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(dynamic orchestral intro) (calming music) – [Translator] Today we’ve got three good reasons to be happy. It’s a gorgeous day for sailing, we’re in a wonderful place,
Vernazza, on the Ligurian coast, and we’ve got a big RIB at our disposal. Capelli’s Tempest 40. There’s loads of power, so
those heavy-footed car drivers and the motorcyclists who like going full throttle will love this one. We’ve got two Yamaha 350 units and this Japanese builder
does things so well, you only need to read
the specifications on these two engines to realize
that to get all this power, in fact, they’ve used a monoblock with 5.330 centimeter-cubed V8 cylinders. But Capelli does things well too, in fact, this is made with a vacuuming-fused resin techniques so it’s solid but lighter than other traditionally-made models. It’s laminated by hand, so
resists better when it comes to things like water
penetrating the fiber resin. Like a yacht, you can leave it
in the water for a long time, safeguarding the immersed
parts with specific products, of course, even the tubulars. (soft upbeat music) The tubulars are gigantic,
70 centimeters in diameter at the stern, and are well proportioned, both for the width of the boat
as well as the displacement. (engine roars) Acting as floats too, because the tubulars are in contact with the water, which means the boat is more stable and you can use it more easily
for whatever you do on board. Cooking, lunching, napping,
it’s how a RIB should be as it integrates aesthetics and function. 12 meters long allows for luxury, and this is the place it’s just
right for this terminology, having the living area
and sundeck separate too. Thanks to the roll bar you
can extend two sun shades, one towards the bow and the
other towards the stern. And there should always be some shade, just like there should be water. Which, now I mention it, there’s even hot water
on board for the shower. The bridge at the bow
is nearly triangular, aerodynamically-shaped, which suggests this boat might be quite fast. Starting weight even after the
infusion is already 3.7 tons. Of course if you look at the cabin, furnished with it’s double bed, drawers, and a separate bathroom. To understand if a RIB
is really ergonomic, you need to move around
without looking at your feet, not trip up or bang your toes or elbows, and if there are steps, they need to be wide and easily manageable. To get to the stern, you shouldn’t need to lower your head to go under the roll bar. On top of all that, in this Tempest 40 there are also walkways along the edges. (drumming music) (engine roaring) This boat will cost you 236,000 euros, but if you want a
joystick, that’ll be more. 258 euros; is a joystick necessary? Well, at the back we’ve got
those tubulars that double as bumpers so the boat doesn’t
get battered by the wind as the hull is quite low, and all in all, we can mount
a propeller at the bow. But what can you say? Yamaha’s Helm Master does make it easier. (engine revving) Outside the port here in Vernazza, the wind is blowing a little bit harder as we edge slowly away from the coast. The fetch and the sea are getting higher. It’s an ideal day for sail boats, but it’s ideal for us motorboaters too, with a boat like this one. The outboard engine is on a bracket, external in respect to the transom, which positions them at the right height and the place in terms
of the boat’s barycenter. This means the drop at
the stern stays clear, so that with a hammock and shade you can do a little sea camping. You know there maybe an inboard/outboard version some time in the future. (drumming music) In the meantime, we’ve got
up to 2,000 revs a minute and a speed of 10 knots and
the boat is already planing. With these two engines, the weight on the transom is 730 kilograms, and it’s important to check right from the start that the trim is right. Though this is a product
package put together both by the boat builder
as well as Yamaha, which means of course that it is perfect at least in terms of dynamics. Can you hear that roar? The reduction ratio is
1.73, which is quite long. It’s made to race, and
yet they’re very snappy. Do you know why? Because it’s got 33-valve distribution, and the variator is a Yamaha VCT. If we go at normal cruising
speed, if you follow The Boat Show you’ll know
that would be about 25 knots, and that petrol consumption
is 75 liters per hour, and engines are revving
at 3,600 revs a minute. I’m going to bring the revs up and raise the trim a bit at the same time. (intense orchestral music)
(engine roars) Even with these waves,
to 4,000 revs a minute, the boat is just slipping
across the water. I’ve got 20% trim and I’m
doing 30 knots an hour, using 95 liters an hour. The waves are quite strong here, hold on. (engine rumbles)
(wind blowing) You should know that these
engines get up to a maximum of 5,000 revs with quite a low turnover, which definitely doesn’t put any stress on the mechanical organs. (water splashes) At 5,000 revs now, we’re
sailing at 38 knots. Consumption has risen, yep,
it’s 150 liters an hour. Now our task is to succeed
in gaining a few revs, because the maximum turnover
is 6,000 revs a minute, and the stronger the engine’s rev, the faster the propellers
go, and so do we. 5,800, 5,900… If I give it a bit of trim, the
hull comes out of the water. (laughs) We’re taking off! I can’t feel the waves at all. The RIB continues to
cut through perfectly, keeping perfectly balanced
on the water’s surface. It’s not pitching, quite incredible, and we’re going 6,000
revs a minute, 47 knots, and I won’t tell you how
much petrol we’re eating up. (engine rumbles) (intense orchestral music) It’s pretty impressive
the trim this boat’s got. Mad, the incidence angle doesn’t change when it hits the wave, and I think these aren’t
that high, but they’re steep. Wind is high, and they’re going very fast. But then we give it a bit of trim. It’s not just the bow that lifts, the whole boat lifts out
of the water in parallel and pushes ahead like a missile. (engine running) Look at those waves in
comparison to the speed, crazy. The only thing I don’t
like about this boat is that I wish this door didn’t open. (engine slows)
(water sloshes) This Capelli Tempest 40 has
one other important advantage. It’s distributed by Yamaha Motor Europe, so you’re connected to Yamaha’s international network
for anything you need. (calming piano music) (dynamic orchestral music)

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