Elite Dangerous Imperial Capital Ship destroyed by Thargoids in HR 1185

HELLO! it’s Ricardo and I’m still playing
Elly dangerous what – point for the return now I’m in the HR one one eight
five system and I’m responding to a distress call gonna go and check out
that distress call wasn’t there earlier on when I was in system so something has
just happened something is afoot the distress crawl is around a metallic
world when those volcanic glowing red metallic worlds that looks like hell on
a stick so I’m gonna go and check that out now it’s been an awful lot of
thyroid activity in this area so I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if
something’s had a right old pasting tonight it’s opportunity though that if
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let you know when I’m putting new videos of elite dangerous on YouTube we’re
getting right close to that distress call now let’s drop in and see what’s
happened this video is going to be quite dark by the look of it so I’m not going
to try not to use any filters to training crews the levels so that the
ambience comes out with it but it is gonna be a dark experience and as I
thought something is afoot that’s an imperial capital ship that’s been given
a right old CE into lots of cutters and other Imperial ships in the area
yeah it’s been the thyroids everybody the thyroids have given the Empire right
old bloody nose this time this is not just taking out a few ships here or
there that looks like a full attack fleet and
I’ve taken some screen grab some stills as I’ve moved around this war zone and
I’ve put those at the end of the video I’ve been Ricardo this has been elite
dangerous I’ll leave you now with some ambient music as I take a trip around
this battle zone this has been Eddie dangerous 2.4 and I’ll see you soon
check back for more videos in the series you

2 thoughts on “Elite Dangerous Imperial Capital Ship destroyed by Thargoids in HR 1185

  1. Wwwoooaa!!! They have been annihilated, which doesn't bode well for us, does it??? This scene look incredible, in a moody/dark/disturbing sense. Pretty creepy init, as you're slowly edging ya way through the devastation. Love the creepy green glow coming from the strike marks.

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