[ENG] BLACKWATER 39 SPORTFISH – Motor Boat Review – The Boat Show

(dramatic music) – Today on the Boat Show, we gonna show you something
really interesting. It’s the center console, the
latest from Blackwater 39. Now, come on board and
we’ll take a closer look. (upbeat music) Now, the Blackwater 39 can be equipped with triples or quads. In this case, we got quads
and they’re all 400’s, so that makes it 1600 horses at the back. (engines roaring) Now we’re gonna start from the bow and it’s the eye catcher of this boat. It has a height of six foot
six inches off the waterline. (upbeat music) Now, having its bow off the
waterline, that translate into higher speeds when there’s rougher seas. Which makes it an excellent
boat for offshore fishing. Now, also the hull in this
boat, it’s a two step. We have a high bow, a two step and we also have four
400 mercs at the back. Well that translates into a higher speed. And it’s a very fast boat. It has a top speed around 75 miles. (upbeat music) Now you can see on the
design of this Blackwater 39, how it’s made specifically for fishing. There’s no seats on the
sides, it’s all for fishing. (upbeat music) Through a large solid entry door, there’s definitely a large
space down here in the cabin with plenty of head room. The interior layout
offers a forward berth, giving sleeping room for two. Comfortable for overnighting. And the cabin is equipped
with air conditioning which will give you that extra comfort while you’re cruising with your family. (waves crashing) In the cabin offers the
comfort also with a sink, a pullout planchet shower
and a microwave oven. (upbeat music) Now I’m not the tallest guy in the world, but just look at how much
head room we have here. (engines running) Now the cockpit we have 18
rod holders and for fishing, we have one, two, three fish boxes. The two on the transom are 60 gallons each and then there’s an 80 just here. (upbeat music) Now at the back here in the cockpit, everything’s nice and clean,
but if you’re going out there with your fishing buddies
and they want to take a seat, sit down, while watching the view, just under here. (upbeat music) Now another impressive
thing to show on this boat is the sea chest. Now this sea chest feeds
the three livewells that are here at the back. There’s one pump for each livewell and there’s a spare one for each livewell. (upbeat music) Now on the back of the helm we do have a bait prepare station. We have a sink, there’s a couple of drawers, and on the bottom here we
have a Frigid Rigid Cooler so you can keep your drinks
cool or take your catch away. (upbeat music) At the helm on the solid T-top we have all the switching right here. (upbeat music) For extra protection we have a windshield which will give three
comfortable seats right here. (upbeat music) The latest in Garmin
screens, they’re all touch. Stainless steel wheel, the
controls are right here, and if you do pull this back? (upbeat music) Fantastic, and the helm is also
covered by air conditioning. (upbeat music) Now that we’re safely out of port, just to run you through a few numbers on this beautiful Blackwater 39. We have an overall length of 39.11 inches. A beam of 11.11 inches. It holds 800 gallons worth of fuel. It has a top speed around 75 miles and with a cruising speed of around 50, you’ll get 700 miles out of it. Now, let’s put those handle
down and see how she reacts. (boat engine roaring) Oh wow, instant reaction. Now with such a high
bow, you get no spray. It keeps right up on the water and with this twin stepped
hull and the 1600 horses at the back, well let’s see what she does. (engines roaring) (upbeat music) (engines roaring) Fantastic. (upbeat music) Wow, she reacts wonderfully. Now this is what you call a dry ride. (engines roaring) This Blackwater 39 is impressive. (engines roaring) This Blackwater 39 is a dry ride and she’s solely built for fishing. Now lets just put it down
again and have some fun. (engines roaring) And by the way, until next time, see ya. (upbeat music)

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