8 thoughts on “Forest Grove woman quarantined on cruise ship in Japan tests positive for coronavirus

  1. That's bull. Another video says it was throat swabs how they found out, but the way to find out is xrays.. wtf! Full diagnosis is a couple of days. Something is fishy here

  2. She doesn’t look sick? When I get flu or cold I’m sneezing, stuffed up and have watery eyes. She looked totally healthy???

  3. Maybe it is a mistaken Diagnosis? She looks healthy to me. 😣😢 So sad. You dream about a cruise vacation and it becomes a nightmare. You hear a knock at the door and it's not the waiter with the food. I wish this woman health and best wishes. Efrat. Israel 😔 💐

  4. at 10.02.2020 we have make an official offer to all cruise' company involved, – att. to their CEO's
    NONE have show's an interests to solve the issue, – here is the offering text:

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