EBE OLie 1a)2018-10-27- PLASMATIC SHIP, ATMOSPHERE- Ivana Podhrazska, ILona Podhrazska CC.-

27. October 2018: Telepathic spiritist contact
with filming camera. Medium Ivana Podhrazska and contact writing
ILona Podhrazska from the Czech Republic. Contact with Humanoid EBE – OLie from 12
Dimension, planet ELieLji : ATMOSPHERE: Communication with ET EBE – OLie: With filming our camera:
Telepathic spiritism medium Ivana Podhrazska and writing ILona Podhrazska – Czech Republic:
2018 : 27. October. We greet you, today is 27th October 2018. It’s about 10 questions. Ebe, welcome to you! . -1. Part: Aleluja oo ! Welcome! Above the atmosphere there is formed packaging
of energy particles that have a strong rotational phase catapulting – launching into the ozone
under the atmosphere to produce the necessary molecular particles for the purpose of the double helix, spiral for the development
of the core in monitored vacuum . Your atmosphere is controlled by higher intelligences, including
us. It is controlled, to prevent blocked its energy
sensors for nitrogen, oxygen and other necessary particles in the mass. Sparks it. Doing are it sparks from the upper atmosphere
spherical pressure discharge into the lower part of the atmosphere. We measure the energy of toxic gases, poisons
created over government programs. You, people call it chemtrails. There is increase a higher pressure of these
poisons. It is increased to 80% of the particle of
toxins contained in the sphere. Sparks from above the atmosphere recorded
this. Take this it as a lazer to researching , to
explore these toxins from chemtrails. Each spark determines how much and how much
in your atmosphere the number of particles of these poisons is increased. We are also developing a program of new age
around the Sun Corona and the Moon. Together with other intelligent units grouped
in the attitudes of their task. Big age is in plan. But people are still in their old dimensional
time . People are blinded for a new time. Yes, I will answer the question. So questions for EBE: 1) – Steve Colbern-
Expert Nanotechnology: /Yes. Is any big war coming in 2019? When will the next asteroid impact be?/ – Asteroids
have their track inevitable. It’s moving around the different planets constantly. Around your Earth all the time. Asteroids are very dangerous. The government does not say anything about
humanity. NASA does not tell everything. In the war you are still and will be in great
political chaos. The War on Your Earth. We do not like the solution to these not mature
souls that deceive and kill. 2) Dave Cruz: Radio: Yes good day Ilona. Yes I have a question for EBE. Does EBE have any knowledge if the United
States going is going to have an Economic Reset/or collapse in the next 3-6months? – This question is too petty question . Your
economic exploits have no humility. Everything will fall, yes. 3) Richard Hans Segel – son of a member of
Majestic 12 : / How Long Have The Andromedans been in Contact with Earthlings? Humanoid and Reptiloid Folk Many Races have
Shared this. 🌎 world./ — Already millennia ago your
time, the number of your time. They also have their bases. Intelligence from Andromeda they have cells
under the surface in southern America. Animal cells in which they preserve their
existence under the surface of your Earth. Otherwise they would not have to survive. They come to the surface only in a singular
state when they are to cause a task that concerns the government’s attitude of secret, intellectual
times . 4 ) Leonard O Neill – Radio Rising: I have questions for olie that you need to
ask .What desity is he in? For one I need to know this! His dimension is 12th what density is he he
will know the answere./ – The density of matter is on a different principle of building molecules
than yours. Everything is measured by a molecular program. Our density is partly intangible. We do not have a biological structure like
humans. We have a different dimension, and so everything is different. Yes, we have on our chest radiation small
plate. Our chest is radiation plate. Our body in contact with the human body stagnating. It’s like the magnet reversed. It is reason why the human leg can not touch
our Ship, its bottom. Everything is so created for us. Everything is due to the mass density of the
molecules. Every dimension, civilized and uncivilized,
has its density of molecules. Nobody is not similar in terms of density. Such is the principle of matter. PLASMA SHIP 5) Peter Anthony Flynn – screenwriter:
/ It appears that some starships can shrink in size and conversely expand in size. Is this true and
is it done telepathically? / — We have got our technology to create
information into your fields, crops , and we’re sending robotic spheres to this task. So the small orbs are also expanding . To
Enlarge the Ship in the shape of our original Ship. We do this by using formulas, our program
. Information imprinted into crops circles , into fields. This is how we program contraction and expansion
of our Ship . Our orbs and Ships are changing. Everything is in one computer in this direction. Telepathy is on a different bases for development
that energy and with using plasma every Ship during impact, landing and entering above
up your atmosphere and under atmosphere. Every ship changes itself his program in the
computer and changes its plasma to be as stable as possible and possibly to change its shape
to a smaller axis axial track and a larger axial track . Every plasmaic part of the ship
has driven his axis for rise about the surface. On the surface our Ship turn off plasma to
the lowest frequency to keep the stability perseverance on the way back. Everything is controlled by the program, the
plasma and by us so that we can accomplish and achieve what we have to achieve. We use telepathy between themselves. We sound like young Falcon. For people, this sound is unusual. We have a reduced Hertz below 21. And the young falcon as if it were his sound 21
Hertz is unpleasant for the human ear.

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