DIY $0.75 Cup Holders For Your Canoe!

Hey guys.
Here are a few of our canoes that we have. We do a fair amount of floating and I can’t
tell you how many times we’ve been sitting in a canoe and drinking a drink and you set
it down here on the floor and then next thing you know it’s tipped over and you know, half
of your drink is spilled out. They make commercially available cup holders
to hang on the gunwales and the problem is that they’re ten or fifteen bucks depending
on where you buy them from. So I’m going to show you how to build some
for extremely cheap. So building these cupholders is pretty easy.
These are the basis for the cup holders. They come from Walmart.
They’re about three dollars for a set of four. These are the Auto Drive brand.
I have seen them stamped with the Bell logo also.
But 44 ounce cup capacity drink holders. Here is a black set that I have.
They’re pretty cheap. These can be broken easily but when you get
done with them they’re only about seventy five cents each so you don’t have to be too
careful with them. The way we mod these is with a lighter and
so you do need to be careful about burning yourself or burning objects or your house.
You know obviously I can’t be held responsible for that so….
What we need to do is modify the hook on here. Different canoes have different gunwale shapes
so I’ve found just two different ways to fit the Pelican and Coleman canoes and then a
different style for the Old Town canoes. So the cup holders have kind of a dull dry
finish to them and when you start heating them it will start to look glossy on here.
It looks kind of wet. You don’t want to set it on fire but you can
tell when they start to get soft. And then you bend it to the shape that you
want and kind of hold it for a little bit and blow on it, let it cool down and it will
hold that shape. You do not want to have these smoke.
If it starts smoking, you know it’s burning and that’s probably a little too much.
So anyway, I’ll show you how to do the Coleman and Pelican style real quick here.
So, light your lighter and just sweep it back and forth where you want the bend to be.
In this case we want to make a small bend. It doesn’t take much.
A little bit more… You want a small bend right in the middle
at the top here. So, bend it and then hold that for a little
while and it will keep that shape. See now it’s bent versus it was straight before.
After that, the next step is to make an almost ninety degree bend on this hook section right
here. So this is easy to burn yourself if you’re
not careful, so be real careful about that. Just heat it across the middle where you want
it to bend. Just keep moving back and forth.
You can see the plastic get kind of discolored. And then just bend it about 90 degrees.
Almost 90 degrees and just hold it there. So after it’s cooled down for a few seconds,
you know thirty seconds or so, you can let go and it will maintain that shape.
I would let these cool down until they’re not warm anymore before you stick them on
the canoe but that’s how that hook shape looks when you’re done for the Coleman and Pelican.
The plastic is flexible enough that when you slip it on there it hold snug, it flexes a
little and keeps the cup holder snug on there. The Old Town version of this is even easier
to build. You don’t need to bend the top, just the side
hook. We’re going to bend it probably a little bit
more than 45 degrees here. So again, just light it and go back and forth
on here. You’ll start seeing the plastic get hot and
you can feel it get flimsy. And then just…..Not quite enough there.
And just bend it and hold that position. You can blow on it and it helps cool it a
little bit faster. That’s all you have to do for the Old Town
version. When you slip it over the gunwale, this plastic
flexes and holds it pretty tight. Again these probably aren’t the full quality
of the commercial versions that you can buy but again they’re you know, so cheap that
it’s hard to pass up. I would encourage you guys if these two designs
don’t work on your brand of canoe, just you know, try out some different bends.
This stuff is so easy to bend and the cup holders are so cheap that, you know, try out
some different stuff. Also, these hooks in the inside, they are
made to hold smaller drinks, cups and cans easily but you can break them out if you want.
You can break these fingers out and then foam cozies fit a lot better in there and larger
water bottles and stuff like that. Anyway, that’s about it.
I’ll show you how these fit on the canoes. Here awe are back at the canoes.
This is a seventeen foot Coleman. The Coleman and the Pelican canoes have the
same shape of gunwales here. Here’s the version of the cup holder that
we made. And you just hook it on like this and it’s
pretty secure. And this one still has the fingers inside
so it holds cans real well. Here we are in a sixteen foot Old Town Discovery.
This boat and the Old Town Pack right next to it have the same shape gunwales so I’m
assuming that this cup holder mod will work on lots of different Old Towns.
Here’s the cup holder that we just built. Just slip it over the side.
It’s pretty secure on there. This one has the fingers cut out of the middle
so the foam cozies and water bottles and stuff like that will fit easily.
Anyway I appreciate you guys watching. It’s kind of a fun little project, cheap.
So let me know if you’ve got any questions.

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