Dr Julian Whitewright talks about the Kyrenia ship

Out of the many thousands of shipwrecks
located worldwide I think my favourite vessel that has been
excavated archaeologically is the Kyrenia shipwreck dating to the
late 4th century BC which was found off the north coast of Cyprus.
The vessel is really, really interesting as a further demonstration of the
application of archaeological rigour and technique to an underwater site, but
also because of what it tells us about ship construction during the Hellenistic period. Over
seventy percent of the site has been found giving us a really, really good understanding of
the methods that the ancient shipwrights used to create these vessels. The cargo of
the ship survives intact, in large parts, and maybe suggests that the
vessel was sailing from Rhodes to Cyprus and, amazingly, the personal possessions of
the crew have also survived suggesting that there was maybe a crew
of four or five, and we have their dinner plates, and drinking cups and oil jugs and things like
that. A really good insight into their life on board. And finally, this vessel has been
reconstructed so we can actually go out and experience a very, very good understanding of how
those four men/ five men sailed in antiquity.

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