Delivering Sailboat sv Dodi sailing at night in storm The Boat Life Adventure Travel Vlog S1E15

This is The Boat Life. Wooo! we almost
died yesterday. I don’t know about well I guess we could have anything could have happened
there’s a lot of distress calls and whatever not the smoothest boat delivery
tell you that right now we did go sailing that was great
downhill from there this is the boat life we had a dream
sailing in the Caribbean and living on a sailboat so we sold our stuff, quit our
jobs, and now we’re doing just that Cruising at, cruising at? We’re sailing!
Four knots. solid four knots. What happened? It was just five. Well we’re back down to four. Back down
to four. Three five Well we’re sailing. Not very fast but we’re
sailing. There’s not a lot of wind even though we had kind of a rough storm
this morning but we weren’t sailing in it we were just trying to get out to where we were
going to sail. But, pretty sweet What? I said I don’t feel like being at the helm. You don’t feel good? and then then where we had planned to
come in to the the ICW was not passable and it just was not something I was
gonna try and do so we had to figure out do we go north we go south but both of
them were like three hours, right? yeah. and the Sun was starting
to set at that point. Not a wise move. But we made it after after bumping the old ground. Six
or seven times. Man I was just white knuckling it cuz it wasn’t it wasn’t horrible
weather per se but I really wasn’t prepared to navigate at night or with
such a chop. The boat was going back and forth, side to side. that and then and then also to somewhere
that I’m not familiar with I had actually planned to be navigating things
that I was familiar with during the day but we made it and it was so funny. FUNNY? As soon as we got here no, no, no. as soon as we got here it was
like night and day I mean you can see the water behind us that’s how it was
last night. it was just super smooth. Here? Yeah. Not on the journey. Once we got out of the Gulf. The Gulf was crazy. Like I said it wasn’t terrible it was more like we weren’t sure where we were going and trying to find the markers and
things like that which are all normal boating things I suppose except that we
hadn’t plan to do any of that, for a while. We got a taste of it. Sorry
about that, sorry. Six to ten hour day that
was 19 hours. It was a quick 19 hours though. I was seasick for 18 of the
19 hours. That actually I think made it worse. I really felt bad. I wanted
Melissa to just have a great time especially because it was the first trip
and like the first leg That was fantastic. Yeah and then we anchored in Pelican Bay which it all went just to plan. The second day which I
think was… I’ll take the blame here Lack of planning there so, lesson learned.
I cried, a lot. I don’t know if I have any video of that. I hope not. What did it look like? *Nic fake crying face* no it really wasn’t that bad it was just
now overwhelming emotion. That’s true. That’s The Boat Life! Overall I felt really good about everything this morning because we were able to get where we need to be at
night using the channel markers and our chart plotter and then anchor in the
dark on a nice safe anchorage. So overall I would say I was really
impressed with our ability to do that on our brand new boat second day out in
addition to all of the craziness that was happening to us like night
navigation and not really having a plan and where to anchor and then we heard the story unfold on the radio. Haulin’ass everybody’s out on a Monday, nobody out
on the weekend but yeah so as night began to fall I can’t remember if the
call came in shortly before 9:00 or shortly after 9:00 basically around dark
there was a call in to the Coast Guard that we heard. Yeah it was about 9. 9 o’clock. There’s this vessel that was in Tampa Bay 100 to 150 nautical miles out and
they hadn’t they were supposed to be back by dark they had left the day
before I think there shows me back by dark and they hadn’t arrived yet so that
was fine we didn’t hear much about it and then we’re in this crazy waves the
boats rolling hitting the bottom we’re freaking out I’m trembling and crying
and then they come on the radio Coast Guard searching for this vessel six
persons missing it just kept repeating that like every
15 minutes I’m crying I think I’m gonna die and Coast Guard’s not helping. I
probably should’ve just turned the radio down at that point but I didn’t. I don’t
know it wasn’t on my mind. It kept going. In hindsight I should’ve turned that down.
That was terrifying. It added to the tension and the nerves. That was not what I wanted to hear when I I’m like ahh yeah not good. Today is gonna be easy-peasy because we’re just gonna
deliver it or finished the journey to where we’re gonna keep the boat for a
bit. Yeah let’s do it! Can we talk about that school of
stingrays I saw. Nic was sleeping the camera wasn’t working them it was the
best part of the day yesterday in my opinion How many were there? I bet
that’s true. That was a good part. Well I I didn’t feel sick at that part and it
was like holy cow what is in the water and it was like 30, 40 stingrays and they
were all evenly spaced so they were like there was like two pods or schools of
them I don’t really know what they’re called I’m on google it and they were
like in diamond formation and they all were like this far away from each other
just swimming at the same pace it was wild, yeah so mad I didn’t get any video. I’m upset I didn’t see it. Nic was sleeping, I was like Nic, stingrays!!! Didn’t even move. I was passed out. First night on anchor I didn’t sleep real well just cuz setting the anchor and hanging out there and then you know just nerves really it was hot too but just nerves.
Have anything else that we did or experienced yesterday? No I mean we did a lot of sailing. We sailed for like six hours or something I was asleep for most of it
I had my eyes closed in a corner and and it sailed well, I’m really impressed
with the boat every time every time we do something else I’m really impressed
with the boat and with the previous owner
left as equipment and was on it as a setup. Minus the dinghy, minus the dinghy. That was like a four hour ordeal that we have yet to figure out. Yeah the dinghy motor isn’t working so we’ll go over that. To the marina! To the marina! Captain Nic, pull the anchor up! You know how easy it is to take the anchor up. Like it doesn’t seem that hard. But to get it unstuck. The leverage your pulling it straight up. Oh. That’s how the anchor works. If it pulls this way. Which that is why you want out so much scope. Because the boat, even if it goes up it only goes up to here. so that way, yeah. But still for keeping you secure all through the night. That one is awesome, it is so easy to set that anchor. They are much easier to see during the day. Oh my god, look at the birds. This is sailing vessel Dodi, just wondering when your next scheduled opening is after 11:00 okay Anna Maria Island Bridge to s/v Dodi we are on a 20 minute schedule
so we are on the hour, twenty after, and twenty till. Do you copy? Copy that, thank you very much. ***BOAT speeding through no wake zone and crossing 10 feet from our bow and no one noticed**** WHAT THE HELL A$$HOLE! I’m like I don’t know my nerves I
haven’t done so many things especially like consecutive like navigating at
night anchoring at night anchoring in general on my own boat.
Sailing? Yeah. Sailing. Hailing the bridge *phew* It’s weird. Don’t forget about the lock.
and the lock yeah. So it’s all it’s really interesting because I just haven’t had
so many high pressure but controlled experiences I don’t know is
that even the right word? Yeah. While trying to catch them on camera.
Yeah. Time Check! Let’s go through the bridge! One minute, one minute! I’m
gonna go out. What was that? Just wait until it is fully raised. That is basically their warning. Got it! Woooo! We did it! That was easy. That wasn’t so bad. Woohoo it’s like you’re a real captain. ha ha! Where’s my captains hat. Successful bridge hailing. YES! Cortez Bridge this is sailing vessel
Dodi from the North requesting a bridge opening. This is the Cortez Bridge next scheduled opening is going to be at
11:40 coming up in about three minutes captain. Thank you very much. Haul-a$$. We are haulin’a$$. HAHA
oh yeah about 24 RPM’s I might bump it up a little bit that’s up Cortez bridge operator thank you very much
for the bridge opening You can walk to the pier from there
interesting oohh look at that sailboat. It gets caught in the wind if it unravels itself. yeah a lot of Effing jet skiers you’re doing great dear, you’re doing
great That happens to be all that’s in it. Huh? Nothing. What did you say?
That is all that happened to be in the shot. It zoomed in. NICEEEE
That’s how we sail, I mean motor. hey So I just realized that this is the longest
I’ve ever been off of land for. I never took a cruise. Oh nice! I’ve never been out to sea for that
many days. That’s intense. How do you feel about it? Besides being seasick yesterday, the other parts of it were fun. I just thought about that. Well, way to go! MOTORING! [sung] [inaudible singing] About to pull up to our new home we’re gonna live
over there Longboat Key Moorings this is s/v
Dodi Is it turned all the way up?
Welcome Dodi, you entering the channel? This is Longboat Key Club Moorings.
We are entering the channel we will be there in about 15 minutes or so. Roger that captain. When you start
coming in you’ll see our fuel dock straight ahead you’re going to turn to
port and turn down the fairway we have
you on m9 which will be the 6th dock on your
port side Great! Will you have someone there to
assist us? Absolutely I’m gonna send him out there about ten minutes okay. Sounds
great thank you. yeah make sure you don’t have any loops in it.
coil it up and then give yourself some line so when you throw it
doesn’t have to uncoil that part. Make sense? Good? Like this? Yeah yeah. So this is one? Holy $hit that’s a big boat. hehe yep. so this will be our home for a
little while while we learn to sail Are you going to be able to make the turn into this? yeah. You might have to backup. No? No, it should be fine. I would hit it in reverse. wooo. reverse, reverse. Hi, how’s it going? It’s going! We’re going the wrong way. I know. Do you want me to throw you my line?
I’d rather that bow line. Ok. You can set your stern line while your there. How do I set the stern line? You got to watch over there. Grab that. Grab what? yeah Is it in reverse? No. It’s in neutral. Dockhand: Is it in reverse? Melissa: He says it’s not. He can just put it in neutral or shut it off.
I’m gonna shut it down That’s The Boat Life! We live on a boat,
in a marina. We even sailed here all by ourselves. Thanks for watching, we really
appreciate it. If you liked it share it tell your friends, give us a thumbs up,
check us out on Instagram and the Facebook for real-time updates. See you
next time. That’s The Boat Life!

75 thoughts on “Delivering Sailboat sv Dodi sailing at night in storm The Boat Life Adventure Travel Vlog S1E15

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  2. Great video guys, really enjoyed it. I was nervous for ya when you were docking, I wanted to jump in and help! Every day of sailing, you're building a foundation of experience. My instructor told me something I've never forgotten when docking, "Never go faster than you wanna crash". 😁

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  8. You guys are light hearted, funny and dont take sailing that serious. I'll subscribe. Dont worry about those fishing boats making a fast fly by. It happens all the time, and you will get used to it. A 30-40 ft sport fish over taking you from behind on a plane will rock your world. BTW, I dont use proper terminology either. I dont wear sailing attire so I guess I'm in the redneck navy. See yall on the water.

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