Dinorah Delfin – Transformative Arts for Africa – TAFFD’s 2019

Hello. My name is Dinorah Delfin. I’m a
multimedia artist and a transhumanist activist. Today, I’m going to challenge
your mind and set you on a path to become the best version of yourself. I’m
going to show you how you can live a radically longer, healthier, and more
fulfilling life, and how you can unleash the artists and activists within you and
help the world transition into the next great era of human civilization. Now,
close your eyes. Imagine you’re an artist and you have been commissioned to create
a painting to inspire humanity. Let your imagination speak to you, for a moment.
What would the world be like if everyone worked to achieve profound self-knowledge and self-mastery? What would the world be like if everyone were to
agree on the nature of reality? What would the world be like if everyone were
to live in abundance? Now, open your eyes. The world that you imagine probably
looks like some kind of utopian paradise; a place where there is significantly
less suffering and people are free to explore any lifestyle they desire. Some
of you probably think that it could never be possible or perhaps even
undesirable. Because a life with our challenges can’t ever be possible. But, what if I tell you that, not only a paradise on earth is possible? And no
matter how sophisticated humanity becomes, we will never run out of
challenges and opportunities. Ambition in desirable futures is not only exciting,
but they also have important and practical everyday applications. Just let
dystopian futuristic movies warn us about situations we wish to prevent.
The narratives we envision can literally shape our well-being, our consciousness
and the futures we manifest. In a recent TED talk by Daisy Robinton, a Harvard
University scientist who focuses on gene editing and developmental biology,
explains that the quality of our thoughts affect our body’s cellular
configuration, making us sick or healthy. She says the quality of our thoughts can
literally kill us. Two emerging utopian narratives not only
can improve our physical and mental well-being, while allowing us to exercise
critical thinking, but they also condition our consciousness to manifest
more desirable futures. So, how does one transition from imagining exciting
futures to actually manifesting them, when humans are so quick to judge and
disagree with one another? The human mind has been conditioned for millions of
years to treat one another with ambivalence. Natural systems are in
undeniable crisis because we view ourselves as being separate from nature.
And billions suffer and also die from starvation, preventable diseases, natural
catastrophes, in all kinds of horrific crimes against nature
and humanity because we like a universal moral
foundation to guide our values. Well, it is important to help the less fortunate
and to speak up against injustice. The greatest service to the world is that of
self-knowledge, as it leads to a better understanding of others and the universe.
Growing up, I always wanted to be a scientist. This journey took me to many
places and, eventually, I realized that, through the creative process, I could
also explore the very same existential questions that have been haunting me
since I was a child. In 2007, I created a pixelated profile of a girl in 3D, a
sculptural painting which represents the idea of a hybrid being, both digital and
physical, alluding to a future offspring; a divine crossbreed between mother and son.
In 2009, I created a series of self-portraits which I named “Home”. This
series represents the difficult, but cathartic journey with them. In 2011, I
created an experimental short video, “Fossil : The age of “;
a monologue that reflects on ethical and environmental issues following my
participation at the Occupy Wall Street movement. In 2013, I created “Odyssey
Meta: A meaningful choreography” a video collage about the need to integrate the
best of Eastern and Western wisdom in the pursuit of a universal values system. In
2017, I wrote a personal prayer which I named “Mantra Manifesto Capitalista.” This poem reflects on the power of
intentions in light of a new era of self-directed evolution. This year, I started a series of
fictional and non-fictional writings which I’m adapting into multimedia
production. Making art is not only exciting, but has taught me that the
creative process is one of the most powerful tools for self transformation
and for understanding the mysteries and complexities of humans, planet Earth and
the universe. We are in the early stages of an epic paradigmatic shift; the
beginning of what’s called the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, which is
integrating, for the first time, biological, physical, and man-made systems.
For the first time in our history, we’re building ever fast and sophisticated
scientific foundation for the effect of mindfulness on the brain, on the human
genome, in a biological agent. These are technologies are empowering people like
never before and are drastically changing the nature of biology. Companies like
Microsoft, Google and the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative are investing billions of
dollars to eliminate all these within our children’s lives. This means
that we will radically increase human lifespan to possibly hundreds of years. What
will this mean to the way we think of ourselves, to the way we think of relationships, of happiness, of love, of purpose? People often complain “life is too short”
you’re overworked, underpaid, stress, pain and burned out. People are tired
of fighting. Stress and anxiety are literally killing. People want longer lives
with more partners, more joy, more indulgence, more time to slow down. Modern
society is aching to transcend itself. Transhumanism is a philosophical and
cultural revolution, one that advocates for the radical improvement of the human
condition, and for the safe and ethical use of advanced technologies.
Even though we have the challenges of today, we must also set the foundation
for tomorrow and protect our Earth which has taught us all we know. Humanity is
facing new challenges, and depending on how we approach them, this could mean the
survival or extinction of the human species.
Intelligent design, critical thinking, vision, creativity, balance, are all crucial values
in the readaptation of educational and economic systems to be able to maximize
efficiency, but most importantly, the world being for the most people.
The wellbeing for the most people depends on how efficiently we manage
resources on a large scale with the least disruption to natural ecosystems. Challenges related to man-made
intelligence and its ethical implications are reminding us that a
lack of better values to guide our actions
is humanity’s greatest existential risk. Challenges related to the
biological freedom are reminders that it is the human responsibility in a right to
master our own self-actualization and enlightenment. Transhumanist politics are also
reminding us that integrated sciences and the humanities, are crucial to
establishing intelligent infrastructures to prepare for humanity’s next
technological transition. Someone said “No one steps in the same river twice”. The
human mind is profoundly adaptable. Every second, every day, is an opportunity for
radical transformation in a radical new beginning. What we were yesterday doesn’t
dictate what we can be tomorrow. We are already capable of the unbelievable. We
are already immortal many ways. As the human mind learns to better know itself
and awakens, it will be able to learn to reconfigure its relationship to others,
to work, to all the values into the planet.
Intelligent life is a product of 4.6 billion years of a delicate and complex
co-creation between life and earth, with humans representing the last spec
of this evolution. Some say that intelligent life, once it arose, it extinguishes quickly. Humans are an evolutionary miracle with
the potential to thrive through the cosmos or become another species that
once inhabited Earth. While it is important to have strong
convictions, it is equally as important to challenge preconceived ideas of what
it means to be human. We owe it to mother earth to transcend the
boundaries of our intellectual, emotional and spiritual limitations. We all have
the choice to turn into the right messages and learn from those that don’t
serve us. While political stability and the evils of power and ignorance threaten
the survival of the human species and everything with treasure, I invite you to
master your own creative process and help humanity transition into a kinder
more egalitarian future, and to use the power our technologies to
disseminate messages of radical mindfulness and profound self

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