my washer basket, it won't move. Maybe I need to press it more firmly? I cannot check the back of the washer as I don't have enough strength to pull out the washer on my own. If what the installers told me is true (no shipping bolts to begin with), then what else could cause this (basket not moving downward or excessive washer vibration during spin cycle)?

  25. The manufacture should really put this information on the front of the washing machine in sticky label form and not in small print on the user manual booklet.

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