Founder of Five Freedoms Animal Rescue: Unpack Your Potential

– For my whole life that I remember, I always had an animal with me. I was never without an animal. It was sort of like one of my companions and many times I think I probably preferred the company of the animal than some of the other friends
that people would have. The day almost always begins
with a list of rescues. It could be anything. I could be getting a joey out of a pouch or something that’s been
entangled in a fence or just a bird that someone’s
picked up and put in a box. Most people relate wildlife shelters to all the wonderful things,
the cute and cuddly stuff like the pictures of
carers sitting on a couch and giving the joey bottle of milk. I mean, yeah, that’s fantastic, but that is really a very
small part of what we do as wildlife rescuers and
wildlife rehabilitators. On three sides I have state forest and our animals can be
released and go off into acres and acres of native forest. But with that isolation also comes a removal from a lot of practical things so I don’t have shops
just around the corner. There are products that we use, like special teats that we
put on bottles to feed them, that come in dozens of different sizes depending on the species of the animal and the age of the animal. So there’s no shop you can go
to in Melbourne and buy them. You need to order them online; you don’t actually have a choice. You can’t look after animals if you haven’t got the right equipment. The difference between
reacting in the morning and leaving it go for the
day could mean life or death. I never doubt whether
I’m doing the right thing or whether it’s a waste
of time or something. I just doubt whether… am I gonna be able to continue to do this because it’s so painful. And then you come home
and a kangaroo hops up and it sucks on your cord
of your dressing gown and it wants its bottle or you go out to give
them their muesli at night and you know, one of your
favorite kangaroos, Stanley, comes hopping in and he wants his cuddle and he gives you a cuddle and it reminds you why you’re doing it.

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