Eighth Coast Guard District overview

The Eighth Coast Guard District, headquartered in New Orleans, covers all or part of 26 states along the Gulf Coast and throughout the heartland of America. From the Canadian border in North Dakota to the U.S./Mexico border Stretching from the Appalacian Mountains in the east to the Rocky Mountains in the west. The Eighth District has been divided into seven sectors each equipped with subunits specializing in the operations of their geographical areas. Let’s take a look at some of these operations. As America’s First Responder, search and rescue is the fundamental mission of the United States Coast Guard Twenty-four hours a day, three air stations and 17 search and rescue stations spread from the panhandle of Florida down to the U.S./Mexican border stand ready in case of maritime emergency. With as high a traffic volume and the ever-changing depth, width and speed of the inland waterways, the Eighth District’s aids-to-navigation mission is a vital one. Buoys are set as markers, keeping the safety of our mariners and the country’s prosperity flowing in the right direction. The Coast Guard’s law enforcement responsibilities date back to its founding in 1790 when the fledgling service enforced the customs laws of the nation. Today’s Coast Guard helps regulate fisheries, enforces federal laws and treaties and interdicts migrants and illegal drugs. It’s a long list but the Eighth District’s well-trained law enforcement professionals are ready for all threats and all hazards. With more than 6,500 oil-producing wells, more than 130 mobile off shore drilling units and more than 2 million barrels of oil imported daily through the Gulf Coast port system, keeping the waterways free of hazardous materials and pollutants is a priority for the Eighth District. Now you’ve had a glimpse into the basic functions performed by the Coast Guard in our nation’s heartland. You’ve seen footage from just a few of our operations such as Seach and Rescue Aids to Navigation Law Enforcement and Marine Safety. For more information on the Eighth Coast Guard District call For more information on the Eighth Coast Guard District call 504-671-2020

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  1. great video! must admit i came because i saw the river tender…past BMC on the USCGC Chena!
    Set One, Pick One!

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