Former Navy SEAL Rob O’Neill says AOC should take a trip to the VA

100 thoughts on “Former Navy SEAL Rob O’Neill says AOC should take a trip to the VA

  1. Where's the military draft when you need it. I'd love to see AOC in the military for basic training. I'd pay to watch that

  2. My god in heaven she is dumb as dirt! Veterans have to wait sometimes for weeks or months!My family is full of veterans! Ignorance is no longer bliss!

  3. This bartender is extremely dumb. How about do a little research before you open your pie hole. I won’t address this bartender by her abbreviation

  4. I love how these socialists think doctors are going to work on the government GS pay scale after going to school for 12 years. Your next operation may be done by your plumber.

  5. Congrats, New York! You elected a spoiled, entitled ridiculous IDIOT to office. Tasty pick….BONEHEADS!!!

  6. no cow farts, free abortions (paid with taxes), free everything for illegals (paid with taxes), pelosi is racist, islam is peace, teach children gender fluidity using drag queens (paid with taxes), completely tear down and rebuild every building in the world (paid with taxes) as per AOC

  7. When a major corporation was losing it's ability to function the solution was to eliminate 15000 executive positions. Problem solved.

  8. VA has great Doctors and Nurses and staff – it is just under funded by the very same people who send young men to die in wars based on lies.

  9. She cares more about people breaking the laws of this outcry, than she does about the men and women who defend it!

  10. After watching her "career" so far I'll sum it up to this. She seems like an unrealistic overdramatic halfwit (like 60% of people) with a good heart and good speaking points but is in no way shape or form fit to be where she is at this time.

  11. Veterans all over the world need fixing. It is a well known problem that veterans are not looked after properly when they return from doing their duties. Mental and physical issues are not always attended to, there is not always support and not a good life waiting for them. Welcome to Millennial world where people just shout things to get a following, likes and so on in social media without checking facts.

  12. "think about your last experience with the dmv, how awesome was that? there's your healthcare. that's kind of what it's like. and if someone can tell you, "no," they will simply because hey have the power to do it, i don't know why they will but that's the stuff that needs to change."

  13. These fools made it so Gulf War vets can't get pain meds. The quality of service at the VA depends on the dedication of the department head, funding, & direct interference from congress. The VA will literally hire anyone. Despite it being difficult to get fired, many people accomplish this by committing outrageous acts, mostly in the spirit of revenge for reporting a lesser offense. It is not uncommon for entire departments to fire all of their junior staff. Each symptom of Gulf War illness is treated like a separate illness. They never collect blood, urine, or stools & are very fussy about what kind of imaging you can get of your head.

  14. God Bless our military and all our veterans! We need to do better for these amazing people who serve and have served our country 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸♥️♥️♥️

  15. How many suicides on VA grounds a month and it’s not broken? She just does not get life for normal people.

  16. Anyone else find it weird she opened with “the navy seal that killed Osama bin laden.” Classified or not I feel its inappropriate.

  17. President to is do everything he can to protect the vA but is being delayed because the democratic don’t want to approve it if the republican and Democratic agreed on VA choice the healthcare insurance for veterans would be fixed right now I blame oboma care and the democratic

  18. Anyone that believes anything that stupid idiot says is as sick as she is did the people that voted that idiot lier just black out form

  19. It depends on which VA hospital it is. The one in Austin runs very well. The one in Atlanta does not.

  20. Granny always said, it's better to be silent and appear to be ignorant, then it is to open your mouth and remove all dought.

  21. Granny always said, it's better to be silent and appear to be ignorant, then it is to open your mouth and remove all dought.

  22. "Rep. Ocasio-Cortez is correct, the VA is not broken, it is doing great," Trump tweeted on Wednesday, picking up on comments Ocasio-Cortez made during a town hall last week in which she said of the Department of Veterans Affairs: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Trump, Wednesday, April 24, 2019

  23. At first I thought AOC was just ignorant and uninformed but now I know she is just actually stupid as hell. I mean actually really really dumb, it's actually appalling how stupid she really is

  24. Why is this guy carted out a an expert on anything? Who cares who he killed? That doesn't give him some magical expertise on any other subject.

  25. NYC is going to soon look like California. And California is a state run completely by Democrats. Pelosi, Waters, Harris, Boxer, and a Dem' governor. NYC is Deblasio and AOC, and Governor Cuomo. People are LEAVING both states. That's a FACT !

  26. This annoying shrill droning on saying nothing because she's got no clue. Somebody shut her up. She's dumber than a brick. The only people dumber than her are the Bozos who voted her in! Revolting, disgusting, moronic imbecile.

  27. What a disgrace this woman is. Cortez is the most unpatriotic, unappreciated fool that needs to have her mouth stapled shut. Why hasn't someone in her own party told her to shut the hell up.

  28. Just fix the problem it's our Veterans! They were there for America. Now it's time for America to be there for its Veterans. AOC is bad for America period….

  29. Its starts with a ? How come we can't have free medical for all ? Then a ? Pops up can rabbit meat save Venezuela. They need rabbit meat because they ate all their dogs cats & zoo animals

  30. Hey AOC, you narcissistic nitwit, have you ever visited a Veteran's Hospital? Do you actually know any veterans that have been seeking Medical Care? I happen to be a veteran and I know there was something very wrong with you! You need to see a psychiatrist quickly to help with your delusions! When I listen to you the only thing I think of is that you have very poor Mental Health and that you suffer from emotional and intellectual Arrested Development. When's the last time you took a good look at yourself?


  32. AOC is a dem genius ! you are throwing America off a cliff , we should sue the school you got your economics degree from ! this is what is being taught and AOC is the result of the libs running the media , the schools , colleges and history books ! if they had their way there would no longer be an America

  33. Wat a load of cobblers the man who killed bin laden these ppl are all fake liars unreal ppl beleive the stuff spewed from these liars mouths

  34. Somebody must have gotten to her since it's been a while since we heard one of her gaffs. I wish I was there to hear them say shut up and learn something!

  35. Maybe apply that old adage about children to AOC – that she is to be seen (and I say that part lightly) and not heard from

  36. This country should be ashamed the way we treat our veterans, especially the one wounded in war. They deserve the best this country has to give, thet gave the best for this country

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