Explore Our Working Forests: Powell Forest Canoe Route

– [Young Woman] Just being outside. That’s it, being outside. Especially when there’s
nobody else around, and we’re out on the water and it’s just being in nature. Seeing everything that’s happening and feeling everything
that’s happening around us. (water splashing) – We’re on the Powell Forest Canoe Route, here in TFL 39, block one. And what we’re looking at it today, are the upgrades with
cedar that we’re doing to the canoe route and the portage. – It’s gorgeous, it’s a beautiful place, not too many bugs, really
friendly people, great paddling. That’s why people travel
from all over the world to come here and do this. – It’s kind of a full body workout, you’re getting to carry
heavy things on your back and on your head. It really makes the physical challenges that much more doable when
you have a nice solid group of people who you’re
all suffering together. You’re bonded through pain. (laughs) – What you’re gonna see, is
your gonna see boardwalks, you’re gonna see docks, you’re gonna see these nice little canoe rests and that was one big part
of the upgrades this year, was changing all the canoe rests over from the old guard and it was
all starting to fall apart to the, what we see here today
which is all the new stuff. – Here, just replacing a lot of the decks as you can see here, this is one, it’s been here for a long time. These things have been here
for 40 years some of them. (metallic tapping) (peaceful electronic music) – It has been really wonderful to have all of the infastructure provided because I mean, I wouldn’t
have been able to do the portage if it hadn’t
been for all of the different portage structures along the way. – The portage route is kinda neat because it connects a whole
bunch of little lakes. There’s a couple of
big lakes on either end and it’s a nice five day trip to go around and what you see on both
sides through the valley, is you see the second growth
timber that’s coming up. It’s Douglas fir, cedar, hemlock mixed in. It’s actually really nice second growth. – It’s definitely, it’s different if you’ve never seen cutblock, but here you can tell
that there’s actually intention put into the logging ’cause there’s like, there’s
cutblocks that are made but then there’s left
pieces to avoid erosion. There’s all of this stuff where
you have regrowth happening right next to fresh
cutblocks and you can tell, it’s a management piece that
has had a lot of forethought. – I think it’s important
that people do see forestry. ‘Cause, it happens, it’s part of BC, so. – Being able to get out into
this amount of wilderness as easily as we have, that’s
been really wonderful. It’s also nice to know that there’s, should something go wrong,
there’s access everywhere. That’s kind of a nice piece of mind. It’s been really affordable, too, compared to a lot of
wilderness trips as well, so that’s been good, too. (peaceful electronic music) – Yeah, lots of people coming through. You don’t know that until you’re up here, how many people are actually using it. It’s very interesting. – I’ve talked to people
downtown and they say, “Yeah, I’ve been on it seven times now.” “And we’ve taken are family around.” And then they go around
with the grandkids. So, it’s been around that long. – I was gonna put it on Facebook, say, “People, this is my
office, where’s yours today?” Yeah so it’s an incredible
opportunity to be out here, with the crew and you leave a legacy. It’s nice. (peaceful electronic music) (electronic tones)

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