DARCIZZLE Fishing & Rod-Runners! Darcizzle Offshore with her ROD-RUNNER🎣

Hi anglers this is Darcy from Darcizzle
offshore and I’m here to talk to you a little bit today about a new product
called the Rod-Runner! the Rod-Runner is designed with anglers everywhere in mind
the rod runner is a portable fishing rod holder transport system and is carefully
engineered to protect your expensive rods and fishing rails and to get users
fishing faster with less effort increasing time and energy out on the
water while decreasing prep time expenses and cleanup time to get you
home sooner get fishing faster carrying up to five rods
safely in one hand conventional or spinning rod outfits rig your rods
faster and with ease as they sit securely locked in the rod runner load
or unload your rods in truck SUV compact cars in seconds and with more space
without damaging reels tangling lines or braking guides get home sooner and wash
down your secure bras without even unloading the rod runner anglers let’s
face it while fishing rods are great at catching fish they’re not designed with
transportation in mind extreme length and unbalanced weight make it difficult
to carry any more than two rods in one hand even then there are still the
problem of tangled lines breaking guides and rod shifting in every direction in
your hands bottom line fishing rods are difficult
to carry and transporting them safely in the automobiles isn’t any easier while
current products on the market attempt to carry rods horizontally or vertically
the rod runner system is designed to naturally hold rods diagonally this is
made possible by the extra long curved comfort handle design that lowers the
rods well below the user’s arm length keeping rod tips lower and closer to the
body this not only allows for maximum rod and reel protection during trip
exportation but also unbeatable new virility in tight spots and docks the
removable legs allow you to sit the rods diagonally anytime and anywhere you need
to without damaging your tackle for transportation in automobiles the rod
runner fits perfectly in almost any car and allows for additional cabin space
underneath the rod tips for compact cars easily remove the legs in seconds and
store in the leg storage clips interchangeable rod holders allow
anglers to customize the rod runners based on their tackle needs simply press
the release tabs located behind each rod holder to release the rod runner system
currently offers two different rod holder designs with more coming soon
so remember anglers whether fishing bridges boats are beaches ensure
offshore freshwater or saltwater go fishing faster stay fishing longer with
rod runner perfecting rod transportation you

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