Fishing with Gary Senft at Saquaro lake land of the giants

[Music] Welcome to Saguaro lake just north of Mesa, Arizona. Today we are out here chasing top water fish on a cloudy day. It’s been raining all night early in the morning; the fish are staring to come up chasing shad. I am starting out with a double fluke rig. Like this: sometimes this can be really,
really good. We’ll try a variety of different baits today, big baits, little
baits, but the shad are just eating… Oh! There’s some right there,
eating right there. Let’s just see if we can’t get out there and get that one to eat. You got to land right on top of them things to get them. When there’s just one fish chasing it’s hard to catch fish, you gotta get it
right in front of them to get him to eat it Make a lousy cast or you didn’t get
close, pick it up and cast it again. Right there in front of them. Right where they were. There another out there. That one’s going crazy out there. You can work these baits in different ways: pullin’ it, stoppin’ it, you gotta find out what the fish exactly want with this bait. We sure have a pretty
pretty day fishing out here. Arizona has some of these beautiful days
like this; we don’t get this rain like this at night and in the morning have it
clear off and have it looking really good. Got a lotta beautiful areas to look at with the mountains out here. We’re at the upper lake and upper part of the lake
right now. Oh! There’s a bite, got him! Oh boy, here we go! Not a giant bass, but we got three or four more and I’m hoping that he grabs the other bait because we can have two of them on there. But he didn’t grab it. But it is just a nice little fat pound and a half, two pounder. The water’s clear too, you can just look at these fish swimming. Good color. Oh Yeah! there we go Look at that Boy! In this clear water out here in Arizona,
these fish have really, really good color. In this real, real clear deep water come
up. But just a nice little small Saguaro Lake bass. Beautiful! Alright little guy. Here’s what they’re eating right here. Let’s get this over here and show the camera. He had already eaten that one. These are our threadfin shad out here in Arizona same as all back to the Midwest. So now we know the
size of what the fish are eating you know their eating, that’s probably about two inches
long, maybe three, so that’s why they call it match the hatch so this one has been in his stomach for a while. So we’ll throw it back out there one of the birds will finish eating that. So you can see that I’ve
been throwing some of these baits like a vixen. Oh my gosh! Look at the
size of this vixen compared to what we just, we just had, so at least we have
something that close to what they just bit on. And he ate the top hook instead of the bottom hook. That’s kind of unusual; usually they eat bottom the hook, but a fish is a fish, and it’s a fun way of catching them. We’ll just re-rig this. I just have these on, I have one red hook on the bottom and I have just a regular black hook on the top. I’m using 2/0 hooks and just more or less Texas style. Alright! we’re ready for our next fish, so I put
this swivel on, you guys can see that. And that’s what separates these two lines I have them both tied to there, and you would think that this would just get wrapped
around wrapped around, but it doesn’t. You know, I like I like one about fifteen
eighteen inches and the other one in ten inches so that they’re both coming in close together and that way it looks like two minnows. Fishing close close by each other. There’s some right there over here to the other side. So I’m going to reel in real quick and make a long cast over there. [reel closing] It makes it kind of hard when there’s a boat coming by, but you gotta
really get this in front of them for them to see it. They’re so intrigued
on looking for minnows at the time then Then after they do chase for the minnow
sometimes they’re just hanging around out there you know, especially with this cloud
cover they’re not really going back down to the bottom because we’re in twenty
eight feet of water right here I’m not really seeing the fish going back twenty
eight feet down deep just to rest. Oh, that’s a baby one. That’s alright. we catch baby one’s too ..well it was We got another one on. Not big, but it’s fish. Got him to react to one of the baits look at all the other little ones down they;re swimming around, let’s see if we can get a double I got two of these swim baits on and their biting the other one I could see him down there. nope I saw him come up and nap at it. [flash] Just a little guy he took the red hook this time. oh they are starting to come up again. just a little baby but the coloring is so pretty [Flash] Go back maybe we are getting back in the area now were the fish were you would think that would want to eat something big like a big old spook or something like that You know when they are only eating little tiny baits there some right there right in front of me see them There is a shad right there. look at it just fell in the water or a bug he is not a big fish but boy is he chasing shad and on to another one here he comes that’s a nice one nice little 2 pounder whoo! that a nice woop! look at the shad coming out he is still alive he psit up a shad and it was alive he eat my new bait look at it Oh Boy Folks I put on a brand new bait let see if I can fix this so we can look at it I put on a little Keitech To match the hatch a little more It’s the perfect size compared to what I was using so just to kind of show you little paddle tail keitech, and the other one I
was using, I think I showed this earlier was just a little zoom bait. Let’s get going, they’re starting to jump let’s releas
this guy so we get back out there. there he goes alright We’re set. HE IS BIG ONE! Oh, it’s a big fish hope it’s not a carp, might be, who knows, If it is a bass it is a big fish! [drag noise] He has’nt come up and jumped yet so we do got a big one on here so we’ll see what it is if it’s a largemouth or a carp I haven’t seen any white or any color on
this fish yet at all, got a good fight out of it whatever it is. Here it comes Might even be a catfish. Oh no it is a big Ol’ bass look at that Big ol bass! nice one see him there nope can not see him yet. Oh, it’s going under the boat. Oh yah that’s a nice one, beautiful shot look at
that look were he is hooked he swatted and it and it came out of his mouth there’s another one down there following it up, let’s see if we can get this baby in and get some pictures of this thing. Oh boy! Oh! Boy aaw! Oh that’s a nice fish. No wonder it took it so long to get it in. Now that’s a good fish look at that that is nice one that’s getting close to
6. or 7 pounds Ok she is a live Ok I am into another one folks it is coming in Feisty little guy let’s see what bait he eat this time. yap he eat the new one the little keitecher. Nice! Nice not as big as the last one but nice healthy little fish Cool fat eating shad nice and fat halright here we go We still have a few feeding fish. even with the wind coming up now Starting to get their second wind. Sometimes that’s what happens they will feed for awhile then they will die down for a half an hour and then start up again. I will just keep trying that was not a real big one that I saw but it was a fish some times it is hard to tell which way they are going some times you can see them if they are chasing shad so fast. get that bait in front of them I got another small one but he fighting he thinks he is big [Flash] see the two baits hanging on [Flash] oh they are starting come back I had better get out there. little guy he wated one of those minows He is not the little dink size we have been catching Nice Boy! Spinning rods bend over so much. They are not gigantic fish but he is nice size one.did you see that shad come out. that is pretty cool Look at all the shad he has been eating he is spiting up his whole dinner Look at that he is fat He most have spit up three or four shad look at that that is a nice one isn’t pretty good size, nice color Alright let’s let him go home there he goes! Beautiful there’s another one just letting that one sink. Oh he is a small one Now look what I got him on I got him on the little zoom shad, so I got a couple on the keitech and a couple on the zoom shad but you can see the color looks
just like like a shad minnow small fish, but looking good. alright let’s let him go oop! there he goes I had one bump it Oh there’s a bite got him Alright, we’re into another one. Folks, coming in! let’s see what bait he eat yah he eat the little keitecher. Nice! I am going to bring him in [Flash] I played this one pretty long Oh! Man. Folks this is why you come to Saguaro right here. this is why they call it land of the giants becuse you can catch big fish like this. aw!. hooked good right on the top Caught him on that little white keitech right there, this fish and a little tiny bait is what did it let’s let this guy go. ready for this David Jones [Music] [Music]

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