Dump Stations in Oregon

It has been a great
day out on the water, enjoying the sunshine. At some point, someone
had to use the restroom and there is a full porta potty. Now what? Dispose of the waste in a
portable toilet dump station. Located in marinas and
short-term tie-up docks, the use a free dump stations
can help keep waste out of our waterways. Whether you used a porta
potty, a bucket, or a bottle to answer nature’s call, it
goes into the dump station. Items you did not
eat or drink should be disposed of in a
garbage bin back on shore. Recreational boater
waste facilities, including pump out stations
and boating restrooms, are funded through a grant
provided by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service,
Sport Fish Restoration Fund, Clean Vessel Act, and
the Oregon State Marine Board. To find these locations,
look for signs that are posted in marinas
and short-term tie-up docks around Oregon. You can also use the interactive
map at BoatOregon.com.

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