Emotion Guster Angler Kayak: real world review and some striper fishing sf bay

Alright guys So this is the gist first on land overview of the Guster angle earthy emotion Guster angler kayak It’s 10 feet long You have dry storage in the back here Definitely like the seed have been really enjoying this You’ve rod holder here, and then to rod holders in the back for storage Honestly, I am in love with this kayak right now for this price I picked this thing up for 360 bucks on sale on Cabela’s and honestly. I am in love with this thing now It doesn’t come with a paddle so I did pay extra $70 for the paddle just a regular harmony adventure really quick and easy one But this will be the first test of the kayak today It’s never been out on the water So we’re going to take it out on the San Pablo Bay here in the SF Bay area and see how it fares I’m pretty sure this thing would be fantastic and lakes and stuff, but I kind of want to see it How it does on the bay, that’s you know mostly what I’ll be fishing stripers and stuff like that But um, let’s go get her out and see how she does oh? One thing to add before we do that the way this thing I carried it from my truck Which is over there? Know if you could see it over at that house To here you know it’s a good hundred yards and this was no problem carrying it so if you guys are worried about that weight getting a You don’t need a card or anything for this, but with good fishing Well guys we have paddled out a little bit, and I’m just sitting here doing some filming and honestly this thing is Pretty freakin stable while in the bag This is actually a first time area kayak debate It’s kind of funny. It’s got weird cuz it’s so big. It’s like It just like a little dot but everything’s great great rain in here. I haven’t gotten fishing or anything like that I came out early before the tide was right. I did do some filming but Honestly join it loving the kayak so far. This is great when I first got the kayak. I was really worried It was gonna be a pain to get in the storage back here, but honestly. I have to say it’s not that bad the way the cap is held on is by this X of bungees so it can kind of be tough when you’re Fiddling around with it to get it on but besides that all in all the storage is pretty good now the other concern is It’s not a full dry storage As you can see there’s these foam things in here that is where the storage is so the side of your seats are open if You don’t have that foam stuff in there this stuff from your dry dry storage can slide into the kayak So that is kind of a downside, but you have to remember how cheap this kayak is And for the money, it’s great quality and stuff And so you can’t really complain on that front if you wanted to make it a full dry storage you could you just have to do a little stuff on your own, but we’re gonna keep kayaking around keep fishing I Got one little striper dot off right at the boat I’m using light tackle, so that’s why it broke off and stuff, but all in all is a great fight And I’m glad to be out here the thing I really like about this too is I? Like to have my knees bent a little bit when I’m in the kayak. I like to have them about right there They put this padding here so that your knees don’t scrape against the plastic and honestly It’s really helping out. It’s really nice. I don’t know you know even when I Drive I like my legs bent a little bit. You know people can think I’ve kind of weird my seats up, but Just what’s comfortable for me? So that’s what I do. I haven’t used this rod holder yet Or anything like that So I have no review on that or anything But all in all this kayak is doing fantastic today, and I cannot complain. This is a fantastic purchase Well I Went ahead and lost my GoPro Did the Bay? San Francisco Bay has new GoPro. It’s it’s now I Yeah time to fucking sucked kind of pissed off I Think I’m gonna fish more All right guys yeah And I must say this kayak An A+ with me didn’t a stick out in the bag. We actually had some rougher tides as I went out more I’m gonna handle. It just fine no problem. So it’s perfect for the use that I’m going to be using it for We caught one striper. I didn’t get any folks because I lost them right at the boat and as you guys know I lost my GoPro which was what the fight was recorded on so I can’t really show it But I’ll get a new one next time we come out here. Well. We’ll get some footage of some fish It was a nice fish. I must say I was a great fighter I’m like light tackle and all in all good day alright guys that went out again Can’t quit Got us striper in the boat yeah there. He goes. Let’s get another

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  1. How dry did you stay in this kayak, did the paddle drip excessively into the kayak? Thanks for sharing your review! 🙂

  2. FYI – There is an identical model, less the adjustable foot pegs and rod holders, called a Lifetime Lancer 100. It usually sells for at least $90 less at the big box stores and you may also find one that comes with a started paddle.

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