Fmr Green Beret (Zack Hughes) and Navy SEAL (John Allen) discuss the differences. Subscribe 4 more.

so last night we were kind of swapping war stories about our time overseas and at one point you you talked about your 23 day mission where like he just kind of off the cuff was like yeah we were just like in this valley the nanahara wherever you were he’s like you know we were there for like 23 days and I didn’t I didn’t really hear him or think about it I was just kind of listening his like wait a second you were like out in the field for 23 days and you may all think that like Oh special operators are just out in the field all the time like are you kidding me dude yeah when I was deployed in Afghanistan it was like if we stayed out for 24 hours it was like what the fuck is going on and so you like your deployment when you were in Afghanistan it was like they would go out and like be literally living in like a most hostile territory like literally for me my big story that I didn’t tell you last night was the one night that I stayed out overnight their village I’m like shitting my pants in the middle of this village yeah because it’s like all bad dudes around for the small team you did it for 23 days that’s like part of your mission set that’s a that’s a huge duty steel things don’t do that yeah yeah talk about it I think so basically we came into Afghanistan and the overall mission is shifted and we knew where the bad guys were and they had a very specific area that they were operating in so we went in the game plan was to be in for six days and to eradicate them systematically to this village like caught by caught they’re just moving along and clearing him out and then we were going to switch with another team and they were gonna come in and keep pushing through and basically taking out all the ISIS presidents there yeah and what happened is what normally happens you get there in the plans change oh yeah and so we had enough equipment to sustain ourselves for probably about 12 days I think were you planning for seven or some planning for six so we doubled our stuff because things happen so you know this is like why you train with rucksacks and you train with all scrutinies because it’s gonna happen if you’re a green beret you’re gonna be out there period super common for guys to stay overnight that’s one of the big differences that we’re talking about we’re like we get out fuck no I’m not even bringing a sleeping pad not sleeping field I just thought that was interesting it so people have asked a bunch about one of the differences like it’s not just that you guys are unconventional warfare and we’re like more water based like that is something that like seals would never be tasked with doing yeah I’m gonna just ship the bed on a multi-day off Emily what it goes like everything seals are designed to do typically is way more focused on da

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