Former US Navy Flight Engineer Tony Woody- his meeting with God! (1:2) (With German subtitles)

32 thoughts on “Former US Navy Flight Engineer Tony Woody- his meeting with God! (1:2) (With German subtitles)

  1. His description of this powerful experience he went trough was really amazing to say the least …I've never seen anybody make such an incredible passionately account of an spiritual experience…love&peace

  2. Note he KNEW that he was dead but yet he did not die, the law of attraction takes practice to get right and thank god for that in this case. Great interview.

  3. Thank you Jannecke for these interviews. Tony's description of comparison cannot even be imagined with our physical waking consciousness it seems. The excitement in his voice also when he describes how happy they were to see him. Fascinating. 

    Would also like to compliment you on your musical piece as your theme song. Its really heavenly.

  4. Jannecke..YOU are SUCH a LIGHT…i hope that you can get a rejuvenizer….to enhance your light even more dear sacred soul of the light. NOT sellling anything here..rather…doing what I do, every day,that is practicing goodness and goodwill like the Good Navy engineer said,in this video. is the site…you'd be blown away by this wonder 'device' of heaing,light,upliftment and clearing. rejuvenizer's….they elevate your levels of LIGHT and PEACE. peace be with. K.Mc.

  5. Beautiful! I can tell he's telling the truth. It makes more sense that absolute love is where we actually come from. Also it'd be hard for thousands of people who experience this in consistency to be lying at the same time.

  6. If it wasn't a dream, and God was actually in your room with you, why didn't you wake your wife up so she could share the experience with you? If you would have woke your wife up, this story could have been so much more believable, because I know I would have woke my spouse up if something like that happened to me and the whole room was glowing with the spirit of the Almighty! Ppl lie too much.

  7. Geometry is what everything is made of… fractals, geometry.. that's what he saw. Those details are easily presented to us through mushrooms, lsd, dmt. Welcome to your awakening, sir!

  8. And now we wait for a comment from a conservative Christian, who claims that the experience was created by the devil, because Jesus was not present… Or something…

  9. Who would not want this to be true ? My thought is how long is this guy going to keep wearing his old flight suit ? Its starting to fade and has anyone other than me noticed this ? Time to let it go.

  10. When he talked about telling the preacher about his experience and the preacher walked away, I can relate. The same thing happened to me but instead I was telling him what happened to my cousin. I was looking for answers for my cousin and the preacher walked away from me.

  11. Thank you for the interview. People have these type of experiences in a number of different conditions, not just when they die and come back.

  12. This is the second time I have listened to Tony Woody's testimony.
    What a beautiful experience!
    I have been studying NDE & OBE's for many years now.
    There are also some very negative experiences that happen too.
    Obviously they all ended good because they lived to tell about them.
    Most of them will turn to God afterwards, grateful they were given a second chance.

    Because Tony had previously given his life to Jesus he was able to have the loving unconditional type experience.
    Yes I believe God does love us all unconditionally… Jesus wants all to come to him.
    But if we reject him… Then after our bodies die, our soul will be rejected to the place where GOD is NOT…. Hell.
    I never used to believe in hell, but I have encountered evil enough to know it is also very real.
    And evil has its own place… once again Hell.
    Now I am not religious, but I gave my heart to Jesus and try so very hard to follow his teachings.

    I learn from the Bible, from prayer, from others like watching and reading hundreds of NDE's… etc..
    Plus, on top of that, I have had my own experience.

    Please do not watch this and feel you do not need to worry about a relationship with God.
    Jesus will always be waiting for you.
    Without accepting Jesus offer of Salvation, your experience will not be beautiful.

  13. I saw Mr Tony Woody's full video about his experience. Everytime he cried in that other video, I burst into tears. This is a kind of experience that is very much worth sharing. I am glad I got the chance to hear this spiritual experience.

  14. The only thing that we can be sure of regarding death it seems, is that our consciousness survives. After that we can't really be sure of much else in my opinion.

  15. "There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." – Hamlet, William Shakespeare. Who are we to question why or how these things happen. Thank you Janneke and Tony for sharing. Much love and gratitude to you!

  16. What will happen if you didn't keep the 10 commandments perfectly? (Part 1)

    The 10 commandments are called the moral law. Contrary to popular belief God gave the 10 commandments to bring us to the realization that we are sinners, guilty of sinning against our Creator God (1). Sin is the manifestation of the enmity and the rebellion against God and His authority that reside in our hearts. On the Day of Judgment God's law will take away every excuse so that we all might stand condemned and receive the due punishment for our sin.

    The payment for sin is death, which means an eternity in hell without parole. It is hard to imagine the absolute horror this entails, but this is what awaits every person who has ever broken even the least of God's commandments (2). No amount of good a person does can pay for even a single sin.  God is morally perfect; He is absolutely holy and just. His standard is perfection and to be acceptable to God requires perfection. In contrast to God's perfection, the Bible says that there are none righteous and that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God and that the wages of sin is death (3).

    Two basic reasons that God gave the law was that He might have a perfect standard by which to judge us on the Day of Judgment. But most importantly, God gave the law to convict us of our sin so that we would realise how condemned we are. So instead of trying to save ourselves by our own goodness, we would throw ourselves on the mercy of God and receive the gift of salvation that He has provided for us by His grace because of His great love (4). In other words, the law is meant to free us from our deception, that we can ever make ourselves acceptable to God by our own goodness (5).

    Yet religion has turned it around to think that by our efforts to be good and/or our adherence to church rituals we can actually make ourselves acceptable to God. The Bible says that his can never happen. God's standard is perfection. Just one instance of breaking God's law means falling short of God's perfection and is all it takes to send a person to hell for eternity (2).

    But there is good news for anyone who is willing to be humble, willing to acknowledge they are a sinner and in need of a Saviour (6):
    The good news is that God is not only holy and righteous, He is also merciful. The Bible says that God is love. He so loved us that He provided for us a Saviour in the person of His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, who came to earth as a man, born of a virgin (7).

    Jesus lived a perfect, sinless life and willingly laid down His life to die on a wooden cross as the payment for all of our sin (10). The Bible says He took our sin upon Himself and bore our punishment (8). Jesus paid our fine and God, the righteous Judge, can justly forgive us our sin and grant us eternal life as a gift when we put our trust in what Jesus did for us on the cross (3).

    What we need to do is change our mind about our own goodness, or rather, lack of it. We have to see our inability to save ourselves, and realise and confess that we are a sinner in need of a Saviour and put all our trust in Jesus (9).

    We need to trust Jesus like we would trust a parachute; we need to trust that He is our only hope of salvation from God's judgement and wrath. When Jesus died on the cross He cried out, 'It is finished!' (11). In other words, 'The debt has been paid!' Because He lived a perfect life in our place and also died in our place to pay for our sin, He became our perfect substitute and we can receive what He did for us by putting our trust in Him alone and not in anything that we can do to make ourselves acceptable to God (12).

    When we trust in Jesus, God removes our old sinful nature from our heart and He sends the Spirit of His Son into our heart by whom we cry 'Abba', Father. We receive the very nature of God and become a new creature in Christ (13). We receive a nature of righteousness. We are born again in our spirit by the working of the power of God. Jesus said that unless a man (or woman) is born again of the Spirit of God, they cannot enter the kingdom of God (14).

    The mystery of being born again is that the actual change takes place in our spirit. It is not a visible outward change. Before we were born again we had the nature of the devil in us and were enemies of God in our minds through wicked works (15). Someone who is not born again still has the nature of the devil in them and can never be allowed to enter the kingdom of God because they will continue to sin in heaven and will corrupt God's holy dwelling place.

    After we are born again we need to start the process of renewing our mind by reading the Bible and through prayer so that our outward actions might reflect more and more the change that has already taken place in our spirit (16). The reality is that we grow in outward holiness to reflect the inward holiness that we have already received through our simple trust in the finished work of Jesus.

    (Please share this message)

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