Etsy Carbon-Offset Shipping: Delivering a world of good

[doorbell ringing] Every day in the U.S. alone, E-commerce packages travel about the same
distance as going to the moon and back [133,000 times]
133,000 times. [cars honking]
That travel puts tons of greenhouse
gases into our atmosphere which contribute to climate change
and are bad for the environment. But Etsy is doing something about it
by becoming the first major online shopping destination to offset 100% of carbon emissions
from shipping globally. This means for every Etsy item that’s shipped, Etsy balances it with positive environmental impact. Like protecting over 10 million trees,
that would otherwise be cut down, to absorb carbon dioxide and make oxygen, and supporting wind and solar projects
that create clean energy. Now you’ll know—when an Etsy package
arrives at your door, you get something you love
and you’re taking a small step toward making a big change for our world. [Etsy Delivering a world of good.
Learn more at #etsyimpact]

24 thoughts on “Etsy Carbon-Offset Shipping: Delivering a world of good

  1. This is totally fantastic! I myself donate for planting trees from some of our orders in my Etsy shop. By the way check it out- find journals, stationary, wooden boxes, forest materials, paper supplies, tea blends and mixes also miniature crafts plus more here– >

  2. Where and to whom does Etsy actually contribute? I would love to know the organizations that they support in this manner. We may wish to also support such efforts when and as we can.

  3. Oh, is this sorta like the "green new deal"? Carbon ANYTHING is a load of CRAP, and I hope you're not passing this BS on to customers. Expensive enough already.

  4. This is great. Thank you Etsy for taking this step. We'll all take it into account when deciding where to go shopping for stuff.

  5. Good to know. How about adding a "buy local" option to our etsy listings? Not that that helps much with fuel expenditure…unless someone gets around on bicycle or on foot.

  6. This is nonsense and very misleading. Each package is NOT on a separate truck! Wind farms kill millions of birds and bats every year! Most carcasses are small and in inaccessible places, they'll never be found. Offshore wind farms also cause whale beachings. Birds burn to death as they fly over solar farms! SO MUCH habitat is destroyed for these so-called renewables, further threatening all wildlife species and reducing the amount of vegetation needed to turn carbon into oxygen. I work hard to promote wildlife conservation and after years of research, know that wind and solar energy is NOT green! The production of turbines and solar panels is not clean either! I do not want ANY money going towards these bird and wildlife killers.

  7. Is this why my seller fees doubled? Because I was under the impression it will be used for advertising not environmentalism. Yes, doubled fees and I so no increase in sales or Etsy presence.

  8. Thank you!!!!! This is a topic I feel very passionate about, and I'm really happy to hear that this change is being made. Saving our planet is well worth any extra charges.

  9. This is amazing, thank you Etsy for your participation in this global effort to reduce carbon emissions!

  10. écologiques!!!

    C'est bien méconnaître le sujet !!!

    les parcs solaires sont construits sur des terres agricoles….et pas que sur les toits. s'en compter leur faible efficacité.

    Parlons des éoliennes …qui sont construites également sur des terres agricoles et dans nos forêts …idem avec une efficacité très faible. Mais derrière tout ça il y a les grands investisseurs ou ceux qui achètent des crédits carbone pour ce donner bonne conscience. La première chose à faire serait d'acheter local ou de vendre dans son pays. Les économies d'énergies doivent se faire à notre niveau. A méditer.

  11. I never gave thumbs down to a you tube video untill this one.
    Overreaction and flawed estimation and attempt to pacify a falsely promulgated environmental concern with a sham unwanted illusory remedy.
    I am fond of etsy but surprised and disappointed by etsy's obvious political stance and offering of unsolicited puffery and appologeticly aligned solutions for simple minds and imagined concerns.

    When I shop on etsy I don't need to be fooled with this nonsense to alleviate guilt which I do not have.

  12. you these dollars that go to carbon offset are a scam. the money is going to al gore and his crony friends.

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