Does Amazon Ship to Nigeria?

You ready, let’s do this. Amazon what is wrong with you? Hi, welcome to Heroshe, my name is OSI
co-founder at Heroshe. Hi, my name is Chichi co-founder at Heroshe. In this
video we talk about Amazon and Nigeria and as you know
Nigerians love to shop Amazon. We love Amazon and we’ve been asking Amazon come
to Nigeria. Amazon what is wrong with you? Nigerians love amazon and amazon has still not
come to nigeria yet and they’ve not made it possible for Nigerians to buy the things
they want. They just ship just a few things to Nigeria. Amazon, Nigeria money is
good money. So come to the Nigeria. Well if you’re wondering how to get
Amazon stuff get down to your door in Nigeria, regardless of whatever it is, In
this video if you keep watching we let you know how to get Amazon to your door in
Nigeria because if Amazon will not come to you, we’ll bring Amazon to you. Keep
watching, let’s go there. So we have this customer who loves to shop on Amazon. He’s a
gamer he loves to shop his gaming accessories, gaming gear on Amazon. So he
buys the game console, the controller, the gaming gears and a bunch
of other accessories from Amazon. If you’re a gamer, Amazon is the place to be.
But his frustration is Amazon doesn’t ship all the gaming
stuff he wants directly to Nigeria so he had to reach out to Heroshe to help him ship the things that Amazon doesn’t ship directly. because
it’s frustrating to add all that to the cart then you find out that only one
or two items can make it to you in Nigeria. And from our conversation with our
customers we found out that a good number of them like to buy from
Amazon to Nigeria. And it’s about 90% of our customers that do buy from Amazon to Nigeria. Yeah Amazon is our number one store shopped by Nigerians. Our top, number one top store. And when you go to Nairaland or to Quora you find a lot of questions about when
is amazon coming to Nigeria? Does Amazon ship to Nigeria. How can i get my stuff from amazon to Nigeria. So there’s lot of
interest from folks in Nigeria wanting to get Amazon to Nigeria and if you’re
watching this video it is probably because you ran into an issue with amazon not shipping your stuff and you want to get it to your door in Nigeria So we are here to help you with that. Amazon you better come now. Well as we mentioned a lot of petitions have been put in place from a lot of people
to get their stuff down to Nigeria and Amazon has helped in some
ways. We can’t count them out in every way but they have made it possible for Nigerians to be able to buy with it their Nigerian card. And they ship certain item but there are some things that they
don’t ship when it comes to electronics very expensive electronics, game gear
very expensive laptops so they don’t ship those to Nigeria. But then you
can get some cameras, some other accessories, phone accessories and some
other things down to your door in Nigeria. So how do you get everything then if it’s
just that a part…. There are three options that we found that it can be able to get you
stuff from amazon down to your door in Nigeria. One is family and friends. Family ever ready to help. Then you have international personal shoppers in the US that can get your items down to your door in Nigeria and you have a third option which is international delivery partners from
the US to your door in Nigeria. So with the family and friends like I said
family is ever ready to help so if you have family living in the US or you have
friends that live in the u.s. you can politely ask them for their address, so
they can give it to you, you ship your amazon items to their address, then they
can find a way to get it to you in Nigeria or if you have a friend that is
visiting the US you can ship stuff from Amazon to the location where they are
staying so when they are coming back to Nigeria
they can bring your items back for you so that’s definitely a viable option of
course there are also challenges with doing that. Yeah so one of the challenge with
that is that you know for them it is a hassle It’s a challenge. It’s a huge challenge
sometimes to be able to carry other people’s stuff from the US down to Nigeria.
So sometimes you might find out they might not be willing
to do so and if you have family that live in the U.S. it’s a bit of an hassle to get stuffs from their house to the post office to ship that stuff to you. So it
comes with its own challenge. Yeah it does come with it’s own challenges. And the second
option is international personal shopper so with this one what happens actually
that you have either an entity or an individual that allows you to send them
a link of what you want to buy they create an invoice for you, you turn
around pay that invoice and then they buy your item and then ship it out to
you in Nigeria. It works, but again it has it’s own challenges along with it. Yeah one of the
major challenges with that is the time lag so if you see an item on Amazon and it says
only two items left of that product and you want to get it immediately. By the
time you send a link to the personal shopper and they send you the invoice of
how much it will cost to ship with, those items might be gone so you might end up
missing out on that item and you don’t know when next it would be restocked.
So that’s just the downside the lag time in response. And then you have
the international delivery partners so with this one’s what they do is they
give you an address you can shop all day long, ship your
items to them, they will package it and ship it out to you in Nigeria and again
it’s not a perfect solution but it does work. Alright and
it has some challenges along with it as well. Yeah it has some challenges but
I’ll say is the most viable option. That’s true. One of the major challenge
which can be resolved is the payment issues so if you don’t have a valid
payment method to use on Amazon. Amazon takes Nairacard but if you’ve exceeded
your limit or there’s some issues and you are not able to pay, then the U.S.
address they are giving you won’t make sense because you can’t even pay for
the items to start with. That’s the downside but like I said there’s solution
to that. This delivery partner will be by far the most viable one and when
it comes to this solution, Heroshe is there to help and we provide, I believe two basic
solutions to solve this problem and she will tell you all about it. Yeah so the
first solution we provided if you’re having the Naira card issue and maybe
you’ve exhausted your limits and you’re not able to buy for some reason. We can
help you purchase an Amazon gift card and the way it works is you just reach
out to us through email or chat on our website let us know I want to buy $100
Amazon gift card and we let you know what the naira equivalent is, you pay into
our naira account and we purchase the amazon gift card and email it to you. So it’s
instantaneous. So you have the payment the gift card now so you
can now purchase on Amazon. So the next thing we do to help you is we give you a
free US address so that you can buy on Amazon, ship to the US address and we
ship your items to you in – Nigeria and getting the US address is
simple and easy. Click on the link in the description of this video, get on our
website, register for the free account and get your US address so you can start
shopping with your gift card and getting the stuff you need from Amazon. Now once
we get your items at our warehouse we will send you a shipping invoice. Once
you pay for it, We ship your items straight to you in Nigeria and you can enjoy
everything Amazon with no restriction. No restrictions so
you get all your stuff to your door in Nigeria whenever you want, however you
want. Well thank you so much for spending time to listen to us rambling into your ears. If
you like what you heard go ahead and like this video, subscribe and don’t
forget that Bell button and don’t forget to comment, let us know if we missed
anything, if there’s anything that you want to add to the conversation. Let’s
have a conversation, let’s talk about it cause we definitely want to get Amazon
to our door in Nigeria. And if we can’t get them there, let’s talk about it alright.
Thank you, peace out.

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