Fishing Square Bill Crankbaits in 20 feet of water

[Music] hey guys we’re out here at Bartlett lake
again we’re practicing techniques and I finally come to realize I’m gonna show
you something I’ve been doing for 25 years and I’m gonna put it on on the
video so you can see what it is you all know that this is a square bill right
and then when he goes like one or two feet under the water how would you like
to throw this square bill and 25 feet of water
all right let me turn the boat a little bit. and I’ll explain to you in detail
how we do it then we’ll throw some of these it’s in the afternoon it’s the
middle of the winter I got a 5/8 ounce tungsten I’ve got two
bobber Stoppers three bobber Stoppers hold in that tungsten and I have nothing
on the top okay I usually have about 15 inches between the bait
and this so that this takes this bait right down to the bottom now you can
fish a shad pattern or a crawdad I’m fishing a crawdad because I’ve been
catching on about it because remember this bait is going to be crawling down
there and 15 to 25 feet of water and there they’re eaten crawdads right now
it’s wintertime the jig bites on so they’re gonna eat this bait
too when they’re eating more shad in the spring or the summer or whatever like
that you can use different colors sometimes
I mix it up you know I got a whole box of these you don’t lose very many baits
at all so basically I keep it short too so that I can also also throw it alright
so I’m gonna just throw this out I’m just gonna lob it out there I’m out
about I threw it out about a hundred feet I’m sitting in 26 feet of water
right now this bait has hit the bottom I’m got slackline so during the winter
time I like to fish this real steep rocky bank this is this is where I get a
lot of my bites right through this area like this so
once it gets down the bottom I’m just throwing it swimming it real slow like
this that’s all I’m doing it’s real slow if you can fill the rocks
that’s even better I let that that tungsten just go right
in the trick is the one of the main tricks is guys is graphing an area where
you’re at and find it out what what depth are the fish in you know
today they’ve been in 15 to 18, 19, 20 feet of water so I’m not throwing it
right on the bank I’m throwing it out about 10, 12 feet on the outside of it
and on a steep shoreline like this like this you can see that it doesn’t ten
feet out it’s going to be like 15 feet deep we got a little wind today so we’re
just gonna adjust for that so I’m just reeling this in real slow like this I
figured out that there’s two ways to do this sometimes you know and everybody
has their little secrets of you know crank baiting or spinner baiting or
whatever but I’ve been like you know I’ve been thinking and I’ve been trying
this a little bit too about instead of this slow rolling it and reeling so let
me show you I’m gonna make a cast like this all right so I’m about ten feet 12
feet off the bank you know 50… 50 to 100 feet back so all right I’m on the bottom
so sometimes I can just sit here and pull this like this and just fill that
tungsten going down racking into some of these you know big ol rocks here I’m
getting out too deep that’s the secret you got to keep your boat you know if
you’re if there’s a little bit of wind keep it in the same depth that the fish
are in you don’t want to be I don’t want to have my boat in 35 feet of water and
then see the fish that I’ve seen in 18 feet of water you’ve got to keep them
you got to keep the boat in the same depth for this to work so I’m gonna
throw that way out there now I’m right I’m right in 15, 18 feet of water so I’m
gonna let that go all the way down they come in just a little bit my line slack
I’m not completely yet it’s getting there all right so I’ll just pull this
along like this and then I’ll just wind up to it and then I’ll just hold it down
to the water so that thing stays down because you want this you want this
actually ticking some of these rocks it’s what you want I’m in 20 foot of
water right now and look how close I am to the bank I’m quite I’m pretty close
so you can remember that this works really good we got really windy
conditions out here on the lake that’s why we’re tucked into this Bank but I
like these steep rocky banks but on the main Lake a lot of times I’ll I’ll just
use my big motor and I’ll find out where there’s fish on a point and I’ll do that
I’ll just I’ll just go out cast over the point as far as I can and I’ll just
bring this right across I used to do online my crankbaits now I don’t have to
it used to take so much time to long long line some of these crankbaits of
course with a square bill it doesn’t do any good you know so that wind just
keeps knocking me further and further apart out let me get out where the fish
are again all right so we’re just gonna letting
this hit the bottom so these rocks let it tick these rocks ok now I am ether stuck or… Nope! I got a fish on it is coming sometimes you can hang up
on these rocks but right now I do have a fish he’s coming up with you if you want
to keep your fish down put your rod down in the water like this try to hold them
down because in the crank bait or a jig or something. [splash] OH Gosh!! it’s a big fish! it’s a big one I was trying
to do just what I didn’t want him to do you know I real slow
keep my crank bait down he’s a good fish two and a half or three pounder here he
comes we got color there oh my gosh there’s
only one hook in there I’m gonna get him up in case he comes off so you can get a
good look at him come on don’t jump nope don’t jump, don’t jump. oh whoa! look look how I had him hooked
I had one little hook stuck in his mouth whoo that’s a good fish guys that’s a
nice, nice Bartlett Lake bass look at that that’s a beautiful fish boy we’re
on those fish for me in the tournament my gosh all right let’s let this beauty
go no crawdads down there what a bite oh my gosh oh yeah these color is really
really pretty see if he goes back down yep he came out
of about 20 feet of water 21 feet of water so you know sometimes if they
don’t go down I have to get the needle out and re-needle them and let a little
air out but you can see you can see my point can’t you how many times do those
fish ever see anything that that’s small 20, 21 feet down that looks just
like a little crawdad just inching a long the bottom you know
was a gimme because my seeker hit the bottom and I just started to real and I
thought man am I stuck or do I have a fish keep reeling
till that line gets really tight to you know if you’ve got a fish or not that’s
my advice to you shall we make a few more casts see if we can get another one
all right let me let me adjust this this a little bit more there we go all right
here we go I’m gonna throw it way way back there Wow! whew! boy I tell you when
you catch when you catch a fish like that it Bartlett it’s it’s nice I’ll
tell you alright there we go alright whoo look at all the fish here in
12 feet maybe they’re moving up I just threw it back in 20 feet all right
next cast will be all right I’m down 20 feet I’m Way away from the bank you know
sometimes you catch a dink and sometimes you catch a good fish that was just a
kind of a luck out that I you don’t catch a lot of them like that you know
guys on most lakes, Saguaro that’s that’s nothing compared to Bartlett but
on Bartlett lake that’s a nice fish This lake has so many one one one one and two
pounders one one and a half pounders and it’s not funny
it’s a good Lake to come to and go fishing but I’m gonna try some shallow
stuff all right I’m down all right I’m gonna hold my line down towards the
water because I want it down as far as possible and another thing too I did
this in the swimming pool I’ve been doing this for like 25 years I have won a
number of tournaments different lakes but I’ve used bigger crank baits with
lips on them I’ve never used a square bill I just started using that just a
while back and there’s days you guys know there’s there’s days when
when when the fishings excellent it doesn’t matter what you throw they bite
on everything then there’s days you can come back the next day and strike out
all right that was close to the bank all right let’s see if we can catch one well
the winds dying down that’s good I look over my shoulder yo see my graph sometimes
you can stop cranking because the weights gonna take it back down and that little crank bait…. [sfx] it’s gonna go right down to the bottom again all right I’m gonna
let that go down I made a really long cast this the longer you can make the
cast the better it is so I’m watching my line I’m letting line out it’s still
going down still going down 19 feet here perfect that’s just where I want to be
that’s a good depth all the fish they’ve been seeing today I’ve been in 19 feet
ok so we’re just going to get that down start reeling slow let that thing go down it bump the
bottom bump, bump, bump, bump, bump There! oh shoot he’s on the bottom. oh he’s stuck!
in something the tree or something what in the world I didn’t think there was
any trees here oh shoot though he came out came out of the tree
he’s out of the tree what a luck out he’s not big but he’s a fish oh look at
that crank beat in his mouth look at this ooooH! that ain’t a bad one you know that’s
a good pound and a half fish again one hook man that scared me I didn’t know
there was any trees along here could have been a big old rock aw! My gosh I only had one hook in there but by the time time I get done with it he’s got a
couple dozen hooks in there anyway just a nice fat one it must be a female
it’s got a big old bulge there so we’re gonna just let this one go soon as I get
away from the away from the rocks with my motor alright ready here we go
let’s set this baby go okay little guy going down alright Okay alright I hope you got the gist of this um you could fish this all day long and do this we don’t
have much time the winds kind of gusting and not gusting so we got to get things
done while we can all this does is add another tool for you to use that’s all
it is for you know square billing and 25 feet of water
gotta love it [Music]

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