Fired Navy Secretary Criticizes President Donald Trump | All In | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Fired Navy Secretary Criticizes President Donald Trump | All In | MSNBC

  1. Trump is attempting to assemble his own version of the "S/S Storm Troopers" to help to try and keep him in office when he gets Impeached and removed….or he loses the election…..We have no time to waste!!!!

    He has already hijacked the State Department and the Department of Justice….the last piece of the plan is to get the corrupt part of the Military to fight for him…..

    1939 Germany

    Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it….

    We need and deserve REAL DEMOCRATIC leadership…NOT a Fuehrer
    Trump wants to be Der Fuehrer

    We need all of our elected, patriotic Senators to remove him before he destroys our country and our Democracy!!!

    This is no longer a partisan issue…..It is an American issue……
    You ALL made an oath to the American people and the Constitution….

    Checks and Balances!!!!
    Article 1 gives you the instructions to follow to protect our Democracy!!!!
    Do your job before it is too late!!!!!

    I relinquish my soapbox

  2. Have you forgotten trump said “ I alone can fix “ by the time trump the imbecile is done fixing the country , NONE OF US WILL RECOGNIZE IT . As someone said “ maga “ means my attorney gets attorneys.

  3. Americans are dumb. Trump is just following orders delivered by the great and most powerful, President Putin. 💥 🇷🇺 💥

    Trump 2020 for Putin!

  4. Abu Gharib army chickens coming home to roost. You created this degenerate army of scum with torture and lack of accountability.

  5. Tramp didn't KNOW what the military's oath's were. He doesn't study or read information, and apparently top aides don't either .

  6. Trump knows that he cannot get good honourable servicemen/women or veterans to support him… So he will have to make do with those whose traits are as close to his (except they don't have them bone spurs)!!!

  7. Proud Vet USN…this guy is the JOKE of the centuryDUMPSTRUMP..appalling to Uniformed Military Soldiers who are dignified .. Despondently sickening to free Criminals who torture ..makes you want to hide in our home 🏡 👀

  8. Trump-"I had to remind yall again that i know more than the generals
    and only i can fix it so whos next to
    be fired for not carrying out my orders"

  9. Trump is a complete embarrassment for Americans and the world. The sooner he is impeached and removed, the better chance of sanity and discipline. Trump has no idea what is expected of a president never mind a leader.

    AND FOUND WAY TO COMMITT FRAUD AND TAKE ADVANTAGE . Trump is, was and always have been CRIMINAL! .
    Drug addict, liar , fake, phony, uneducated, illiterate, and CRIMINAL!! . trump and GOP will lose!!

  11. Gallagher is a war criminal and should be treated as one. He was convicted by his own peers and found guilty in a Military Court. Trump had no business giving this demon a pardon. This is truly serious and will have consequences down the road.

  12. Reading the script of Gallaghers colleagues realigning his rifle so that he would miss shooting innocents is testimony that Trump pardoned a man who people around him knew as being a psychopath.

  13. The bumbling orange oaf will try every dirty trick in the book,the rat is cornered,the amount of trouble hes caused both in America but globally as well is totally unacceptable, I cant understand how hes getting away with these actions without recriminations.

  14. First the laughable ambassadors we heard from in the hearings Now the crybaby fired Navy Secretary Its overdue for our President to do a review of all theses appointed brackets and send more of the packing!! A lot of them forgot who's the boss, and they work at the discretion of the president! Most government jobs are called at will employees! Can be fired at will ! Most all other presidents fired all the former appointed employees first day in office. I feel this was president Trumps biggest mistake by not doing that! To our former Navy Secretary You can check with McDonalds you might fit in as a crew chief at one of thee stores next to a freeway somewhere in America and you can order people around there!

  15. How did the prisoner get a slit throat? Did he trip and fall onto an open blade? Did he feel so embarrased by being cought and then grabbed a knife that highly trained special forces couldn't keep safe, and then slit his own throat? – Warcrimes are warcrimes and people who commit them is warcriminals. I'd like to see the same case before the international warcriminal tribunal in Haag.. It always amazes me that the US willingly arrests warcriminals from other nations and put them in front of the tribunal but they can't/won't stand the scrutiny of the tribunal when it comes to their own servicemembers. The US is increasingly becoming a country supporting dictators and criminals and apparently there's not even a line in its own military conduct.

  16. That's what Trump wants people loyal to him not the president's office and not the countries loyal to him and everyone in this country should stand up and say we cannot accept this no more he is breaking the laws of the Constitution he is breaking the laws he supposed to provide safety for this country and he ain't doing it

  17. Trump never does "favours" without having something else up his sleeve. I'm beginning to wonder if he will try to set up his own forces (as he has threatened should anyone try to remove him from the White House) and put Gallagher in charge! Far fetched maybe, time will tell.

  18. Who replaced the secretary of the Navy? Is trump putting another criminal in that position. I think it is a calculated move too. It will become clear real soon.

  19. Trump is trying to get the military on his side ! Why ? Because he will need the military to protect him in the White House when he is impeached and refuses to leave office !!

  20. Mark my words & i've been saying this since 2016. I, we elected trump for all the reason he ran & Knew he was gonna keep all of his promises. Drain the swamp. He's been doing it since his first day & still doing it cause it's a big big big swamp. Another fired & it's not over. They are all dropping like flies……..You're fired.

  21. Trump needs to follow policy and stay out of issues he does not comprehend , his big, bad tuff guy image makes him look like an uneducated fool. He does not know right from wrong and is a hopeless cause.

  22. Every time you think this mongrel is really scraping the Botton of the barrel, he and his manage to disappoint & lower the bar even further. (Sorry about the mixed metaphors people).

  23. Trump does stupid,
    Not for America but for votes in 2020
    And yet he still has people standing beside him
    No kidding Dictator countries are laughing, they think America is a joke
    Trump's make America great again, (How to destroy a once powerful in just 4 years)
    😧 don't allow the liar and backstabber to finish his term ,end this desaster

  24. as far I am concern USA should fight their war alone; they are no different from the other lawless regime. I am a foreigner and I want to be court-martialed then fight with a KKK president

  25. is this another directive given by putin to further undermine our country in yet another way? in yet another branch of our government? he is always watching & plotting. he puts in a call to trump & tells him what he needs to do. & we keep allowing it to happen. i just hope everytime he acts on putin's behalf our representatives are gathering together to reaffirm their commitment to get him out before it's too late.

  26. Now this marine murdered prisoners during wartime. I think that constitutes a warcrime. Now if the president reverses the decision to convict this war criminal. Does that make the president responsible for the commited war crime? If so prosecute in den hague?

  27. Edward Gallagher didn't just take a picture with a dead combatant, he was a mass murder. He boasted about killing 3 people a day for 80 days including women and children. That's what he was really in trouble for, Murder. The media doesn't mention that which is shameful.

  28. The navy has a serious problem right now. They let Gallagher off on the most serious charges while convicting him on posing with a dead Isis soldier. Some thing that his whole team did.

  29. I'd be afraid to report a mad man like the convicted Navy serviceman, thinking he'd be given a chance for retribution after this.

  30. Of course Trump wants war criminals to run with him; they are indignant degenerates just like he is . He needs as much support as he can get.

  31. Are there any seals who would put an end to this POS and serve their country? Defend America against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

  32. Its so obvious what Trump is doing, he is making people indebted to him, as such he now "owns" them, Trump will use them as he sees fit (disposeables), just wait and watch thier roles will soon become apparent, i just hope that they realise that they are meer canon fodder for the president

  33. If Gallagher's last name was Martinez and he was shown strutting around with a woman of color, it would have been a whole different story about him and Trump.

  34. The weary and half-starved Continental troops were in the process of seeking revenge on the British and Hessians who had treated the Americans so harshly. General Washington intervened:

    “Treat them with humanity, and let them have no reason to complain of our copying the brutal example of the British Army in their treatment of our unfortunate brethren who have fallen into their hands.” 

    “Should any American soldier be so base and infamous as to injure any [of them] . . . I do most earnestly enjoin you to bring him to such severe and exemplary punishment as the enormity of the crime may require. Should it extend to death itself, it will not be disproportional to its guilt at such a time and in such a cause … for by such conduct they bring shame, disgrace, and ruin to themselves and their country.”
    George Washington

  35. As a vet I am as disgusted as many of my vet friends over what Trump has done over this. Every time he does something involving the military he gets it badly wrong: From the I am giving you a 10% pay increase to pardoning a multiple murderer. The pay increase was 3% and contrary to what Trump said the military get a pay increase every year and have not gone ten years waiting for a pay increase he claimed for a long time. My anger over the 10% pay increase may have been a bit ovr the top at the time but my anger was for the service personel because they actually deserve a 10% pay increase. To pardon murderers is against the ethics of the military because we live by a code that is followed to the letter, just imagine you are in the field and the person next to you is a murderer, would you feel safe? Any person who did what these men did will eventually murder a fellow team member if not held to the full force of the UCMJ.

  36. He is a vile human and needs to go. You watch his footprints as to where they have been or what his hands have touched and nothing good comes from those places. It is a disgrace that people are willing being brainwashed by this man. He had enough negativity(proof of it)before he became president to even be considered, but this America. He should had his application tossed. He is tearing American and Americans apart and selfishness is keeping him in office to finish us off. I hope that whatever comes to be it starts at the top. Being fair and honest I don’t like trump. If he came into office and did good things, helped America and it’s people, what can I say except the truth. I would say he is doing good, did good and he surprised me. Good job and would vote for him for re-election. No problem. These people just on the bandwagon with all the bad with proof is disgusting. Consider what your doing and allowing. We are now a joke. Thanks trump.

  37. Justice must be impartial and seen to be impartial. Military justice goes to dark places. All that quivering bonespur achieved was to undermine personal responsibility and the chain of command. This will be used as a weapon of propaganda and may cost american lives. It's open season for Fox to second guess military jurisprudence.

  38. Being asked to resign with full benefits and retirement is was better than fired with none. The in house Navy Seals who wear their trident are best to decide if war abuses were committed and adjudicate according to their honor code. The stirring up the story isn’t helping.

  39. Throughout the whole DT administration it appears that the DTs objective it to do exactly what Fiona Hill was explaining as the Russian intelligence agency's objective.
    Divide the county pit the diversity against itself & undermine the morality & integrity of the Nation as well as the rule of laws. Putin wants to show the world that just like Rome the US will conquer itself with the right push from his lackey DJT.
    Just as Khrushchev stated around the time of " Bay of Pigs" the US will fall like an overripe apple into soviet hands.
    The American people have to say NO!
    We will not tolerate this immortality, or the negation of our rule of laws, or military insubordination.
    We believe in honor & respect for our differences as a strength that is the foundation of our nation.
    The fight for human rights throughout our world, freedom from dictators & tyrants is our responsibility to defend for any democracy.

  40. People insinuating themselves where they have NO business are beyond irritating. When it's bone spurs, the ramifications can be loss of life. Won't someone please rein this guy in? Here's what I think if congress fails


  41. From Federal court judge Jackson's 400-page ruling on former wh counsel, Don Mcgahn's law suit to say whether he had to testify per his congressional supoena:  "a president is not a king. .. all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others" (George Orwell's Animal Farm) november, 2019.

    I think we are dealing with an America that represents Orwell's animal farm, post rebellion, when the new ruling force in the barnyard is worse than the old.

  42. The military have said they would not trust Trump with a ship or a plane. He could never be an officer and probably never be suitable even as a grunt

  43. This is another of Trump's quid-pro-quo's – a broadcast via USA media & abuse of his power, to obstruct justice for purpose of liberating convicted military combatants who have abused their powers and then, asking them to do him a "favour" and join his presidential campaign, as well as, vote for him. It's how a dictator amasses a vagabond, sadistic killer-squad – very dangerous. How long before they're killing e.g. Democrats on behalf of their president? Might be a long way off from that point yet but it's wise to note the slippery-slope ahead and maybe make a sharp turn around?

  44. Dont you all see in plain sight. He is preparing for a civil war he is showing his military supporters he has their back so when he declines to leave office his boys will have his back. He is setting us up for a new civil war

  45. most divisive human being on earth what a putrid, filthy disgrace to our species. he has managed to poison our troops and divide even them. what a menace, and such a coward at the same time – sickening. he truly kills everything he touches.

  46. Trump is the worst kind of human, self centred, stingy, expects everything but gives nothing, the way Trump looks at it is? If they are Afghan then they are terrorists, if they are brown they are murderers, the guy is messed up in the head & he needs to go, die or resign or get impeached, as ramifications of his time in office will be felt for decades.
    No one trusts America, trump breaks promises like walking,

  47. Trump is out there begging people to vote for him saying their trying to get me out of office ….quote you can't let them do that to me.

  48. He's running Trump and Trump is running the Republican party. There're a lot of corrupt politicians and citizens that blindly support this embarrassment.

  49. Ramifications? Loyalty to him, above the service is what Hitler did. And if this dotard decides to pre-empt nuke Korea? He’s eliminating the “Illegal Order” option. He needs to be removed and put in straight jacket.

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