Finesse Spinner Bait Fishing

[music] hey guys we’re out here Bartlet lake
again you know what it’s such a pretty Lake and it feels good being out filming
with all of you I haven’t done much because I’ve been guiding so much lately
but we’re starting out with a little bit of a spinnerbait I wish it was a little
bit more windy but we still can catch them let me show you some of the spinner
baits I’m making and why I make them took four Bartlett lake and Roosevelt
and stuff for one thing the lake was real real muddy it’s clearing up now so
this little guy right here there’s a perfect example of you know a little
spinner bait you can throw these on spinning rods and stuff and I designed
these for customer customers of mine that don’t throw bait casters so that’s
a really good one I liked using dirty water and white seems to work good this
is a little bit bigger one this is the 5/8 and a single blade number four
silver this these little ones here are white with a little collar rattle white
those work good and I put a little grubs on the back you know paint the skirts a
little bit doctor them up just to try to see what they want you know I like using
white to imitate the shad we do have a shad spawn going on right now
so let’s uh let’s go fishing and not talk too much so let me grab a rod and
you know the Sun’s up so what I’m going to do is I’m just gonna throw this and
let it go out on a steep Bank like this I wish it was a lot more windy or let me
tell you I can’t I can’t express how important it is to have that wind I mean
I know you guys don’t like it a lot of you guys that are just the guys that
watched my show the guys that fish tournaments and are really good guys
they love that wind because it really helps the bite so naturally points are
the number one places to catch fish so what I’m doing is I’m slow rolling this
and why is why is that spinnerbait better I’m making a real real thin
spinnerbait wire wise and that wire is really thin and what it does is it makes
those blades really really vibrate yeah so I think that that gives us a lot more
action it bends up the spinner bait when you get one a little bit you just got to
kind of push it back down but that’s just one of the key things you know that
I do with these spinner baits like I said last week I was out here with two
guys and it was white caping and those guys just had a blast out here with
spinner baits you know 23 feet of water and boy I tell you they just killed them
out here on those little white spinner baits white blades I make chartreuse
blades white blades silver the water’s cleared up quite a bit lately since they
cut the flow up here so we’re not getting all that dirty water from
Horseshoe coming down as much they slowed that way down so you can see once
I throw this out I’m just barely barely winding this like this just just to let
that thing go down OOP there’s a little bump right there
you know what the H crappies you’ll feel that you know and I’m in the 15 feet of
water but I’m not on the bottom and so I’ll feel those things coming across you
know and it might be three four feet off the bottom and all of a sudden you’ll
feel that bump! you know it’s it’s crappie its crappie and small bass and
stuff and they just are they’re just hitting the tail or the skirt of this
spinner bait is all they’re doing so I’m just get it out I’m letting this thing
slow roll like this you know I practiced in this swimming pool
real slow like this and boy I tell ya and and you know what this bite let me
tell you this you’ll feel that bite you got to be quick just like a drop shot
bite or Texas rig bite when that thing hits you know jerk it so on the next one
that does that I’m gonna jerk it and we’ll show you what the results is don’t
be afraid to throw up you know close to the bank on the sandy sandy beach or
something like that because we still have fish spawning not all of them has
spawned it takes two or three months for these things to get spawned out so these
fish will be located up on the rocks in the sand the perfect condition is they
have some rocks and then all of a sudden you have a little sandy beach
you know it could be 10 feet wide or something like that but I do…No! missed
him I’m telling you I’ve been catching crappies out here and these
crappies will bite they’ll nip at that tail everyone asked me well how do I go
catch crappie as I go well I said they’re so scattered these fish are so
scattered out here they’re not they’re just starting to group up just a little
bit you know just a tiny bit out here and they’re going into their post spawn
meaning they’re spawned they’re moving out the females are moving out and so
that’s why I’m slow rolling get this bait down a little bit in the water
column when you come out here you’re gonna see these fish on your graph 10 12
15 feet and it’s you’re gonna be going I mean I’ve got guys emailing me saying
man is my graph bad so I’m just casting out just you know just out there just
slowly slowing this thing down I’m actually picking places out on the shore
that I see you know so I’m looking at that tree right there and I’m gonna just
cast right up next to it but not in it let it go down just about 2 3 feet
kind of jerk it and just slow roll this bait like this just real slow so I want
this to get down you know so those fish that are in 10 12 15 feet are going to
see this coming by them so I build a spinnerbait with really light wire it’s
a bigger blade bait I’ll show this to you a little bit later and we use that
bait for four instead of just throwing it up on the bank off all idle around
I’ll see a point and then I’ll use that bait to locate fish and then I’ll let it
just let it go down so I’m I’m quite a ways out here I’m just gonna let that
bait sink just to give you an idea and you can see that how it gets raw trees
and then all of a sudden we got sand so you know I’m judging that maybe there
might be a nice female or something out on that sand
that that could be a good scenario of what’s going on here and that’s what I
look for when I go down the lake I’m looking for rock sand rock sand you know
and these rocks come out on little points here also so I’m out in 23 feet
I’m I’m not afraid to let this spinnerbait go down 20 22 feet 23 feet
you know some of your best some of your best spinnerbait guys that win these
tournaments they’re fishing out here you know 25 30 40 feet of water so I’m
throwing it out letting it sink letting it sink letting it sink okay it’s on the
bottom I’m getting slackline I just popped my line like this and I’m just
gonna slow roll this back everybody asked me why why are you building these
wires so light is for one thing it’s the vibration you know and it’s it’s more of
a finesse spinnerbait that’s what it is I’m not doing this through a tree and
ripping it out of a tree and stuff like that I’m going for fish that I’ve
already spawned and they’re lining up on these these points that are coming out
here this is a good example right here I just casted it way out there
I’m in 18 feet of water I see fish on the on the graph I let it sink now I let
that sink in about 10 10 feet and so I’m going to just slow roll this this is
that a perfect example you know every once in a while I’ll feel a rock what
you feel when you get a bite is just like a bite on it on a drop shot or a
Texas rig tick that’s your bite you filled out you know
if you hit a rock it’s kind of heavy a thump but this bit of a bite man I’ll
tell you you can get some really good fish doing this it’s a it’s a technique
that if you don’t do it and you want to advance to a new level that that
could be a good way to do it I mean for you to advance to a different level a
higher level of spinner baiting instead of just going down beating the bank
and you know trying to catch those fish right up on the bank I’m trying to catch
the fish that are down 10 12 15 feet that you see on your graph you know
there’s one right there oh boy this feels good boy it’s nothing like oh he’s
coming up so I’m gonna hold my rod tip down keep that fish down I don’t want
him jumping boy with top water top water he’s way out there now you can see guys
you can see the cast I made how long it goes he’s he’s getting ready to jump I’m
I’m holding my rod down in the water trying to keep him down I got him out of
deep water so you know look there he goes he’s coming in at least you can see
a little bit I’m just trying to keep his head down is what I’m trying to do I’m
not gonna flip this because I don’t know how big he is he’s he’s a nice sized one whoo boy look at that wow this is a kind
of fish to catch you guys throwing these spinner baits this is a nice one the cow
healthy is he’s already spawned look at his tail he’s already spawned and now
she’s out feeding crawdads and in bass I mean shad so she’s fattening up you know
that’s what we I’ve been seeing during the spawn I’ve been seeing a lot of
little tiny skinny fish now they’re starting to get big again so I always
look down your throats just to see if you know they got it this one has not
been caught this is a fresh one usually I’ll get them with holes but just a
beautiful bass you know in that two pound range so go ahead and just let
this baby go okay we’re gonna release this this let’s get her a nice and
revived she came out of deep water so just a pretty pretty little bass there
she goes I got one there we go
okay keep him down coming in you don’t know how big he is but he doesn’t come
up yet oh it’s a nice one that’s a nice fish boy he smacked this thing hard man
got him right off that Shore about 10 15 feet whoa look at that baby holy
mackerel whoo see that’s a that’s a nice quality
fish I mean there Bartlett lake bass you know they’re not three four pounders but
they are fun to learn a technique you know these fish are just beautiful tails
all nice and straight well guys that’s it so there’s another one to add we’ll
start Suns coming up but we got a little
cloudy days so shall we release this one let’s do it well this gently put him in
there just let him swim away there he goes
nice thank you fish well see how they Bend up your spinner baits like I told
you about we when I first started this we were just trying all different kind
of heads and blades and experimenting a lot I’ve learned a lot about these about
these spinner baits my partner and I Brian so you just kind of bend this back
we shrink-wrapped the end of this thing always nice little rolling this I always
try to oh boy yep uh-huh well I’m gonna have to cut this
and retie it because it’s just uh just isn’t doing it let me grab a scissors
here you can see that the line I don’t know if you can see that through the
camera but look how it’s frayed right there and you know if you’re going to go
over the over the top of these rocks and stuff it’s going
to cut this it’s going to cut this line really good so so let me just just I’m
just going to cut off that much but I am gonna take the line and I’m gonna feel
that okay so let’s just go through this you know tell you what uh I’ve been
messing with not so much I’m just going to go through wrap it round again and tell you what you just I just tie three
overhead knots and I never have a not break never that I’ve learned with these
knots that I haven’t been tying all these sophisticated knots now if I
wasn’t tying the spinnerbait I’d I’d probably do a polymer knot on that but
for just out here or fishing you know I do leave a little bit of the end maybe a
quarter inch for slippage so since the water cleared up guys I’ve been using
more of that gold and silver as you can see and so that’s been working out
pretty good for me the gold and silver so I just had a little point there and
came across that point wham-bam fifteen feet down that’s a good
feeling so let me just get on this trolling
motor again and we’re coming into a Cove now a month ago two months ago these
little coves like this we’re just full of bass now it’s hard to get those
things to bite in there they just they’re all pulling out that post spawn
is causing these fish just to move out you know a little deeper so throwing
about ten feet I got a I got a ninety degree Bank right here that drops off
I’m in 20 feet of water so I’m just gonna throw it up fish it out nice and
slow you saw how I was reeling it just nice
and slow like this it’s a blast once you get on this bite it is truly a blast so I’ll keep I’ll keep going out in
front of the camera instead so we’re just gonna stay on the trolling motor
because like I said you learn areas where the fish are you know and I made
rump across the other side of the lake here in a few minutes but the sun’s just
right for filming and we’ll just run this Bank a little bit more there’s hard
rock here looks like dirt but there’s some nice little points that come out
you just can’t see them right now because of that the water level but
spinnerbait you know you just don’t see a lot of guys using spinnerbaits when
you guys are watching TV you know besides Jimmy Houston that’s how he uses
a spinnerbait but all the rest of the guys on you know the bass tour flw they
just they’re all with this crankbait stuff now but these fish here just don’t
see a lot of spinner baits and the chatter baits good too I thought about
making some shadow baits but to me it’s I want to perfect this spinner bait so
much with that light wire just to get this bike going so we’re gonna just stay
on this on this and all these little rocks that I’m throwing up to you know
David can swing over there you see that little clump of rocks I just threw right
there with the that’s those are good anything that sticks out further on the
bank is what I’m throwing – I’ll make another caster Dave watch that rock
right there in a second watch this so I’m just gonna cast you know and I don’t
have to go wide on it I mean I’m going within a foot so I’m just slow rolling
that ride off the rock nice and slow it’s deep here 20 feet and I’m just
letting that baby sink you know I did tie on a heavier spinner bait for this
it’s a half ounce you know I do make out I’ve got some 5/8 ounce on and three
quarters on so if I have to I can go over some of these if I see fish on the
bottom I could go out and let that thing drop 20 25 feet down and still catch
those so let’s just kind of keep moving we’ll just kind of well knowing that out there ruling it
slow now I’m not going to go I mean this would be perfect to throw a top water
but I tried to throw a top water this morning and it was tough you know I mean
I’ll try it again here in a little bit but places like this without that ripple
on the back of the on the lake it’s it’s just not setting up real good those fish
are down in the water column 10 12 15 feet right now so but what a perfect
area to throw a frog huh you know I brought some frogs so maybe later on out
I’ll try to get something else going I want to I want to do a walking beat also
in here soon as we finish this show up what a perfect place to cast look at
that nice big old dead tree right there but that thing’s probably only sitting
in 3 or 4 feet of water so in my mind I know that that’s you know if there’s a
fish there’s going to be a smaller one you know I’m trying to catch pre-spawn
fish is what I’m trying to catch you know I mean there’s a little cut right
right back there I’m looking for what I’m looking for is
I’m looking for a outcropping of rocks and as we look up the bank here I’m
looking for something like that like you know like way up there to where I can
let that go out and hope that there’s a little point or some rocks that are
sticking out on the shoreline just a little bit one good thing about some of
these shorelines you can you can see a lot we go along here you know like that
went up there you want to have a shoreline that has some points on it
where we could you know get out and every time I go over a point I’m looking
at that point how far it runs out here so I’m quite a ways out here now so this
is a good example of a good point this one is in the next one so I’m not going
to go right on the bank I’m just gonna throw it out about ten twelve feet but
I’m gonna let that spinnerbait fall down on that point and I’m gonna get out
where those fish are I’m just trying to get those fish to react to that blade
coming right over the top of them looking like a couple shad swimming
that’s all I’m trying to do so I just came over thirteen fourteen feet that’s
sixteen eighteen now so I’m gonna go right behind the boat I might throw that
spinner bait out let it go down okay it’s on the bottom and start reeling now
I fill it loading up just waiting for that thing to hit this you know sometimes you got to throw this
bait to the same area three or four times to get that bite I mean I’m still
seeing fish way out here don’t know if their bass crappies or what they are
carp I’ve been hitting the 10 12 foot area 15 years now I’m gonna move out to
18 and 20 just for the heck of it just to see if there’s a big fat female or a
bigger bass so what I’ll do is get up I’m gonna throw it way out there over
the point come up over the point bang the point like a crankbait I’m using
this just as a crankbait tool same thing sometimes you know you can get lucky and
when it hits the bottom sometimes those fish will hit it come on
you know after you go for a little while it takes a little bit longer to get
these fish to react they feed right away early in the morning and then they they
feed in the morning and then they slow down you know their breakfast is over
and they’re slowing down a lot so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna cut this one
off because it’s it’s light it’s a it’s for fishing it’s one of my dirty water
spinner baits and what I’m gonna do is put on a thumper thumper blade let’s go
with a heavier spinner bait let’s put this on this is a 5/8 a little bit
bigger than a half ounce I’m gonna let this go down a little bit
so let’s tie this single blade on I’ve been having having some luck with these
single blades lately just you know one one big blade number four or five blade
and it’s been working for me so let’s just go with my hunch see if this will
work got that nice and tight through all these here in there clip this alright
let me make it let me make sure this blade is working oh yeah let’s make a
couple cast up shallow I’m gonna work my way out this is a more of a team diver
rod it’s more of a fiberglass rod I’ve got some Bass Pro Shop winds back there
so I’m just gonna slow roll this over the bottom right here in ten twelve and
then I’m going to move out on this point this is a really nice point that comes
way out here and I’m looking at some nice fish out here way out here so what
I’m going to do is get just a little bit further this way I’m going straight on
point I’m coming straight out then what I’m gonna do is move the boat a little
further this will look like just a single single shad swimming I don’t know
if Dave can pick this up but can you see the tip of my rod Dave can you see that
thing wiggling look at that see that that’s how much vibrations and I’m
getting up to the end so I’ll throw it back out and show you again okay I want
to show you something this is how much vibration this has we’re gonna look at
that look at the end of the rod that’s only a 5/8 that’s something all right
all right here we go I’m gonna I’m gonna go out deeper right behind the boat I’ll
turn the boat I’m gonna let it sink let that sink down turn the boat like this
okay sinking sinking all right here we go
trick it get that blade turning this is only a single blade one boy I can just
feel that thing just barely barely I’m trying to get it to hit the bottom what
I’m trying to do okay let me have you do another one this time I’m going to go
over the point way over it way out there let it go down you can tell it’s gonna hit the bottom
by the way of just all of a sudden slack slacks line okay let me get that it that
the bump that some of these rocks alright it’s bumping now it’s real slow there he is it’s coming up let’s get him down get
that tip down so nice and slow I’ve learned that if I drill these in nice
and slow if I catch them 1215 feet down I was way back there folks he’s gonna
take a second to get in this is a little bit heavier than the normal little tiny
ones I catch nope he’s coming up well that’s a nice fish got his mouth wide
open I don’t know if outfit spirit oh there he is look at that that’s a pretty
sad didn’t it come on you little jewel he didn’t jumping Oh too late I just
said he’s not jumping and he did oh that’s a pretty sight look at that oh
that’s what I call a quick release so anyway hopefully you got the gist of
doing this you know this is one of my 5/8
look how limber that wire is I mean that’s real limber and a 5/8
spinnerbaits you know good quality Gamakatsu hook good good ball bearings
and I have a quick-release one on this one to change blades out experimental
one for me but just so you know you know what I’m doing out here you know some of
these I carry it I carry a dozen two dozen of these in my truck all the time
if you’re out the lake and see me I’ll be glad to sell you guys some of these
but I’m using 17 pound line live-action fiberglass rod fiberglass graphite
combination but it’s fun to figure this bite out this is what it’s all about for
me so I want to thank you for watching my videos I also want to remind you I
have another free trip coming up with Liberty Mutual after the credits here
and after that you can sign up for that and David I just want to thank you for
watching our videos thanks for tuning in we’re at Bartlett lake you

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  2. Gary, how can I order some of your spinnerbaits? I’m local to the valley and fish Bartlett often. These things look great and would rather buy yours than off the shelf spinner baits.

  3. Hey guys I carry all these spinner baits with me all the time. My number is 602-487-5504 or [email protected] give me a call. To Skip when the fish are not biting on the bank and the sun has come up the fish go deeper. Go down to where the fish are holding on your graph. Thanks guys for watching

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