Day 8: Coast Guard rescues boy who fell from cliff

We were launched, once again, with information that a 17-year-old boy had fallen 200 feet off a cliff on to some rocks adjacent to the surf line just in Washington State a short flight from our air station. The ready crew launched consisting of myself and another pilot and a flight mechanic and a rescue swimmer. We arrived on scene in a manner of minutes and saw the survivor, the 17-year-old cliff fall victim, and he was conscious and talking on scene. There was a member of the local community who was part of a rescue team who had repelled from rope down to assist the boy. We arrived on scene and assessed the conditions and determined we would have to conduct the hoist, or the rescue, from about 200 feet altitude, which was about the height that the boy had fallen from. So, we deployed our rescue swimmer down to render assistance and conduct a medical assessment, which he did. And then he radioed back to us that he would like a litter, a stokes litter, which we subsequently sent down. He prepared the boy for hoisting. Then we moved back in, into a position a safe position for the helicopter and hoisted the boy from the rocks there adjacent to the surf line. It was a reasonably challenging hoist given the proximity of the terrain and the height that we had to conduct the hoist from We recovered the boy and then backed off, secured the cabin, and then moved in and recovered our rescue swimmer.

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