Do You Shoot Low and Left with a Pistol? | Navy SEAL Explains 3 Pistol Shooting Mistakes

Hey guys what’s going on I’m retired
Navy SEAL sniper instructor Chris Sajnog founder of the new rules of marksmanship training system and in this video I’m going to teach you some
reasons that you could possibly be shooting low and left and how to fix
them let’s go ahead and get started a lot of people complain about always
shooting low and left this is generally for right-handed shooters so if you’re a
left-handed shooter all of these same things are gonna apply if you’re
shooting low and right these are three things that you can do very quickly to
kind of self diagnose yourself and see if you’re shooting low and left and how
to fix them so the number one problem that I’ve seen with people shooting low
and left again with right-handed shooters is that they are milking the
gun if you just take your hand right now put it out like you’re going to shoot a
gun or milk a cow at arm’s length if you squeeze it you’ll see that your
hand naturally moves to the left and also down it’s not normal to move up
it’s not normal to stay straight now we can look at that with the pistol here so
if I squeeze the gun you can see that the gun is moving low and left and this
tends to be what happens if that’s your problem shooting low and left now the
way to fix this is with a proper grip so the thing you need to focus on with a
proper grip is getting your arm directly behind the firearm when you shoot
because what most people tend to do is they will draw their pistol with their
elbow out or they’ll just grab it like this
in this position when I squeeze the gun is actually going to move to the other
side because that’s how I’m gripping the gun now if I’m too far over to the other
side the guns going to naturally want to go to where I’m gripping the gun there
but if I make sure that my arm is directly behind the gun and I squeeze as
hard as I can now with a perfect grip you can see it’s shaking which isn’t
good because I’m I’m squeezing too hard but it’s not moving to the left or right
so that’s one of the ways to fix it so the second way that I’ve seen people
shoot low and left is they’re actually pushing the trigger with their trigger
finger again this is going to be fixed with a proper grip when you have that
set properly your finger is going to naturally land on the face of the
trigger where is right for you so don’t put your finger where
somebody else tells you to put it start off with a proper grip and then your
trigger finger is gonna land on the face of the trigger if I keep this second
knuckle right here pointed straight and I press the trigger straight back to the
rear keeping that knuckle straight the gun does not move so say I’d push it and
I push this knuckle the gun will push to the left okay also I could be pulling it
to the right like that but if you’re shooting low and left you may be pushing
over like that and it may be because somebody told you hey you have to put
this pad of your finger on the tip of the trigger and of course you don’t need
to so the last in third thing if you’re shooting too fast in your natural point
of aim is not correct it could be pushing your shot slow and left so I’m
going to get in a shooting stance and I’ll just show you right here my natural
point of aim is off to the right over here oh so if I turn to shoot every time
I shoot this gun my recoil is going to bring the gun up to my natural point of
aim and then I’m going to have to use muscle to push it back and look where it
goes it goes low and left so that’s going to happen every time I shoot and
the faster I shoot I’m gonna keep throwing those shots low and left so the
cure for this is to make sure that your hips are pointed directly at your target
and that your natural point of aim is correct and that way your recoil is
going to be straight up and straight down so those are three things that
could cure your problem if you’re shooting along left so try those out and
remember this only you can diagnose this problem because there’s so many things
that go into shooting that somebody watching you can’t tell what you’re
doing but if you are practicing properly and you’re being present when you’re
training you’ll be able to tell what you’re doing wrong and you’ll be able to
fix it so that’s it for this video I hope it’s helped you out and until next
time keep paving your path to perfection hey I really hope you enjoyed watching
that video and if you did I put together my top
three videos for learning to shoot at home and I want to give those to you
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100 thoughts on “Do You Shoot Low and Left with a Pistol? | Navy SEAL Explains 3 Pistol Shooting Mistakes

  1. Great video, new to the sport. I was just out at the range last week with my new used SD9VE. I could hardly keep on paper at 15 yards, with a low left. I'm got very discouraged, but know I feel better. Going to try your recommendations. Hope it helps. Thanks from Ontario Canada

  2. My father is weird. He's a lefty and said his gun is defective because it shoots low and left, lol. Maybe it's the nuns' fault for trying to make him write right-handed?


  3. I shoot my new glock 43x for the first time And I shot low but fair group I think I did all the mistakes you are talking abut But then I aimed at the very top of the small paper target and I did hit inside I was so worry I had a 500$ gun that shoots left Great video Thank you for your service.

  4. I had a guy tell me to "just adjust your aim". So he suggested to aim high right. Why would I want to enable a bad habit. I knew it was my grip and not my sights. I continue to have to pay attention to my grip and I can hit dead center each time. I get tired and I';m back to Low Left. thanks for the tips, they sure did help.

  5. Yes I do shoot low and left. My hands and fingers are quite long so I have a hard time holding my 9×19 gen 4

  6. I shoot low and left for a different reason; I flinch and pull the gun in that direction as a result. As soon as I discovered this, I emptied the gun and utilized a technique I had learned from an old gun nut- practice holding an empty gun and pulling the trigger over and over without jerking the sights at all. When my body was used to that, I reloaded the gun, aimed for a headshot, gripped the gun regularly, not too tightly, and fired. I got a few bullseyes in a row. Now I need to practice that as dry-fire for a while to make it muscle memory.

  7. Very helpful thank you very much, went to the range today and I did notice during my trigger pull my gun was going left and I was consistently shooting low and left, again thank you this is very helpful

  8. I'd think any "SPEC OPS" guy would want to "disappear" into society. Or blend in. Because of his/her past. (shrug).

  9. Thanks, I’ll try, I’m shooting my my new Glock 26 Gen 4 and I’m left left left 😡 but first I’ll change my trigger to 3.5 pounds since I dislike the factory 5.5 pounds. Then I should be fine ..

  10. I shoot Low and Left with my composite guns (45 acp and 40 S&W (Barretta's)and even worst with my S&W 9 mm), BUT, I shot fine with my all steal Colt Delta Elite 10mm and Bulgarian 9mm Makarov.

  11. Great. More range work. I'm going to show this video to my wife so she'll insist I go. Hmmm, maybe I need to stop at the gun store to pick up a new one, just to make sure…

  12. 1:52 Now I’ve seen the last thing so many terrorists ever saw—a Navy Seal pointing a barrel at their brain.

  13. I don't remember where I read it, probably a spy novel, but recall that if ever someone pointed a gun at you, you should break left. I wonder if this has something to do with that thinking. I always thought it might have to do with more difficulty, tracking to the left vs tracking to the right by the shooter. Assuming a right-handed shooter.

  14. You’re in a room with 100 strangers. How do you tell who the x-Navy seal is???? You don’t. He’ll tell you.

  15. I was having this same issue someone said to look you up watched this video and within the first bit i knew what i was doing. My taurus pt111g2 im dead on. Got a glock 43x and yup left i went after this video i went to shoot and lord be hold im now dead on with my 43x and i love this guy. So thank you for your time your service to our country and your great help. You got a new subscriber today so again thank you keep up the great videos.. you cannot say but thank you for free help so thank you again

  16. Hi Chris, Excellent Instruction. New Subscriber! What type of holster/mag pouch are you using? I'm looking for something universal.

  17. I've only been out shooting auto pistols twice, My first shot at ten yards with an xds .45 cal was dead nuts bullseye in fact I thought I missed the target because I could not see the hole in the black bullseye. Then the majority of shots after were low and left.
    Then I picked up a beretta 92 and the next time at the range the same thing first shot was dead center bullseye at ten yards, again thought I missed until I brought the target up. Subsequent shots were either lower left or within a 4 inch circle of the bullseye at ten yards. Then the same thing again with the 45 XDS. Then with a sig 230 at 7 yards same thing first shot but group was getting more consistent.
    My theory is just squeezing too hard on the grip after the first shot anticipating recoil and blast. Plus all the noise from 10 other shooters in the same room.
    Thanks for the great tips ,I will be practicing more at home before I blow off 150 rounds at the range.
    But I didn't think was too bad for my second time shooting auto pistols.
    Used to hunt with rifles in wisconsin , but my shooting was maybe ten shots a year if that.
    We grew up not wasting bullets if we were not aiming at a dear we didn't shoot' other than a couple shots before season to line up the gun if it was off.
    Where I grew up nobody would even think of shooting 2 or 300 rounds at a range.
    we didn't shoot unless we were bringing meat home.
    I have to admit it is fun just shooting for fun, finally at 58 years old I can just shoot for fun.
    Those old North Woods habits die hard. Haven't hunted in ten years, but need to start back again.
    Thanks again Chris

  18. The most common problem I encounter is fear of recoil. Pistol shooters equate squeeze the trigger with increase the squeeze pressure on the hand to handle the recoil. I teach to grip with the thumb, middle, third and pinky while keeping the first (trigger finger) independent and then pull the trigger, not squeeze the trigger.

  19. I have this problem 🙁 A related problem I have, is the aim which naturally tends to go lower. I want to see the point of impact but it makes the aim lower, so I must force to aim higher which is not as stable.

  20. Good advice, if you're shooting a 1911/2011 pistol you can also change the trigger length, that may help some people also.

  21. Very useful — I might have been "milking" a bit but I think the bigger issue was not having my strong arm straight. Focused specifically on those two things at the range yesterday and had a lot better results!

  22. 🤔🥴 not every one shoots the way a so called expert shoots. Like handing him ya weapon that you tuned too you. He liable not hit the side of a barn. Only one that can teach you how to shoot is yourself. Practice!!! His opinion may help. But it’s you shooting not him. Every person is like every gun. It’s made differently like anything else. Not putting him down. By no means. But as a life long shooter from a bb too you name it. Only you can prefect your own skills and it’ll take lots of ammunition and time. Sorry. No offense intended.

  23. the grip thing is a long convoluted way of trying to get around squeezing the gun improperly. don't squeeze it like a hammer, pinch the grip into your palm with 4 fingers gripping straight back.. this is simple.

  24. I have four handguns. Two .22s, a 9mm and a .40. I only shoot low and left with the .40. The Browning Buckmark will reach out 50 or 60 yards and be right on. What's the story?

  25. sniper from royal marines depending on weapon or situation a natural bad fault if it is there all the time alter the weapon not your fault as snap shooting or CQB the fault may occur but if you zero the weapon does not matter. all depends on the your fault the weapon the situation and your expected scoring area. but if the fault can be fixed by a coach do it if you are sniping but CQB is instinctive fast immediate safer to alter the weapon at times

  26. I’m a newbie (4 months) and I am enjoying learning from you. I have a tendency to shout to the left but not necessarily low. My shot tend to go high or even with center but to the left. Cure? PS 69 (almost), female, if that makes a difference.


  28. What helps me is putting more pressure in your left hand (right hand shooters) to balence your shootings so its not pushed to the left . Not just using all your force with your right hand.

  29. I got a copy of his book How To Shoot Like A Navy SEAL. The book helped me with all of my shooting. He is one of the few that I follow. The real deal.

  30. I bet if you tie a gunners hands down to their sides they will not be able to talk lol. I guess it's just habit.

  31. My first shot is always at the crotch or slightly higher.
    I trained myself, after shooting lessons to do that also go for inside the thigh somewhat close to the crotch to get the femoral artery so the criminal dies before the ambulance arrives.

  32. Okay, now this is information I can trust. This also explains to me what I keep doing, although I had noticed that I was pulling the pistol left when I squeeze the trigger – more even with smaller pistol – now the milking a cow makes it more visual. Thanks

  33. I was shotting LOW&RIGHT, but come to find out ,I had BUMPED, my gun ,and the rear sight got moved a quarter to the right ,so there fore you see what was happening, JUST SAYING???

  34. Tried what you suggested – hand outstretched, simulating shooting, and I noticed exactly what you said, Chris, about turning the gun leftward; did NOT do as you said happens re downward, simulating about a dozen times. But the turn to the left is definitely a problem I can correct, thanks to you. As far as #2 suggestion goes, you make it confusing: first, you say to keep that second knuckle straight, which makes good sense and easily correctable; but then, you say one doesn't have to put the first finger pad on the trigger just because someone else says to. Well – if the second knuckle is straight, then the first finger pad WILL end up on the trigger, which is where it should go whether someone says so or not.

  35. In 2009, I came home from a deployment and my oldest son, who was 3 or 4 at the time, wouldn’t eat for almost 2 weeks… Being a father I was obviously concerned, so I asked him about it and his answer really hit me hard… He said, “Dad, if I eat I’ll grow up and if I grow up I’ll become a daddy. And if I become a daddy, I’ll have to leave my family.” My boys barely knew who I was and I couldn’t let them grow up without a father…

    I realized at that moment my family needed me a lot more than the Navy needed another SEAL. So I put in for retirement the next day…

    Back then I knew I wanted to be with my family more than anything, so I made changes in my life that allowed me to be at home.

    We all want more time to spend with the people we love or doing the things we love. That’s why I’m here to help!

    Once you read my New Rules of Marksmanship you will learn how you can stay at home, and save time and money while you improve your shooting! I promise this works… try it now:

  36. Nice video. Can you describe (or point to a video you have done ) for how you quickly draw and then confirm that you have gotten your grip correct? In a USPSA match, it is not practical to check your grip before you start shooting. You allude to “elbow out” in this video, perhaps you’d subtly saying elbow in would be better? BTW, I’m a member, if that helps.

  37. Chris, after reading your book and practicing thousands of of rounds I was able to shoot one hole targets. Actually was able to shoot the first 100 score target at my range(10 bullseyes), thanks Chris for your help.

  38. Great video. I wish I knew this before.I am a retired Police officer {32} years. I was assigned to the tack team as a sniper. I shot a lot of rounds. I had the curse of shoot my Glock left. I fought that all the time. Now I know why. Thanks Chris Phil Matton Palm Bay FL I retired from Massachusetts.

  39. I can shoot just fine with my 1911’s but let me try to shoot stuff with my Glock, I can’t hit anything and idk why

  40. Great Tip, I also fixed my issue by using my left index finger to press against the frame a bit just prior right index trigger pull, plus having a more tighter grip, and that solved the problem, finally making 4 inch groups at 30 ft on my Sig P 938. Its a strange hold, but its working for me

  41. Lifted weights before going to the range today. I could see my groups spreading out and dropping lower as I burned through 150 rounds. Just tired I think.

  42. Nicely done Chris! Even after 30 years of competition shooting, whenever my shooting gets sloppy I go back to the basics and try to figure out why. Your tips just added some more ammo to my bunker!

    De Oppresso Liber

  43. Is it possible that shooting low and left on only one of your handguns? I have a RIA .45 (GI Series) that my shots seem to be low and to the left consistently but I do not seem to have that problem with other pistols. Ergonomics of the gun or trigger?

  44. Thanks for some good points.
    Did he just point a loaded gun at me??? As "All guns are always loaded" then in fact he did!
    He coulda/shoulda 'cleared the gun' (Chamber Check, Mag Check!!) as a component of the video and I would have felt much better!

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