(rock riff) – Hey, it is We Are the Davises! – 360. – And today we are
going to show you a tour of the ship in 360. So if you pan around you can
see level three right now. This is where the main lobby is. And they’re gonna be
doing a character dance in just a few minutes. But we thought in this
video we would show you our favorite parts of the ship and you can look at it in 360. – So-
– Let’s go. – Let’s move forward
here, and you get a quick sneak peek of the lobby before
we go to the upper decks. I’m gonna spin you just because I can. (festive music) Alright, so now we’re going
to move on to deck four. – Going towards the art gallery. Okay. Look look look. Okay, so they have statues. They have all these pretty paintings, and they said that the guy… Should I tell them about the guy? – Yeah. – Okay, so the guy that painted them- – Thomas Kinkade. He has passed away, so now these paintings are very valuable. And once they sell them all, that’s it- – This Rapunzel one was the
last one that he painted. And then usually they have the small ones over on these tables,
but I guess they don’t have them out right now. Daddy, wait, where’s Daddy? Gotta go back this way. Daddy’s favorite is the
one with Mickey and Pluto. – You have to turn around and look at it. Don’t look at us. – Yeah, don’t look at us. – Look behind you. – It’s the other way. (Shawn laughing) That’s Daddy’s favorite. My favorite- – While you’re walking
turn the camera for them. – Yes. My favorite is probably
the Jungle Book one, this one. Mommy, where’s your favorite? – It was really hard for
me to pick a favorite. I think mine might have been Peter Pan. It just seemed magical with
the Tinkerbell and everything. – Tyler, what was your favorite? The dog boy? – Which one? – [Shawn] Well here’s your moment. Pick one. – Pick one. I like the Ariel one too. – I think he found it. – Tyler likes this one with the magic Mickey. – It’s very magical. – It’s like Fantasia. – It’s a bunch of brooms. – Dancing brooms. It’s Fantasia. – It’s from Sleeping Beauty. – No, it’s Fantasia. Fantasia. So that’s the art gallery. They have all these cute sections of different characters. Okay, now we’re going to the Disney shops. – Shopping. That’s every girl’s favorite! This is the kids’ shop. This is more fun than the other side. The other side is more for the adults. – Just walk around a little bit. See, the kids have jewelry too. – [Shawn] Yeah, it’s kid jewelry. – Yes. – Where’s my name? – Wait. I’ll get, this is mine. This is mine. – Very pretty. What do you think? – I have the pretty green ones. – Are they me? – Perfect. They’re gorgeous. – Oh yeah, me in 360. – [Tyler] Where’s mine? – Is this fancy or what? These are in little case things. A little Mickey and Minnie. – Who cares about the jewelry? I like the case. – The case, yes. Have you seen… Ooh, they have hair ties here. – Oh yeah, hair ties. – Mommy, they have hair ties. – [Connie] Which would
you rather have, the top or the bottom? – I would rather have the bottom. Bottom’s cool. I like the bottom better. – [Connie] The bottom? – Mm hm. Hang on, I gotta put… Mommy, lookit, they have
my birthstone in earrings. – Oh beautiful. – Mickey. – Mom, do they have his body? – [Shawn] That is his body. – Not really. They have four August sections. Look, there’s two, and there’s two. – Okay, so let’s move on. – Yes. – So has everybody seen the shop part? Why don’t you pan down that way. – This is all the stuffed
animals over here. Disney toys. – [Connie] Look, Kayla. – What? – We’ve gotta get ’em – (gasps) Get ’em, get ’em. They have all the stuffed
animals over here. They have pirate stuff over here because a couple nights ago we have
a pirate themed dinner. Everyone needed to dress up pirate-like. They have all this. They have Toy Story, some more pirate stuff. – Mommy found some rice crispy treats. She has to get ’em. – They said they didn’t have
those so she’s getting more. – Yeah, she bought every one they had. – Heh, she didn’t
actually buy all of them. – I know, she left a couple. – She left a few. – Yeah. – I’m surprised she
didn’t buy all of them. Goofy’s candy, oh yummy. – So we are going to the
pool right now in 360. And this is on deck nine. So let’s go outside. As you can see, there’s
a little kiddie area and there’s a yellow slide. Okay, so we’re walking, we’re walking. As you can see, there’s a lot more people. Take a moment to look around. We can do whatever we want, so here is my favorite place on the boat. Ice cream!
– [Shawn] Ice cream station. – Can I get ice cream? – Yes, go ahead. – Yay. – So you guys just got
to get more ice cream. They’re getting ice cream because how can you pass an ice cream
station and not get ice cream. Hey! So I will be taking over this
part of the tour I guess. Let’s go up here. This is the, I guess the older kid pool. – And there are two hot tubs. This is the kids’ section here. They’re playing a movie up there. You can see right now. (music drowns out Tyler’s voice) – If you look down there, that’s where the pool is where all
the kids are playing. – Yep. It’s like a wave pool
because the boat’s moving, which is really cool. (music drowns out Tyler’s voice) – It’s so much fun. I love it. – Alright. – Adrenaline rush. – Now let’s go up to the- – You can get food anytime you want. All the kids are getting their food. They get pizza unlimited. – Whatever you want, it’s available. All you gotta do is just get it. Awesome. You can see everybody laying
out, getting some sun. (music drowns out Tyler’s voice) If you look out that way,
it’s nothing but ocean. You’ve gotta look that way though. Nothing but ocean all the way around. Pretty cool. Alright, now we’re going
into the grownup section. It’s called Quiet Cove, so shhh, quiet. No kids allowed. Alright, we’re gonna go to deck 10. Gonna give the camera
over to the lovely Connie. – Aww. (upbeat pop music) ♫ Wake up by the beach ♫ I’m thinkin’ this could
be a permanent retreat ♫ Sellin’ our soul to
the sun, to the shoreline ♫ Feelin’ every breeze ♫ Feelin’ fine ♫ Wastin’ our time
gazing up at the sunlight Okay guys, this is the restaurant that we eat at almost everyday
for lunch and breakfast. It’s called Carraba’s. And then here’s the buffet. If you spin around, you’ll see all the buffet in here. It’s actually a long, winding buffet. You can’t really see it all
at the same time by spinning. Now we’re gonna have our breakfast. If you look behind you,
you’ll see Castaway Key in the background. We’re gonna say goodbye to you guys. Hope you enjoyed the boat tour and hopefully have another 360 coming up showing the stingray tour. At least there’ll be parts of Castaway Key and maybe even some underwater action. – Ooh. – We hope you guys have
enjoyed this video. Like, subscribe, share this video with your friends and family. Until next time… – [All] Bye! (upbeat music)

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